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Chapter Six

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Things get complicated all over again.

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Author's Note: Yes, Andy acts kinda like a frat guy cheering his drunk buddy on during a keg stand. Seems sorta accurate for most guys, though. And yes, this is only the first installment. There will be a sequel, and I'll upload it once I've written it!

Pete and I looked at each other, both of us still shaking and panting. He looked over at me and gave me a grin.
“That was even better than I imagined,” he told me happily, taking my hand in his.
I pulled a blanket over us and curled up next to him. “It was perfect,” I agreed. I laid my head on his shoulder, reveling in the feeling of his fingers laced through mine. I closed my eyes, concentrating on Pete’s body beside me. “I’m just happy that you’re happy.”
Pete kissed the top of my head and snickered. “So, you still think you’re unattractive?”
I nuzzled at Pete’s neck, kissing right beneath his ear. The only answer I could come up with was, “Thank you.”
“For what?” he asked lightly, brushing my hair back.
I didn’t even try explaining. I just drifted to sleep in the crook of his arm.
Until I was woken the next morning by a two jackasses invading my home.
“PATRICK!” Andy was yelling. I jumped violently. Pete jerked to life beside me, rubbing his eyes and looking every inch like a little kid.
“YO, PAT!” That was Joe. “Do you know where Pete is?”
Pete and I grinned lazily at each other. “Yeah, I think so!” I answered, and Pete’s smile grew. “Why?”
“Because he disappeared!”
That was a voice I wasn’t expecting.
Pete and I exchanged horrified looks. “A-Ashlee?” I sputtered, pulling my blanket around me. Pete zoomed around the room like Speedy Gonzales, searching frantically for his clothes. He hopped into his boxers, and I struggled into my clothes. Both of us had a leg in our pants when the door to the living room opened, and three gaping faces were revealed to us.
“Pete?” Ashlee gasped.
“Fatty?” Joe gasped.
“All right, guys!” Andy cheered.
Pete and I looked at each other, then back at the three intruders.
What the fuck do you do in this kind of situation?
“I swear to God, Ash, I can explain,” Pete hurried, but Ashlee snorted cruelly and stormed out. Pete followed, struggling into his pants.
“Congratulations!” Andy said, following the door slam. “How was it?”
“Was he drunk?” Joe demanded. “He had to be drunk. How the hell did you trick him into sleeping with you?”
I didn’t answer. I just went back to the couch and crawled under the covers.
I really hate my life.

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