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The Countdown.

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5 seconds, 5 memories./One-Shot. A little sappy, just kinda came to my mind..The Used needs more stories.

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So, ten seconds until this year ends. The best year of my life, because I met him, my best friend.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry!" A shorter guy with greasy, black hair said to me apologetically. I was leaving Starbucks as he came in, and me, being the coordinated girl I am ran right into him. My coffee spilled onto my bare arm, and it hurt like hell. I looked up into his eyes and the pain seemed to stop, and I couldn't help but giggle. God, I'm a dork.

"No, I'm fine, really." I replied with a smile. The worried look on his face was replaced with an adorable, goofy grin. He looked down at my arm, then back up into my eyes. They put me in kind of a trance.

"Um, I'm Bert." He said with a small laugh. That was when I made the connection. Bert, from the band The Used. One of my favorite bands. I grinned at him and replied, "Cassadee." Bert gave me a smile like a little kid would, and said "I'm gonna call you Cassie!" I laughed out loud, and shook my head. "Only if I can call you Berty."

Bert gasped and stated, "That is quite the manly name." I nodded. Bert looked at my coffee-covered arm and said, "Why don't I take you back inside and get the steaming hot coffee off your arm." I nodded, quickly realizing the pain shooting through my arm. "Sounds good."

I'll never forget that day.


We exchanged our numbers right away, and I waited forever for that boy to call. When he did, I smiled for days.

It was three in the morning, and I was sound asleep in bed. Not in the best mood, might I add. I'd waited a week for Bert to call me, and every time that phone would ring it wasn't him. I was too stubborn to call him, he said he'd call me so I made sure not to look desperate. In the middle of my slumber, my phone went off, scaring me awake. I stuck my arm out from under the covers and felt along my nightstand, grabbing onto my phone when i touched it. I opened it up, and gave a tired, "Hello?"

"Cassie? Fuck, I'm sorry. Did I just wake you up?" A voice said with a cute laugh following. 'Oh shit,' I thought. 'It's Bert!' I sat up immediately, i was now totally awake. "This is Bert. Sorry it took me so long to call you, I'm on tour right now." I grinned like a total geek, doing a little dance in my head.

I laughed and did my best not to squeal. "Hey, Berty! Oh it's fine, I know you're busy. I'm actually going to your show in Chicago." I admitted, hoping he wasn't turned off by the fact I was a fan. I honestly wasn't a fangirl, I just was really into their music. But Bert actually sounded excited.

"Are you serious? That's awesome! I'll definitely make sure I can get you a pass to get backstage." He said happily. I smiled, and he nervously added in, "Well, if you'd want to, I mean." My smile grew, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. "Of course I would wanna see you!" I replied.

That conversation turned into a 5-hour conversation about everything you could imagine. That was the night I realized I was in love with Bert McCracken.


The night of that concert, when I saw The Used play live. I'd seen them before, but this was different. I felt like Bert was singing every word straight to me.

Hey you motherfuckers! It's time to get a bit serious." Bert yelled out to the crowd, that immediately quieted down as he spoke. "This song is called Find A Way." I grinned. One of my favorite songs by them. He took a deep breath, and began.

Lay your head down just for now,
space fills your mind and you dream a while.
The sun floods your room as you drown.
Your lungs full of breathing,
your true love, believe..

I grinned, watching him as he sang. I'd never felt more at home.

One more time to say,
I love you always.
And keeping faith, letting love find a way..


After the concert was even better. Bert made sure the tour manager sent me backstage passes. One for me, and one for my friend Brett, who came with me.

Right after it ended we scrambled towards the stage door, flashed our passes and made our way out. Bert spotted me immediately. "CAAASSIIEEE!" He screamed louder than I've ever heard any human scream. I grinned and yelled back "BERTY!" He zoomed over to me, sweeping me off my feet, literally. He hugged me tightly, both of us giggling. Bert was drenched in sweat, but I didn't give a shit. I had him with me, his arms around me, and its all I wanted.

The rest of the night went great. Bert took me around to every single member of the band saying, "This is my best friend ever, Cassie!" I became friends with all of them quickly, and they all liked Brett as well. We all ended up going out for pizza and hanging out all night.


So here we are, at some random New Year's Eve party. After his tour ended, Bert and I made sure to spend as much time together as possible. We'd been nothing more than very best friends, but I wanted to be so much more. Its the most difficult thing in the world not to scream out how I feel about him.

I glanced over to Bert, who was looking at me. I gave him a shy smile, and he gave me a grin back. My heart practically melted. Suddenly, he grabbed me, pulling me towards him.


Our lips crashed together, and we both smiled into the kiss. Fireworks went off around us, and in my head. After what felt like hours, he pulled away. We both just stared at each other for a minute, and smiled. "I've wanted to do that for a while now." He admitted sheepishly. "Really? I have too." I said with a grin. He kissed me again and then held onto me.

"Happy new year." Bert whispered in my ear.

I just thought that was kindof cute, hahah (:
Happy 2009. (:
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