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bass drum!what an answer?

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ONE SHOT*holly and her friends are on a plane to america asking eachother stupid questions,but what happens when there idols hear there answers?

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"flight to new ark,new jersey is now bording please have your tickets and passport ready for inspection thank you!!"a women said through the intercom.
i was so excicted this day finally came i have been waiting 2 years for this,me and my friends emma,amy,grace and amanda were finally moving to america to start our band,we won a compition awhile back called band wars in england and you got to travel to america make a record and get signed which we taught was great....
"hurry holly were going to miss the bording if you keep spacing out"amanda said pulling me towards the gate
"boarding pass and passports girls"the women at the desk asked,we handed them to her and walked down the tirmanel and into the plane it was hugh we couldnt belive we were flying 1st class we felt like real rockstars,we were on the plane for about 20 minutes untill the plane finally took of,it was going to be a long flight...
"hey guys you wanna play Q+A?"emma asked,it was a game we made up were you pick a topic and ask eachother quetions on it
"sure"we all replied
"okay topic let me see"emma said while thinking
"got it"she screamed
"well you going to tell us"i asked
"mychemicalromance"she said
"okay,grace you ask first"amanda said
"who is your favourite member of the band?and why?"she asked
"ray,cause he has awesome hair and he is the next slash"amanda said
"mikey,he plays bass like me and he is the cutest thing ever"amy giggled
"bob,he's the reason i play drums and we have stuff in common"i said smiling
"frank,plays guitar,likes tattoo's and im sure he has a crush on gerard so yeah"emma said
"well mine is gerard,cause were both singers and writers and he's hot"grace said,and we heard peole laughing from behind but we didnt pay them any attention
"okay next question,if you were to hide somewhere in there tour bus were?"amanda asked
"easy freezer"amy asked,we all laughed
"bob bryars bass drum"i answered
"what kinda answer is that it wouldnt be on the tour buss"amanda said
"so,who cares"i asked
"i do"someone said from behind but we still didnt turn around
"a bunk"emma said
"cabnet"grace laughed
"trapped in cabnet,trapped in cabnet,sholud i get out,will i get out i dont no"we all sang
"bath"amanda said
"if you had 5 minutes alone with your favourite member what would you do"i asked
"eh jump them"emma said
"thats ilegal"we heard coming from behind and then laughter
"okay those people behind are getting on my nerves"emma shouted
"draw them"grace said
"obsessed much"there it was again people from behind
"play kick ball"amy said
"brush his hair"amanda said
"i would play donkey kong or halo"i said and they laughed
"favourite body part on the person?"amy asked
"hair"amanda said,we burst into fits of laughter
"all over i cant choose"grace said
"eyes"i sid
"smile"emma giggled
"hands"amy giggled
the people behind us burst out laughing again so i decided to turn around and see what there problem was
"dude whats your-"i said and stood there in shock
"hey"they all said
"oh my god your mcr"i yelled
"yeah that would be us,loved the game"frank laughed
"oh my god hey"the rest of the girls said
"so which one of you ladies wanna jump me"frank asked with a cheeky smile
"eh that would be me"emma blushed
"awh dont worry i wouldnt mind oh and i dont have a crush on gee its the other way around"fank laughed
"very funny frankie"gerard said
"who's hiding in my bass drum"bob asked
"eh me"i said,scarlet i was
"its not even on the bus,but since im your hero il let you get away with it babe"bob smiled
"thanks"i laughed
"and who wants to play with my hair?"ray asked he looked a bit angry but then he smiled
"me,its just that its so cool and all"amanda said looking scared
"oh well its all good,if you want to"ray laughed
"my hands,why my hands"mikey questioned
"cause bass players have talent if you know what i mean"amy winked
"yea i know,you must play bass"mikey asked
"yep"amy laughed
"so who's drawing me then"gerard asked
"oh thats me i love drawing,and i think you would be really intresting to draW"grace answered
"you girls are wierd but we like wierd so we like you"bon said
"we should hang out sometime"ray suggested
"yeah sure,that would be awesome"i said giving them our numbers and emails
"cool well we better get of the plane"gerard laughed
"yeah"we all said
we got off the plane and went to starbucks while we waited for our lugage,we told them about the band and stuff and they said the will come and see us sometime,we left starbucks and got our lugage we put ours into a van and they put there's into there bus we said our goodbyes and kept saying to eachother we will meet up soon, i was about to get into the van and i felt someone pull me back
"bob did you forget something"i asked
"yeah untill we meet again"he said pulling me closer and kissing me
"now we have a reason to meet up"he said walking away,i stood there and smiled when i finally got over it i got into the van
"what did bob want you for"they alll asked
"untill we meet again"i said and starting looking out the window while they looked at eachother confussed........
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