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20 year old Bellatrix can't have children. what happens when she accompanies the Dark Lord to the Potters on october 31st 1981 and maternal feelings arise? read and review

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters attached to the books.

A/N: This will feature a Harry raised by Bellatrix Black and hope fully continue to the end of first year, if plenty of people enjoy it and say so in their reviews then I'll write all of the books up in this series.

A Different Bella (working title).

'Who'd have thought that a bruise could hurt so much?' 20 year old Bellatrix Black thought to herself as followed the Dark Lord up the path to #12 Phoenix Crescent, Godrics Hollow, on Halloween night, 1981.

Her black-eye only just starting to fade from the beating the now deceased husband and brother-in-law had given her a month ago - just before she killed them.

They had beaten her because she couldn't conceive an heir to the LeStrange Family; just because her ancestors were so inbred that she was born infertile.

The healers at St Mungo's had explained it to her, had changed he views on muggleborns permanently; they don't dilute the magical blood like she was taught, they were purifying it.
That was a month ago, now she was slowly pulling the Dark Lords forces apart from the inside while sending tip-off's about the Dark Lords plans to Dumbledore and his order.

She knew that she could probably help more if she joined the order as a spy, like she knew Severus was, but Dumbledore is a stupid manipulative old fool that would sign away her life in an instant if he thought it would help him to rid the world of darkness.

And since she happened to be partial to the dark arts herself, she was on his list of 'people to remove'.

She was pulled from her memories by the Dark Lord sending a powerful version of the reductor hex at the door of the house with a muttered: "Reducticus." Causing the door to explode inwards in a storm of fragments and splinters.

Bella heard a muffled cry that sounded like; "It's him. Lily, take Harry and go. I'll hold him!"
This caused the Dark Lord to laugh his cold, cruel laugh before shooting a jet of green light out of his wand at the man in the hallway, who promptly dropped down as dead as a stone.
The Dark Lord walked up the stairs at the end of the hallway, headed up to a room that was emitting the sounds of a crying baby being comforted by its mother.

Bellatrix followed after closing the eyes of the deceased James Potter, and silently apologised that she couldn't do anything to help; she'd fancied him since she started Hogwarts, he was four years ahead of her and by the time she was mature enough to attempt to try something with him, he'd gotten with Evans.

She was five feet from the door into young Harry Potters room when there was a flash of green light followed by a thud signifying the death of Lily Evans-Potter.

Bella arrived in the entrance to the room to see the Dark Lord aim his wand at little Harry.
She had seen and done some horrible things in her life, but she couldn't let anyone kill a child, she felt something in her chest awaken, emotions long dead igniting.

She stepped forwards to pick the boy up, to stop his cries like a mother would, to shield him from all the bad people and horrors in the world, but it was too late.

The Dark Lord spoke the killing curse.

She stopped, unable to move as she watched horror stricken as the curse hit the child on the forehead.

But it didn't kill him as it should have; instead it bounced back on the Dark Lord, cutting of his laughter like a sharp blade cutting meat.

The Dark Lord collapsed, gasping for breath.

Bella grabbed Harry and ran as fast as she could from the room, trying to escape the energy congregating around the dying Dark Lord while trying to ignore the excruciating pain in her left forearm.

Just before she cleared the anti-apparition barriers, she was sent flying through the air, clear of the wards, by a blast of energy that demolished the house behind her.

She managed to twist in the air so she landed on her side instead of on top of Harry, as soon as she was able to concentrate enough, she apparated them both away. She decided there and then that she would follow the law, for once, and adopt him legally the next day.
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