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chapter 3..[pt.2]

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only contains Ray's pov.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2009-01-14 - Updated: 2009-01-15 - 655 words

Okay I'am not so sure of this chapter.I might as well update since I'am bored as"Raymond,would you do a favor for me,"my ma called after me."What,""Raymond,what did I tell you about saying 'what',that's not how you respond,""Fine,yes ma,""Now that's much better,Ray could you go to the store and get me some milk.Since were out of it," She said shaking the empty gallon up in the air."Okay," Uhhhh,I detist food,now she's making me go to the last place I want to go. The store,where there's you know food.Fuckin everywhere. I know she's my mom and everything but she just get's on my nerves at times.I walked out of our household,and near the nearest market I could find.I saw 'Vons',big red sign. I walked in and saw all the food they had around.From sweets to sour to meaty. I ignored the food that surrounded me.I went straight to the dairy products,to get the milk."Let's see," Since my ma is such a pain in the ass,she always only gets 2% low percent milk.Because she says that it' healthy for us'. I grabbed it,when suddenly someone else's hand grabbed mine.I looked up and met eyes with the most beautiful girl I've seen EVER!,she doesn't look like one of those blond bimboes that go to my school.Is she new in town???She had the most amazing eyes,like a fushion color that contained brown with blueish.Black oval shaped glasses,they fitted her image perfect.And gorgoues braces.Long brown hair taht covered her left eye.And in height I'am guessing about 5'5 ish. She stared at me and similed. Oh fuckin shit! I must have been staring like a perve!"Umm..where youu planning to take the milk,"she asked with a simile."wh-what,"I was lost in her beauty."where you planning to take the milk".", take it," I said nervous."Are you sure?""yeah,positive,""positively sure,fur sure,"she smirkedwas she flirting with me?"Yup,so are you in new town,""Yeah,actually I'am my family and I just moved from L.A. to here,""How your liking it so far,well it's okay but it sucks I go to school tommorow,""Really??,what school,sorry random question." I blushed"Nah,nah it;s fine.Bellieve high or some shit like that,"She laughed Her laugh was so sweet."Really,that's were I go,""really,that's so cool,hey tommorow I'am having a party,totally boring parent thing.Wanna come?""yeah that'll be awsome,can I bring some friends,""hellz yeah,more company the better,""Bye,"and with that she similed one more time. And I just waved like a fool to her,as she walked away."aww shit,I'll just bring her the original kind,"I said getting the original milk.And made my way to the cash regiester.------------------------------a/n:okay I'll update Bob's pov later on.So there you go Kristine,umm but in the next two chapters the guys well know you better.Omg guys did you see american idol,last night ahh the british dude gets on my nerves.But I want you guys to check out this movie,it's going to come out next week I think in Life Time.This trailer inspired me for the next chapter about Frank and Gerard.So please check it out and tell me what you think about the trailer,it's called 'Prayers for Bobby',the trailer put me to tears.And I haven't even seen the movie yet lol.So please watch it and leave me a comment about it.I would highly appericate it.

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