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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 16: Building.

Harry woke up to find a familiar warm feeling inside him that was missing the previous morning; Blaise was sleeping with her head on his chest, a peaceful, content look on her face.

Harry lay there studying her peaceful face for the best part of an hour when she finally woke up. He decided there and then that this was probably the most peaceful and content he had ever been.

No, scratch that, it was definitely the most peaceful and content he had ever been.

When she finally opened her ice-blue eyes, he couldn't help but get lost in the emotion that they showed, they shone like the sun on a clear day, bathing the earth with its warm, loving light.

After a few moments of staring in each others eyes, they heard voices coming from outside the door.

"...In there?" a vaguely familiar male voice said, but it was muffled by the door so they couldn't tell who it was.

"Recognise this dear brother?" a female voice, also familiar but again muffled by the door.

"How did you get that?"

"Come on Ron, you really didn't learn anything off the twins did you?" upon hearing the name, they relaxed, knowing that they weren't about to get punished by a teacher for not staying there own rooms.

"Lets see the map then."

"Here, but if you barge in that room and those two are doing anything...personal, I'll kill you."

"Okay Ginny, I'll knock first." Ron said before giving two solid thumps on the door and then he barged in.

"Ron, I told you not to barge in!" Ginny hissed, but Ron ignored her as he stepped over to the bed and sat on the side.

"Get up you two, breakfast time."

"Ron, we're not getting up with you watching, and when we do get up, we're going to kill you for disturbing a very nice morning." Harry hissed out, causing Ron to pale dramatically before leaping to his feet and stammering about meeting them in the hall.

"You know, you can be really scary sometimes." Blaise said as she smirked at him.


Once they got down to the hall, most of the school was there...and ignored the entrance of Harry and Blaise, as they approached the Gryffindor table together, Rose got up from the Slytherins and joined them.

As they got closer to the Gryffindors, Harry was pleased to notice that Ron looked terrified, sitting down next to him, Harry hissed to him: "I'll go easy on you today and not bother to kill you, but if you, or anyone else disturbs me and Blaise on a morning, without good reason, then I will kill them. Understand?"

"Yes." Ron said as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good." Harry said as he grabbed some toast. "What's everyone up to today?"

"Nothing much." was the general idea until Rose spoke up.

"Hexing Malfoy." She said calmly, just as if she was discussing the weather.

"Why, what did he do now?"

"Oh, nothing much, just commented on 'redheaded whores' and 'mudblood sluts'." Rose said grinning at the face her brother pulled at her.

"He insults our mum, you, Ginny, Mrs Weasley and Hermione...and you haven't hexed him yet?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Of course I have, I'm just waiting for him to get out of the hospital wing so I can do it again." She said with a vicious grin.

Just as the group was starting to calm down, McGonagall came up to them. "Mr Potter, the Headmaster would like to see you in his office." Then she turned around to go back to the head table.

"Professor, I don't know the password and don't feel like standing outside his office for half an hour guessing it."

"Of coarse, I was wondering when you would start asking for it. It's..." McGonagall pulled a face and sniffed before finishing. "...Nosebleed nougat."

Harry smirked before he set off to the head masters office.


When Harry arrived at the door, he raised his hand to knock on the door, only to have the door open before his knuckles made contact with the polished wood.

"Ah, Mr Potter, we were expecting you to take a little longer." Dumbledore said while the ever-present twinkle went up a notch, to his right, Harrys left, sat Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic, next to him sat the same ministry official that Harry had organised the foundation details with.

"I normally would have, but I didn't want to stand around all day guessing you password, so I asked Professor McGonagall for it."

"Now on to business." Dumbledore continued after muttering what sounded like 'damn woman, always spoiling my fun.' But he couldn't be sure. "Harry, I believe you wanted to make an offer for Cornelius."

"Yes, I do. Minister Fudge, I know you are now making an effort to beat the death eater attacks. As part of you effort, you are distributing duelling tips to the wizarding public through leaflets. As it is, these leaflets will do more harm than good."

"However if you were to provide a means for people to escape from their homes, like one way, one use portkeys to the ministry placed in every household that has a witch, wizard or squib and their family living in it...except for known death eaters homes, and you made sure that people know that these duelling the death eaters should only be considered as a last resort, then I think that your efforts will save lives instead of sign their death warrant." Harry finished.

"As wonderful as that would be, the ministry can't afford it." Fudge said after considering it for a moment.

"Who said the ministry was going to pay. As it is, I have more money at my disposal than I could spend in an entire lifetime and am willing to use it for a good cause like this. I have already set up a vault with more than enough money to pay for this and a one-way, multi-use portkey for every adult witch or wizard - not death eaters, as well as for you to protect many of the said households with anti-fire charms and protections."

"Oh, and Minister, I suggest that you don't try to use this as an opportunity to boost you image, just tell the public that you have accepted the help of the recently formed 'Lily and James survival fund'."


Harry walked out of the office half an hour later having sorted the details out with a stunned minister of magic.

Harry found his friends in the room of requirement along with what was left of the DA practicing their duelling techniques.

As he walked in, he noticed that only two of the members that were left at Hogwarts were missing - Cho and Marietta.

"Hey Harry, what did Dumbledore want?" Blaise asked as she looked up from the duel she was in against Rose - the only two new members of the DA.

"To finalise those plans that were discussed during that meeting we had."

"Ah, well, what we gonna do now?"

"How about we have a chat with our little army." Harry said as he raised his voice so that everyone could hear him. "Can everyone hear me?"

"Good, come around, since you're all here, I thought that we could have a discussion on where the DA, Defence Association, is going to go."

"What do you mean 'where it's going'?" Colin Creevey asked once everyone was gathered around Harry.

"I mean, what are we going to do now, there's only so much I can teach you, after that, what do we do? Do we stick together and fight or do we break up and leave the fighting to the Aurors?"

"Before you decide on whether or not to fight, I suggest that you hear what I've been thinking we should do. First we break into groups; healing and combat, although Blaise, Rose and Hermione could hopefully set up an intelligence section, I'll tell them how later."

"Healing is broken into two sections; background and field. Background section stay in the, well, background. Field section moves amongst the fighters, healing our injured, reviving the stunned, etc. The combat section will be broken into groups of three or four people that fight as a unit called a 'fire team'."

"Outside of combat situations, the healers would learn more about healing as well as make healing potions, while the combat section learns how to fight as part of a team, once in that team you don't leave unless you have a good reason to do so."

"Also, when you're not doing other stuff, whatever it is, I want as many people as possible working on several things that aren't needed, but will help massively, for example, I want an improved version of the marauders map - a map that shows all of Hogwarts grounds and everyone on the grounds, on it."

"I'd like to, if possible make it so that you can see if people are disguised in any way, i.e. animagus, Metamorphmagus, Polyjuice, glamour charms etc. another thing I'd like is a list of everyone's name, it'll be attached to a necklace that everyone will wear through the protean charm, it will transmit some of your information to the list, like if your stunned, if you have a broken arm, how magically exhausted you are'll also act as a portkey, you activate it manually or the background section will activate; it pulling you to them to be healed."

"Ok, now I've spoken myself hoarse, what do you all think? Any suggestions? Do you agree or do you just want to learn how to defend yourself?" Harry finally finished his ridiculously long speech.

"Fight." Was the general murmur from the group.

"Brilliant, if you don't want to fight, can't heal, but still want to help, then step up here, apart from learning to defend yourself, you'll be the core of the research and development." Harry said as he pointed to a spot just to his left hand side. Only Padma Patil moved to there.

"Okay, Ginny, pass the map to Padma, I know you took it from my trunk this morning." Once the blushing girl passed the marauders map to Padma, Harry quickly explained how to activate it and that that was her first job.

"Right, everyone for healing section go right, fighting go left, healing, split, background, go back, combat come to the front."

Once the group had completed the split, Harry looked them over and began calculating. "Combat; four groups of three with one combat healer added to those teams, we'll work out whose where later. Ron, you'll be using the map and directing people in the field, we'll also work on communications later. Two people from the combat section will either guard Ron, or if he's in a building, you'll guard that. And we have two background healers."

"What about you?" Blaise asked.

"I fight alone, I always have done; in first year I fought Quirrel alone, in second year I fought the basilisk alone and in fourth year I fought Voldemort alone." Harry said getting annoyed at the flinching at his name. "Right, before we do anything else, you learn to say his name! Hell it isn't even his real name, just an anagram."

"Why should we say his name?" Zachariah Smith asked curiously.

"Because, as Dumbledore said; fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself. If you can't say his name, then what chance do you have when it comes to getting away from him? I'm going to show you something that the memory of Tom Riddle showed me in the chamber of secrets." With that Harry turned his back on the group and drew his holly wand.

Harry wrote some words in the air with his wand before waving his wand to make the letters rearrange themselves into some more words.




Everyone gasped as they realised what they had just seen.

"If you won't call him Voldemort, then remove his best weapon and call him by his real name; Tom Riddle."

"What do you mean 'best weapon'?"

"Voldemorts most powerful weapon is fear, he's made it seem like he is unbeatable by giving himself into an all-powerful demonic image. Give him his real name and you take away his demonic image, you make him human; not scary at all...and any human can be beaten by the right person if it's in a fair fight, it's getting them in one that's the problem." Harry finished with a rueful smile as he thought of all the previous times he'd fought Voldemort.

"What do you mean?"

"Well he's always held an advantage hasn't he? Look at it carefully; when I was one I couldn't even fight back. When I was eleven, I didn't even know how to shield. Twelve, he set a basilisk on me first. Fourteen, I was worn out and injured from the maze...each time I survived because I had the element of surprise. When I was fifteen on the other hand, I was tired, an emotional wreck, and sitting, quite literally, in the middle of the ministry with my wand hanging loosely at my side when he showed up. If it wasn't for Dumbledore's intervention, I'd be dead now." Harry said quietly, though they still heard him. "so tell me, how many times have I been in a fair fight with him?"

"Never. But you still got away, surprise or not, you got away and beat the hell out of him in the process. That, brother, is why you're a hero, not a celebrity, but a hero." Rose answered quietly while the rest of the group muttered their agreement while glancing at each other
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