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Chapter Five

by allikitty699

This is basically pure smut - if you don't like it, don't read it.

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Author's Note: Smut!!!

It wasn’t long before we were undressed on my couch, with my head in Pete’s lap, licking up his manhood and hardly believing that this was happening.
Pete panted hard as I licked precum off the tip. “Patrick…” He groaned so loud that I was afraid the neighbors might hear. “Jesus Pat…” He ran his hands through my hair. “How many times have you done this?”
“Not as many as you’d think,” I said before taking all of him down my throat. He gasped, and I nearly gagged as he thrust lightly upward. I was kind of out of practice, and Pete was certainly not small. I gently licked at him before sitting up and kissing my way up his chest to his neck, finally resting on his lips. His eyes were heavy and dark with lust, and the idea that I had put that look on his face and that breathless catch in his voice turned me on more than anything ever had.
Pete pushed me onto my back, parting my knees and sliding between my legs. I gasped when I felt Pete’s erection nudge me. He nibbled at my neck, and it was my turn to moan obscenely loud. Pete smiled against my skin. “Do you like that?”
“God, yes.” I bit my lip when I felt Pete’s hand on my shaft. “Oh, fuck, Pete, fuck fuck fuck…” His movements were rough and rapid, better than I’d felt it a long time, hell, better than I’d ever felt, and as his hand quickened so did my breathing, and he was biting into my shoulder so hard I bled, and I cried out…
Pete moved his hand away, and I gave a tiny murmur of protest. Pete licked at the mark he’d left on my shoulder and laced the fingers of his left hand with mine, holding our intertwined fingers above my head. He grabbed at his jeans, pulling out a small tube from his pocket. I closed my eyes before I felt a finger, slick with something cold, slip into my body. I gasped.
“Does it hurt?” Pete breathed in my ear.
“N-No…” I shifted slightly. “No, it’s good, it’s really, really good.”
He added another finger and I squeaked quietly, feeling a slightly pain shoot from my hips through my neck. “Pat?” Pete sounded nervous.
“It’s okay,” I reassured him, grabbing onto his shoulders.
Pete gulped. “You’re really tight,” he whispered, his voice shaking with excitement.
“It’s been awhile,” I blushed. Pete smiled and put our foreheads together.
“I’ll make it worth it, trust me,” he muttered, and I felt the thin, cool fingers replaced by something much larger and hotter.
Pete moaned slowly and quietly as he pushed deeper and deeper into me, inch by inch. He kept his eyes locked on mine, making sure I wasn’t in too much pain. I nodded him on after a few moments, and he slowly pulled out and thrust back in.
It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable. His cock going in an out of me made my breathing quicken and my heart race. I began rocking with him, raising my hips to meet him. Every pump brought a fresh shot of pain, but a good kind, the kind that made me moan and hold onto Pete with everything I had.
“Oh, Patrick,” Pete said softly, lovingly, and I could feel my body tingle with the emotions in his voice. “God, you feel so good inside…”
I could only whisper, “Harder.”
He stopped for a second, looking worried. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Doesn’t it hurt?”
“Doesn’t matter,” I murmured, placing a tiny kiss on those perfect lips. “I’ve been waiting too long.” I lifted my hips, giving him better access.
Pete kissed up my jaw to my sideburns – how he knew what that would do to me, I didn’t know – and he gradually sped up, his hips moving gracefully, like waves lapping at the shore. His tense muscles, shadowy eyes, and sticky skin made him the absolute sexiest thing I had seen in my life. “Turn over,” he commanded.
I obeyed, enjoying the feeling of being bossed around. Pete was getting fast and rough – his cock was swollen to an achingly perfect size, and my own was slightly pained from the need to cum. He slammed into me over and over, panting at my shoulder, his heartbeat matching mine. Every one of my nerve endings was alight, my whole body burned…
Pete hit the spot within me that made me moan in pleasure. “Oh, God, there, again, please…” I didn’t care that it didn’t make sense. He was going so fast, hitting my prostate over and over again, and he was thrusting so hard…
Pete ran his tongue over my spine, and I couldn’t control myself. With a burst of light before my eyes and groan of Pete’s name, I came hard, my body tightening. Pete followed almost immediately after, crying out and rocking with me until we were both completely spent. I collapsed to the couch, trembling, and Pete fell next to me, trying to slow his breathing.

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