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Chapter 2

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One Hour Later

It had passed an hour since Frank and I got to school.We were sitting in English class,when suddenly I felt a piece of paper hit my on the head."Son of a bitch,"I mumbled under my breath.I picked up the piece of paper that had just hit me.I opened it and it read....
Hey sexy,meet me after school,by the dumpsters.I want to show a little something.

I looked behind me and Frank gave me an innocent look,that only a child could give to a mother when their in trouble.I similed and continued listening to Mrs.Baker.
Three Hours Later
I was sitting at Physics,waiting for that bell to ring and let me free.I tapped my fingers impatiently as the seconds when by.
"SHHHHH!!!" a girl beside me said.
"Shit someone is moody today,probably their in their time of the month hmm humm,"I said
She just glared and continued listening.
"Finally" I grabbed my stuff and headed out. I saw Frank leaning against one of the dumpsters outside.'Trying to act cool'.
"Ha ha,coolio,Frankie,"I said laughing
"Aye,your just jealous because you know I'am sexy and cool,at the same time ha,"He acted to be offened.
"Awww Frankkie come over here and give papa a kiss" I walked up to Frank and gave him a hug.
"Frank's been a bad boy,"Frank smirked.
"OOOO,then I have to spank that naughty boy," I went up to him and grabbed his ass.
"What-the,"We heard a male voice, and turned around. It was Tyler, he gossips about any shit he gets his hands on.
"What are you guys doing," His shocking was as shocking as our own.

I walked home with no hope. 'God why I'am such a loser??' Everyone knows it at the try outs today.I got home and no one had arrived,so I went upstairs straight to my bedroom.I lifted up a weigh I bought months ago for thw try outs. All the hard work for nothing.
"Five,"By my fifth one, I was already sweating,and my arm was sore.I sat down my weights on the floor,and sat on my bed.I turned on my t.v.,and flipped through channels,a commerical caught my attention.
"Are you weak,and have no streanght"
"Get tired easily"
"Feeling alone in this?"
"Well cheer up with one new pill,It's guarranted it'll make you stronger in no time".
"Just call 1-800 strong"
"Our operator will be waiting,our number again is 1-800 strong,get strong in no time."
I picked up my phone and dialed the number.
"Helllo,welcome to our new product,"
"Hi,I would like to purchase your pill,"
"Ray,dinner is ready,"my ma called.
"I'am not hungry ma"
"Ray,you've been telling me this for over a week,is there something your not telling me Raymond"
"No,ma and remember I don't like it when you call me Raymond"
"Fine,but I expect you out for dinner in one minute," I heard her footsteps leaving from my door."Why can't you understand food makes me a bigger whale that I'am," I whispered. I got up and headed downstairs,the aroma of steak,and mashed potatoes and rice filled my nostrials.
"Glad you could join us,"my ma said. I sat next to my brother and father.I saw the food on my plate,poison it is. It only gets people fat,and laughed at.
"Aren't you going to eat,son,"my dad told me.
"Yeah," I ate all the food in my plate,whne I was done.I felt so guilty.'Your going to be a fate whaleyour whole life.' These words came in my head.These words have scared me forever.I got up and headed upstairs without a sound.I went inside my bathroom,and shoved a finger at the back of my throat,and vomiitted what I had ate. I got up brushed my teeth, and wiped my mouth. So no evidence would be found.

As usuall I was getting stares,as I walked in the bus.It felt like they were burning thru my my skin and thru my soul,and leaving a forever lasting scar. Sometimes I go thru this alone,but sometimes I have my frineds to help me thru my own private misery.But today wasn't one of those days,they were all busy with stuff.I sat down next to an old lady with a bible,seeing this was the last remaming seat. She glanced at me as I sat down. She kept glancing as she read the bible.
"Do you bellieve in god?' I heard a voice, and saw the old women next to me was talking to me.
"Excuse me,"I said
"Do you bellieve in god." As soon as she said that she took out a bottle that looked to be holy water.
"Devil child!" She said as she thru thr holy water at me face.
"You should be in hell"
"lady you got some issues"
"your going to burn in hell,"she said.
Suddenly the bus stopped,and the driver came up to us.
"Excuse me miss,but if your going to continue to harrase someone on this bus,would you step out of the bus," He said.
She got her bible and made her way out.
"You should burn in hell!!"she screamed at me,as she got off. I sat down quietly,as a single tear slipped out of my eye.
"But I do bellieve in god," I whispered.
a/n:I came back early from SF,it snowed on our way there.
First time that I've ever seen snow,seriously.
Well I wrote this on my way there.I didn't edit it so it must be a little rusty.But I know this chapter was probably cappy as fuck hu? But I super duper promise the next one will be more detailed as fuck.Comments please...:)
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