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Baby, you're out of this world.

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Patrick befriends a strange guy, who showed up out of nowhere. read/review

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I lay my head back down onto the pillow and give in to it's will to put me to sleep. It's weird how the pillow seems to pull you into your dreamworld. My mom comes back several times to wake me up. I tell her I will everytime and then lay back down. It isn't my fault I can't wake up. Well, maybe a little bit. Eventually she gets me up and I jump into the shower.
Ok. I don't jump. I slowly, carefully step in. I've tried jumping in before, I don't advise it.

"Patrick eat your breakfast.", mom drones.
"No thanks, I'm not hungry..."
"Patrick, you said that last night, now eat."
"I don't have time.", I lie.
She sighs, "Well if you would've woke up when I told you to the first time-"
"Alright mom bye!", I hurry out of the door.
I walk to the bus stop, meeting up with Andy and Joe.
"Sup Stumpy?", Joe jokes.
I sigh and don't respond.
The ugly yelow bus pulls up. I sigh again, and climb inside it.
All but one seat is taken, so Andy, JOe and I have to share one.
Since I'm fat, we don't fit, so Andy has to sit on Joe's lap.

I walk inside my first class and sigh. I'm totally alone in this class. No one even remotly my friend is in here. So, of course I have to sit in the front, where no one wants to sit.
It isn't as if I have friends to save me a good seat.
And Yay. Today I have the gum seat.
I would explain, but it's pretty self explanitory, it's covered in gum.
My stomach turns and I bite my lip.
"Hey fatty has to sit in the gum seat!", a jock says, pointiing at me.
My face turns red.
The class laughs.
"Well, don't just stand there tubby, sit down."
He shoves me into the seat.
I feel the gum squoosh underneath me.
I wince.
Everyone laughs, even the teacher.

At the end of my horrible day, I miss the bus.
So now I have to walk 34 miles home.
Just Brilliant.
I walk and walk and walk and walk and walk.
Then I hear a weird screeching sound.
I look up and see a ball out fire falling from the sky.
I scream, and move out of its way.
It smashes into the ground beside me.
I breathe heavilly.
"What the hell?"
The thing beside me isn't a ball of fire anymore. In fact, it looks like a car.
A boy opens the door, coughing.
I rush to him, "Are you alright?"
"I...I think I am ok."
He has black hair. HIs bangs are parted to one side and he has flawless olive skin.
"What happened?"
"I was driving and almost crashed into you."
"No, you fell from the sky..."
He frowns, "Did you hit your head, Patrick?"
"Maybe I- wait! How did you know my name?"
"You told me."
"d-did I?"
"Maybe you should lie, I'll get you home."
I pass out.

"Patrick? Honey wake up...", I hear my mom's voice.
I open my eyes with a groan.
She hugs me.
I look around.
I'm in the living room, but how?
Didn't I pass out?
How did I get back here?
What the fuck?

The boy from last night is here.
He smiles.
"HOney...Do you remember Pete?"
Is that his name?
I nod.
"Honey he drove you home.."
"But....his car was distroyed..."
"It was in great condition when he brought you here..."
"Yeah, I found you walking and you passed out, remember?", Pete insists.
"No. You fell from the sky, and tried to tell me you almost crashed into me. And then I passed out.", I argue.
He frowns, "Are you sure you're ok? Maybe you should go back to sleep..."
"I'm not tired.", I snap.
Mom frowns, "Be nice to him, He was very kind to bring you here."
I sigh.
Mom leaves the room.
Pete looks over at me, "Look, Patrick, you can't say that kind of stuff..."
"Why? Because its true?"
He sighs, "Yes. But think of how that sounds. Do you want people to investigate me?"
"Um, why? What are you hiding?"
"Nothing, ok? Nothing! And what is wrong with your mind?"
"What do you mean?"
"I can't erase what happened-Oops! Um....just kidding?"
I raise an eyebrow, "What is it? I wont tell."
"I can't tell you, you'l try to interfere."
"Interfere with what?"
"Nothing, just stay out of my buissiness."
"Ok? So where do you live?"
"Nowhere yet...", he frowns.
"Wanna see if you can stay here?"

Wait, didn't I just not like this guy at all?
What happened?

He smiles again.
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