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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 15: Reactions.

Harry woke up cold and with a feeling of loneliness that was never present before. It took him a minute but he soon worked out why he felt so cold and lonely; Blaise wasn't with him.

Peeking his head out of the curtains around his bed he saw that it was 3am.

Flopping back to bed in annoyance, he tried in vain for the next 30 minute to get to sleep, in the end he got up and went down to the common room to stare at the embers sat in the fireplace until 7 when he had a shower and left for breakfast.

When he arrived in the hall for breakfast, he saw that he wasn't the only one unable to sleep; Blaise was sat at the Slytherin table with Rose sitting opposite her, repeatedly sending Blaise glares.

Harry walked over and sat down on the bench sideways so he was facing Blaise.

"Morning." He said to them, "couldn't sleep?"

"No, I couldn't."

"Well I would have if she hadn't kept waking me up cause she was lonely." Rose said in annoyance.

"We're going to have to sort out our sleeping arrangements, what do you think we should do about it?"

"I don't know. Perhaps we can threaten Dumbledore into giving us a private room." Blaise said cheerfully remembering the threat from last night.

"Nah, he won't bend rules that far." Harry said while thinking about the situation.

"Fine then. We need a room that contains a bed that isn't in a private room or the dorms. Where does a room like that exist." Blaise said angrily.

"Of coarse. I know the perfect place. I'll take you there tonight...after dinner." Harry said as the rest of the students started to file into the hall.

Many people stopped and stared at Harry when they saw he was sat at the Slytherin table. He ignored them, but couldn't ignore the imitation of a kettle that the hall was doing.

"What's he doing?"

"...Consorting with the enemy! Disgraceful"

"...Really is mental..."

"... With a Snake?"

"...See in her."

It really was starting to get to him and Blaise, after a minute, he got up, grabbed, Blaise' hand while beckoning for Rose to follow him with a nod of his head as he walked out of the hall and turned down the passage to the kitchens so they could eat away from the annoying whispers.


Having spent most of the day hidden away from the whispers and staring eyes, Harry, Rose and Blaise entered the great hall only to find the accusing whispers stop instantly, every eye turning to them.

Harry said bye to the girls after a few moments and headed of to the Gryffindor table, all the time muttering about stupid prejudices and stupid fame; can't have a girlfriend without having everyone criticizing his choice.

As Harry sat down he became aware of Blaise and Rose' feelings of hopelessness. He silently called out to Blaise with telepathy and asked her if he should interfere.

Getting a 'yes' in reply, Harry stood up and spoke in a voice that scared those who didn't know how it was done: "Why are you all staring at us?"

"Your sister is a Slytherin, your dating a Slytherin, how do we know that you've not gone dark? We're just making sure you won't try to kill us." a small third year Hufflepuff eventually spoke up, timidly at first, but gaining confidence every with every syllable.

"If I was to tell you that the hat tried to put me in Slytherin, would you all start spouting some rubbish about me being dark?" Harry asked in a disgusted tone. "A dark wizard is one that uses the dark arts with dark intentions, they are not dark because of the Hogwarts house they are in. Blaise do you use the dark arts?" he asked.

"No. And the only people I would use them on are Death Eaters."


"Only on the battlefield."

"And you?" the same third year asked Harry.

"Same as the girls said. Some the dark arts are wrongly named, certain spells are illegal, when they shouldn't. The ministry has made all spells that require harmful intent illegal. This the right approach in some aspects, but wrong in others." Harry said as he entered 'speech mode'.

"Some spells that are light can kill in extremely painful ways, like the reductor hex, it would cause all of the hard parts of the body to disintegrate, the bones would fragment, parts of the skull would penetrate the brain, thus killing whoever was hit with it."

"The levitation spell could be used to lift someone to a height and drop them, that can kill. No, the ministry's, and the peoples, position on some of the dark arts is wrong. The spells I'm talking about should be called battle magic, monitored and restricted to battles and skirmishes only."

"If you were attacked at home and needed time to escape, then you should be allowed to use battle magic to buy you time to get out. Use out of combat should be illegal, short stays in Azkaban - from a month to, at most a year, for using it outside of a battle."

"People are too prejudiced against Slytherins just because the house has a history of churning out dark lords. There have only been so many dark lords because people are so prejudiced about the house they were in. People from all houses have gone dark, not just Slytherins. There is a saying; Reap what you sow. If basically means that if you are horrible to people, you will pay for it in the same way."

"Think before you act, I don't want to have more dark lords to deal with once I've killed Voldie." He finished before slumping down into his seat, digging into his meal; it's amazing what a speech does for your appetite.

He didn't need empathy to know that the hall was confused and slowly thinking about it as they ate, the Ravenclaws were the first to work it out, almost as one, their heads snapped up and they stared at Harry in shock, 'why didn't we think of that sort of thing before?' They were asking themselves. When they worked it out they lowered their heads in shame; they had been too blinded by prejudice to see the truth.


As soon as the meal was finished Harry and Blaise left Rose to go to the Slytherin common room alone while they went up to the seventh floor corridor that had a tapestry of Barnabas the barmy on one wall.

Blaise watched on in confusion as Harry walked in front of a section of wall three times, she was about to ask what he was doing when a door appeared out of nowhere.

"This, Blaise..." Harry said as he took her hand and led her into the room. "Is the room of requirement."
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