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Rule #8

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Sometimes it doesn't hurt to sugarcoat things.

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Gerard's Point of View

It was December nineteenth, which meant the last day of school before Christmas vacation. It also meant that today was a day to slack off, wish everyone happy holidays, and eat cookies. Days like this where everyone is happy, it seems like you can talk to anyone without the usual bother of the high school social class system and it was like an instinct to know where you belong. The holiday cheer is what it is. Everyone's just really got the joy in them. Even I'm happier than usual.

I walked up the steps of the school about to go in when I heard, "Hey, Gerard! Merry Christmas!"

I turned around to see that it was Eddie who yelled this. I barely even talk to this guy, except asking him for help in my Trigonometry class. He jogged up the school steps with a bag of candy hanging off one arm.

"Hi, Eddie. Merry Christmas." I said, as a smile formed that I could not help.

"Here, take one." Eddie said. I took a candycane and replied, "Thanks."

He took off barely acknowledging my thanks and ran off to someplace. I took a look at my watch and figured out that he was probably running to his locker because the bell would ring in two minutes. That also means that I should go to my locker to get ready for my first class of the day, though there isn't much to get ready for Counseling class.

In Counseling class, we just talk about the right and wrong things to do, do activities, and watch videos that most people sleep through. It's also very mixed with honors people, non-honors, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and two seniors of which I am one of.

I walked into the room for Counseling and sat down next to Mikey. I have almost every class with this kid. He's just so dang smart.

"Hey, Gerard. Here, I bought you a cookie form the cafeteria! It's the only time the cookies are good." Mikey greeted.

He handed me the cookie very excitedly and I took it while saying, "Thanks, dude."

"Don't you just love this room?! It's so nice! It's like a nursery! What other class can you sit on a teddy bear and talk about feelings?!" he rambled excitedly.

It was true. The place looked like a kid's nursery. You sit on the carpet, there's huge teddy bears all over the place, the walls were plastered in kiddy wallpaper, and we sit in a circle Indian style.

The bell rang and in poured all the students with the counselour, Ms.Gross, coming in last.

"Good morning, kids. In case I forget later, Merry Christmas to you all and have a safe, joy filled vacation. Now get in a cirlce, as usual." the counselour spoke as she got into the room.

Everyone got into the circle as commanded in their usual unofficial spots. The counselour sat in the front of the room in her chair and took attendence. As soon as she finished, she talked about today's activities.

"Today we are going to focus on feelings you may be harboring inside. When you keep things inside, it isn't always good and it builds into something eventually. Whether the feelings are good ot bad, you should express them or have at least one person to talk to them about. It can be your parents, a friend, a relative, anyone you trust! So today we are going to be doing this excercise called confessions."

The counselour paused to look at everyone's reactions. Most of everyone's faces looked worried or upset, while a few looked happy and like they were looking forward to the game.

I don't mind too much telling a confession, but I just don't like to go into great detail about it.

"Now that you've absorbed that into your mind, I'm going to tell you how to play it. We are going to go around the room and everyone must tell a confession. You should look at it as an opportunity to relieve yourself of something. Now we're going to start on my left with Raine. Go ahead sweetie."

Everyone's attention was all on Raine. She looked very nervous.

"Why don't you say a confession first? It's not fair that we have to say one and you don't." Raine stated.

"Very well then. Alright, I'll confess that I ignore some people because im on the computer in my office playing [url=]runescape. I'm very addicted to that game, but my New Year's resolution is to not play that game while I'm working."

There were many gasps around the room, but it actually wasn't that surprising.

It was Raine's turn now. She spoke slowly saying, "The reason I act like I hate gay people and make fun of them is to make it the most unsuspecting thing that I actually am gay."

We went through everyone one by one, all stating their surprising and some obvious confessions.

Jill. "I have a phobia of people touching me and my boyfriend has a hard time dealing with this as well as I do. He seems to have a lot of patience, but I fear one day his patiece will run out and he'll break up with me."

Hallie. "I want to masturbate, but I feel it's wrong."

Kane. "I only acted to like my last girlfriend so I could get sex out of her."

Natalie. "I fantasize at night about one of the most looked down upon people at our school. He actually is very nice and I wish I could date him without being taunted at school."

Eddie. "I am Dr.Neder, sex help doctor. I have nothing else to do because I'm not allowed out and sex interests me very much, but I swear I'm not a pervert."

Jacob. "I want to kill myself , but I don't have the guts, yet I'm dying everyday inside from the guilt that's eating me anyways."

Miley. "I can get anything I want in my life and I don't have to work for it. If I try out for a role for a television show I can get it because my father is famous. I can never feel like I accomplished something. The only reason why I go to school here is because getting good grades is the only thing that it seems I could work for and feel good about myself."

Tara. "I always make excuses not to see my friend that I've had a crush on for awhile because he makes me nervous and I never kept my promise to call him every week like I said I would. He moved away three years ago when we were in seventh grade and I've only spoke to him a few times a year because I was nervous when I realized I was in love with him because it hurt too much that we were apart."

Mikey- "I hope I can accomplish giving the best gift I could think of for someone special to me. If I don't, I'll feel like I failed miserably."

Frank. "I have a passion so great for something, that if I don't achieve it, I'll want to kill myself. I would give up anything to play guitar in a famous band with my friends."

Then it was my turn. I looked directly at Miley. She saw my looking at her and directly put ehr head down.

"I'm in love with the most mezmerizing girl who deep down doesn't know how special she is. I wish she'd give me a chance to show her a good person i could be. I very desperately want a girlfriend. I'd do anything." I confessed.

Of course it was a little sugarcoated, but a lot of it was true. I desperately wanted a girlfriend. I'd do anything and I'd take anyone.

After I was done, the counselour wrapped everything up quickly and wanted to dash into her office. Runescape is why I'm guessing.

"I expected those types of confessions from you guys. Teenagers. Now if you guys want to talk, then I'm in my office and I promise I won't ignore you. Now have a good Christmas. My best wishes to all of you! You can leave now everyone. Remember, 'tis the season of giving, not recieving!" the counselour rambled on.

As soon as she finished, the class ran out of the room scattering among the hallways. I went to my locker and checked the time. It was fifteen minutes until the next class will start, which was Gym.

I felt someone's prescence come near me.

"Merry Christmas, Gerard."

That was no other than Miley Cyrus. I'm surprised, She never said my name without screaming before. Don't sound too bad.

"Merry Christmas! I guess you should always the unexpected." I replied.

"Thank you. And what do you mean by that?" she asked.

"Well, you never seemed to fond of me and now you're talking to me, smiling, and wishing me a Merry Christmas." I replied.

"Well it's Christmas and I was just trying to be nice." Miley said.

"That's nice of you. Good girl!" I said.

"You sound like your talking to a five year old." she stated.

"Senior." I said pointing to myself and then pointed at Miley saying, "Sophomore."

"Two years, big deal." she said.

"It's actually a big difference." I responded.

"I guess so. So would you like to hang out sometime over the break?" she asked curiously.

She stared waiting for my answer.

I sounded a little to eager when I replied with, "Yeah! Sure! Why not?! I always have time for that. We have two weeks right?"

"Yeah. Want my screenname? It's Mileybabiixx3." she said as she wrote her screenname on an empty page in my notebook. "Here's if you need to contact me. I'm always on. Give me yours." she said.

"Okay. It's...Uhh..." I stuttered as I looked for a piece of paper. I was so excited. I can't believe she came to my locker and wants to hang out.

"Okay, now my screenname is GeeIzASexxiBeast." I said while writing it down on a blank sheet of paper.

Miley cracked up at this and walked away while saying, "Okay, I'll talk to you over the break."

The bell rang and signified that I needed to make my way over to English12 class. Ray came my way and slung his arm over my shoulder.

"So what was that little exchange between you two?" Ray asked smiling.

"The miracle of Christmas. Expect the unexpected." I replied.

"True that!" Ray replied.

"Sure is." I responded. "I was thinking of doin' a doubledate..."

"Dude, did she say date or hang out?" Ray asked.

"Ahh! Same thing!" I stated.

"The only words I have for good luck buddy. Don't screw it up. You sounded like Jesus asked you to hang out with him." Ray said.

Rule #8: Sometimes it doesn't hurt to sugarcoat things.


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