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Chapter Eleven: Positively Positive

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From Ray's perspective. His feelings on Frank.

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Author's Note: Ho boy, things are getting scandalous in here! Sorry, I'm a dork.

Chapter 11. Positively Positive
I can’t even begin to explain what happened. I was so, so unbelievably confused. I mean, yeah, Gerard was my best friend. I always stuck up for him. But this was inexcusable, treating such a wonderful, amazing, beautiful creature the way he did. I think Gerard had forgotten a lot about Frankie, about how fragile and vulnerable he was. And yet Frankie never gave him anything short of pure love and adoration. He wasn’t some whore or groupie he could kick around, for God’s sake. He was important. He didn’t deserve to be taken advantage of like that. I’d seen Frankie cry way too many times over Gerard. I couldn’t let him be hurt again.
I was pissed off, but I was scared, too. I stroked Frankie’s hair as he slept, trying to convince myself that everything was okay. But it wasn’t. I may have been mad at Gerard, and I may have been in love with Frankie. But did that give me an excuse to do what I’d done?
I held Frankie closer, allowing him to snuggle up to my bare chest. I was scared for him, afraid of what Gerard might do to him if he found out. I kissed the top of his head.
Positives, I told myself. Think of the positives. Well, I had just had sex with the hottest guy I’d ever met. That was definitely a positive. Frankie loved me, not Gerard. That was pretty good. Frankie had enjoyed having sex with me. That was one of the biggest positives in there. I had sex with someone who was really flexible. That was definitely a really big positive.
There were a surprising amount of positives, ones that didn’t have to do with sex. (Though sex was still a positive.) Maybe things would work out after all.
I pulled the blanket up over Frankie’s shoulders when Gerard opened the front door.

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