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Chapter 3..

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a/n:sorry for the delay.

"Umm...I-I,"I stuttered.
"Oh,I see,"Tyler said
"You see,w-what,"Frank said,with a nervous expression on his face.
"Dude,it's alright,don't try to hide it.Nobody well laugh,thanks to Gerard,"Tyler said with a smirk.
Was he also afraid to come out of the closet??Or is he just being plain all Tyler.
"Try to hide what??"Frank said
"That,you have a huge yellow spot in the back of your pants,"Tyler said laughing
I looked towards Frank's ass,and yup there was a huge yellow spot.He must have been leaning on the wall.
"Next time be careful,because people might start talking about much more than Gerard helping you clean a spot on your pants",
"Yeah,well be more careful,"I said
Tyler took one last look at the yellow spot on Frank's pants,and left laughing.
"Next time let's be more careful,because a yellow spot won't help us,"
"Gee,I'am sick of tired of hiding our love for each other,"
"I know Frankie,but it has to stay this way,until we're old enough to leave.This shit hole and go to Minnesota,we're people accept us."
After I hung up they said my product will be coming later on today.I waited hours for it,driffed from foot to foot.
That must be the deliverly guy,I opened the door and yup it was him.I signed off the sheet of the box,and took it straight up to my room.I read the directions of the bottle of pill
Directions:Only take one pill every four hours if needed.

Scrue the instructions,I poured two pills on my palm of my hand.
"Track team,here I come,"I swaolled the pills,till I felt them land in the bottom of my stomatch.
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