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The Reform

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Nothing much happens in this chapter...but Pete and Patrick get cozy lol

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By 3 AM, Pete could barely keep his eyes open. A few too many times his eyelids threatened to shut for the night, but he fought it.
He had to find out about werewolves.
So far he had figured out that werewolves only changed into their animal form once a month. On the night of a full moon, they'd transform into the beast they truly were and roam the night hunting for prey. They would eat anything from rabbits to humans. They were extremely agressive and angered easily, which made them very dangerous.
Well, tonight is a full moon.... Pete thought.
But what Pete really wanted to know was how Andy and Joe had become werewolves.
He Googled 'how do you become a werewolf?' and hit search. Hundreds of hits, but he only clicked on one of the results that looked most helpful. The article read:
To become a said werewolf, one must be bitten by another werewolf. The infectious bite spreads the werewolf genes throughout the victim's body, making him immoble for a certain period of time. The victim may feel fine, or break out in a fever after the period of immobility goes away, and if week enough, may die. If the victim does not die from the bite, they will certainly become a werewolf. Werewolves hunt only on the night they change and only in the light of the full moon....
Pete stopped reading. His tired eyes bulged out of his sockets. He blinked hard and stood up. He stretched and put coffee on. Then he walked over to the basement door. He weighed his options: If he just checked on Joe and Andy, no harm would be done. But if they hadn't changed back, they might hurt him....
Pete decided he was willing to take a risk. He shoved the sofa out of the way and opened the cellar door. He crept down the stairs silently as he could.
He spotted two crumpled masses in the middle of the floor. He walked up to them. They appeared to be asleep, as Pete heard snoring. Pete grabbed a flashlight from a nearby shelf and shined it on the masses. It was Joe and Andy, sleeping side by side, in tattered clothing. Pete breathed a sigh of relief and ran his fingers through his dark brown hair.
After drinking his coffee, Pete covered both Joe and Andy with a blanket and went up to bed. But Pete was unable to sleep comfortably despite how tired he was. He was beginning to get frustrated, and so slid off of Patrick's guest bed and walked down the hall.
Patrick wouldn't mind if I slept with him tonight...just tonight....
Pete thought and pushed open Patrick's bedroom door. Pete pulled a small corner of the blanket down and crawled into bed next to Patrick. At first Pete was facing the opposite direction as Patrick, but found no comfort that way. He turned to face him and snuggled in close to Patrick's sleeping body. Pete adored the way Trick was sleeping and kissed his cheek. Patrick didn't flinch, and Pete smiled. Then he put his left arm across Patrick and finally went to sleep.
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