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Getting Sorted

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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 14: Getting Sorted.

The group slit up with Ron, Hermione, Blaise and Ginny heading to the prefects car at the front of the train, while Harry and Rose went to find a spare compartment, but instead decided to stop in Neville and Luna's compartment.

After discussing things for a while like the normal teenagers that they weren't, the prefects returned, too tired to speak.

"That bad, huh?" Harry asked the girl that slumped onto his lap rather inelegantly.

"Not really, just boring. Oh before I forget and go to sleep, Malfoys not a prefect any more, Nott is, so we still have a junior DE for a prefect in Slytherin, Head girl is Cho Chang, head boy is a Hufflepuff, I forget his name though." Came the muffled answer from his chest.

Just as Hermione was about to berate Blaise for her lack of respect to the head boy and tell her that he at least deserved to have his name remembered, when the compartment door opened revealing a platinum blond-haired boy flanked by two boys that had an uncanny resemblance to gorillas.

"Well, well, it looks like potty's picked up two more groupies." Draco Malfoy said in his familiar drawl, causing Blaise's head to snap up so fast she must have gotten a crick in her neck.

"I'd be careful who you call groupies Draco." Blaise said in a quiet voice that screamed of anger.

"Why, scared of the truth?" he shot back.

"Why would you care Malfoy, jealous that I'm getting something your not?" Harry queried in a voice that sounded believably curious. "Oh sorry, I forgot that you've been paying Parkinson for it." He finished with a mischievous smirk on his face.

"at least I don't have to sink as low as using fame to get a piece of action." Malfoy retorted.

"That really hurt." Harry said in a voice that was so thick in sarcasm it was almost visible. "Now either tell us what you want or get out." He finished in a serious voice.

"What, you're not going to introduce me to your new groupies I know Blaise of course, but I don't know this beauty." He said reaching a hand out to touch Rose's cheek.

In an instant Harry and Blaise were on their feet, looks of hatred on their faces, wands pointed at Malfoys chest, while Rose had Malfoys wrist in a vice like grip that had to hurt, his hand had stopped an inch from her face.

"Get out. You so much as think of touching my sister and I'll make you wish you were never born." Harry growled out in a voice that held such raw, barely restrained power it would send even Dumbledore running for cover.

Needless to say Malfoy ran from the compartment like all the demons of hell were after him, while his goons stood there blinking stupidly before lumbering off after him.

"Whoa, how did you do that Harry?" Neville asked in awe.

"Simple wandless magic."

"That wasn't wandless magic." Ron said in an attempt to get a better answer.

"It was. Okay, magic 101, how do you make spells work?" he asked the compartment.

"A combination of wand movements, incantations and intentions." Hermione 'the bookworm' Granger answered in her lecturing tone.

"Wrong." Harry said, turning to Blaise who was now comfortably seated next to him, while pointedly ignoring the stares of the rest of the compartment - it was a cold day in hell whenever someone even contradicted today it entered the next ice age.

"Magic is controlled entirely by intention, the four founders decided to...limit the knowledge of wandless magic to the worthy only, while teaching the students of Hogwarts that it needed those three components that you said, when in reality it needed only one." Harry started in a matter-of-fact voice.

"They did this for two reasons, one, they didn't want the future Dark Lords to get too much power and be unstoppable, and two, it is easier to teach someone a new spell if it has a wand movement and an incantation as extra...'components'." Rose continued on as if she had been the one speaking to start with.

"So, to simplify, magic only needs intent to work, who can guess how Harry did what he did?" Blaise finished.

"He...intended for his magic to show its power through his voice." Hermione said hesitantly.

"Close, I willed it to ADD its power to my voice, not show. And before you ask you can borrow the book I learnt it from...I'll want it back soon though." Harry said as he pulled a brown book out of his trunk and handed it to Hermione, who gasped at the title and author, before handling the book like it was made of an extremely precious, but fragile, material that could slip out of her hand any second.

"This is by Merlin, Harry, it's wrote by MERLIN for Christ sake!" and you were handling it like it was worth nothing! Harry this book is worth more than half the crown jewels!" Hermione screeched in outrage at the way he had handled the book.

"Wow, that's one expensive book, now I know why you didn't want to touch it Blaise." Harry said in amusement. "I'm not sure but I think that there's a copy in my family vault somewhere that you can have if you want it."

"You mean that this is the original!" she screeched louder than before. "Do you have any idea how valuable this is? A copy can be replaced but an original can't!" she seemed to go on forever...well until Harry wandlessly silenced her, effectively ending her tirade, but not stopping her from cradling the book like it was a baby.


The rest of the journey was uneventful, DA members stopping by to ask if the group was going to continue again this year, but Harry had been so busy that he hadn't had time to think about it and told them so, it was usually at that time that they noticed Blaise sat so close to him, their fingers intertwined with each other, thus they normally made assumptions about what he was so busy doing, the main exemption from that was Cho Chang, who asked to speak with Harry in private (without noticing Blaise). But she still took a few moments to work up her courage.

"Harry, I know I wasn't the best girlfriend I could have been last year, and I was hoping that we can give us another go." She said in an almost desperate fashion, while shocking Harry, he thought she was over him...obviously not.

"I'm really sorry Cho, but I've got a girlfriend, and even if I didn't I just don't have those sort of feelings for you anymore and wouldn't want to lead you on. I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends though." He said, feeling genuinely sorry for the older girl while trying to let her down without setting off the water feature...unfortunately he failed miserably.

Once he had made it back to the compartment without drowning he accepted Ron's invite to play a game of chess and, as usual, losing spectacularly.

Once they were nearer to Hogwarts they changed into their uniforms. Just in time too, as minutes later the train pulled into Hogsmeade station.

"Great, another thunder storm!" Ron moaned as he opened the carriage door. Having been busy talking to each other, none of the group noticed that sky seemed to be attempting the relocation of the seas in one night.

"Ron, get used to it, it's always raining around here; it is Scotland." Rose said simply. "it rains around here almost as much as it does in England."

"Lets just get a carriage shall we, Rose, I'm afraid it looks like your going with the first years." Harry said as a familiar voice reached them from somewhere outside.

"Firs' years, over 'ere. Firs' years, over 'ere." The deep voice bellowed.

"Hiya Hagrid." Harry shouted over the roar of the rain and the occasional echoing boom of thunder. "Where does Rose have to go?"

"The new four' year? She come' with me an' the firs' years."

"Go on Rose, we'll see you at the feast."

"Bye." Her voice returned, barely audible over the storm.

Once the group had succeeded in rushing out and finding an empty carriage they all somehow squeezed in, Harry ignoring the Thestrals, they pulled away towards the school.

Pulling in front of the school, they went up the front steps to see the now common sight of Peeves throwing water bombs at people - only to be chased off by McGonagall.

When they finally made it to the great hall the group split off at their tables; Blaise at Slytherin, Luna at Ravenclaw, and the rest continued to Gryffindor, trying to make themselves comfortable.

The group began the annual ritual of looking for the new defence teacher, only to find that their seat was empty.

As soon as everyone was in the hall, the headmaster stood up causing the hall to fall silent

"This year, we have a student that was believed to be dead for fifteen years." The headmaster started.

"Oh no. oh no, he's going to put her on the spot. God this is gonna be fun, she'll kill him." Harry whispered to his friends.

"After being tutored by her brother, who discovered her continued existence, she will be joining us in the fourth year after being sorted. Please welcome...Ms Rose Potter." The headmaster said as the door to the hall opened to allow Rose in.

After what felt like an hour to her, but was in reality about a minute, she made it to the front of the hall, amidst the hissing sound if whispers, to where the sorting hat was already set out for her to put on.

She walked up to the stool and after gracefully sitting down she put the hat on.

It seemed to take forever to place her before the brim opened wide and the hat bellowed out..."SLYTHERIN."

Harry shook his head at the silence and began clapping while shooting his sister a triumphant smile.

"I hate to say it...but I told you so." Harry said over the scattered clapping.

"Shut up Harry, if we've told you once we've told you a hundred times, let your Slytherin side out more often."

"Whatever." Harry said as she sat next to Blaise at the Slytherin table.

After that exchange the hall sounded like a hissing kettle with all of the whispers being shot around.

"Now. On to the first years." Dumbledore said joyfully.


"Now that we're all fed and watered, I'd like to introduce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher since Professor Umbridge has had an unfortunate incident with some centaurs." Dumbledore said, with obviously faked sorrow. "Since she hasn't arrived yet, I'll fill you in on who she is. Some of you will even know her, she's an Auror on loan from the ministry, a Metamorphmagus..." Dumbledore continued introducing her, while Harry and friends shared glances with each other.

They knew perfectly well who their teacher was.

"...I'd like to introduce Professor Nymph-" Dumbledore said as the doors to the great hall opened revealing a woman with spiky pink hair and eyes that constantly cycled through the colours of the rainbow.

"You say my first name again and I'll follow up with that threat I made last time I saw you."

"Erm...of course...I'd like to introduce you all to Professor Tonks, who I'm going to ask nicely not to steal my lemon drops as she has threatened to do." Dumbledore said after paling dramatically and clutching one of his pockets protectively.

"Now off to bed you lot...though no doubt you'll sit up talking until the early hours due to lack of lessons tomorrow or Sunday."


"The new defence professor looks cool. What do you think of her Harry?" Dean Thomas said from where he was sat on his bed.

"I already know her, she's like a big sister to me. You know, fun, bouncy...clumsy. And before you ask, I get the impression that she's already interested in someone."

"Oh, oh well...well, what's this about your sister?"

"Rose? What about her?"

"What do you think about her being in Slytherin?"

"I don't particularly care...I already knew she was going to be in Slytherin, besides, my girlfriend's a Slytherin."

"WHAT!?" Dean and Seamus shouted at once.

"She's a Slytherin...look at this from an outside point of view. Why does everyone hate Slytherins?"

"Their all dark."

"Why are they all dark?"

"'Cause their ambitious."

"Why are they ambitious?"

"'Cause that's how they're brought up."

"Why are they brought up like that?"

"How am I supposed to know that?"

"Right I'll explain it. Slytherins children usually end up in Slytherin because their parents want them to be ambitious so that they are above the people that are prejudiced against them. If we were kinder to them, then chances are that many of the house rivalries will collapse. If they collapse, then there are less prejudices, that means there is less chances of a Dark Lord being popped out."

"Your point being?"

"Be nice to them...if they see that we're better than they think we are, that half-bloods and muggle-borns aren't inferior to them, and muggles are our equals because they have technology to do things that we can do with a flick of a wand."

"Anyway, I'm off to sleep now, night." Harry finished as he pulled the curtains around his bed shut to at least try and sleep with out Blaise there to keep him warm.
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