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Chapter Four

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The first half of the chapter. Things get a little more intense.

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Author's Note: I have to split this chapter into two parts. The second half is really smutty, but this chapter is important, so I'm giving you the option to read the smut or not. Remember, this isn't the part with the sex.

If there was someone I had been expecting to be ringing my doorbell at two o’clock in the morning, it sure as hell wasn’t Pete.
“Pete?” I rubbed my eyes. I’d only fallen asleep ten minutes before. “What are you doing here? Why aren’t you home?”
“You said you wanted a love song,” he explained. He was panting. I looked around him to see a bike lying on my lawn. I pointed at it, and he waved my hand away. “Ashlee would’ve heard the car.”
“So you biked here?” I asked incredulously. “That must’ve taken like half an hour! Why are you here, anyway?”
“You said you wanted a love song,” he repeated. He tossed something at my feet. I looked down to see all four of our band’s CDs lying on the floor. “Well, there it is.”
I stared. “Um… There what is?” I asked stupidly. I’m fucking retarded. He had just thrown all of his feelings at me – literally – and I didn’t get it.
“There’s your damn love song,” Pete replied, suddenly bold. He grabbed a CD and held it up to me. “Every goddamned song, every single one… You always asked, and I always lied, because I knew that there was no fucking way you would ever want me, okay?”
My mouth almost fell open. I put my hands behind my back and pinched myself. No way was this really happening…
Pete kept going, possessed by years of silence. “Jesus, Patrick, I can’t believe you didn’t see it. Every time I wrote something, I thought of you. Every time I heard you talking about my wife…” He shook his head desperately. “I couldn’t stand it. I knew you were right about it all. I should have been with you, but no. She was there. I had to think of you every time I said ‘I love you’ to her just so it wouldn’t be a lie.” He grabbed my shoulders, looking into my eyes with a beautiful kind of pain. “I love you. More than I could ever say.” He looked down at the CDs. “These… They’re just not enough to explain it. I keep trying with every song, but it never works.”
I couldn’t say a word. I was still stuck in the thought that this had to be a dream. How could Pete Wentz really be on my doorstep, saying that he loved me? The fantasies I’d been having since college were suddenly a reality.
All I could say was, “Why?”
That threw him. “Huh?” Everything poetic seemed to drop out of the situation. He blinked. “W-What?”
“Why?” I asked again, wanting to smack myself. Shut the fuck up, you retard! Take whatever you can get! “Why the hell would you be in love with me?”
“I…” Pete looked around. “I… Are you seriously asking me this?”
“Yes, I’m seriously asking you!” I snapped. “If you can’t tell me why, then why would you tell me you love me in the first place?”
Pete, to my surprise, blushed. “It’s just…” He looked shyly at me. “You have to promise you won’t laugh.”
I couldn’t have come up with a less funny situation if I tried. I promised him.
Pete brushed his fingers across my cheek, and I shivered. “You’re so generous,” he said quietly, soothingly. “With everything. You’d give anything to make someone else happy.” His fingers made their way from my sideburn to my chin. “You’re always willing to help people, even the ones you don’t like.” His fingers slipped to the high collar of my jacket. “You’re so polite, so gentle, so innocently kind…” He snapped open the first button. My skin went hot, and my stomach turned in fluttering knots. “Your voice, your smile, your laugh…” He seemed overcome, his voice growing husky. He leaned in and kissed me gently. His lips were soft and fit against mine like a puzzle piece.
This was definitely real.
God wouldn’t be cruel enough to taunt me with a dream like this.
I kissed him back, soft and nervous. My hand shook as I reached it up to run through his silky dark hair. His tongue found mine, and he groaned passionately, a sound that I never thought I would hear, especially not directed towards me…
Pete lightly threw my hat aside and kicked the door closed. He pushed my back against it, his movements still slow and deliberate. He clicked open the buttons on my jacket. My hands were already under his shirt, ghosting over the tough stomach and perfect chest. I moaned in spite of my attempts not to look desperate. I hadn’t had sex in close to two years, and this was Pete. I don’t think I could get more desperate.
I felt his fingers begin to pull up my shirt, and I froze. He pulled away, concerned. “What?” he whispered.
“I…” My face must have been bright pink. “I’m a little… I’m… Kind of… Uncomfortable with my weight.”
Pete’s eyes softened, and he gave a small, breathy laugh. “Is that what you’re so scared about?”
I looked down at my feet. Pete nudged my chin up, forcing me to look into his eyes. “Pat,” he said seriously. “I know what you look like, okay? You’re perfect.” He kissed me again. “I love you.”
My throat constricted, and, for some strange reason, I wanted to cry. “I love you too,” I muttered shakily. I kissed him more deeply. “Ever since I met you, I’ve loved you. I was always so scared to tell you…”
Pete gave me a miserable look. “I wish one of us would have said something,” he whispered. “Think of all the hurt we could’ve avoided.”
I bit my lip guiltily. Pete slipped his hands under my shirt again, kissing my neck. “But it doesn’t matter. We’re together now.”
Those words ignited a fire in us both. We kissed with renewed passion, becoming more and more fervent. I pulled Pete’s shirt off, then my own, not caring how I looked anymore. He pressed himself against me hungrily as I hurried to undue his belt. He slid down my body and used his teeth to unbutton and unzip my jeans. It wasn’t long before we were making love on my couch.

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