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Its impossible to explain

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Patrick tries to find out more about Pete's oddness.

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I groan and rub my head. Its another school day. I despise school. And why does my head hurt? I look over at Pete, who is staring at me. I jump.
"When did you wake up?"
"I woke up when your clock said 114."
"One-hundredand four?"
He nods.
"You mean, 1:14?"
He nods again, "I guess...I'm not good with telling time."
He smiles.
"Ok so are you going to go to school with me or stay in here and do whatever it is you're up to?"
"Yeah...its a hellhole for kids. They make us learn."
"Learn? I need to learn..."
I frown, "Maybe you should stay here and watch tv..."
I shove him against the wall, "Ok, I'm done. Explain!"
"Explain what?"
"Don't play stupid, what the fuck is up with you? Why did you fall from a ball of fire in the sky, and why did it turn into a car? Why did you try to convince me that something else happened, and why would I interfere?"
Pete sighs, "I was sent to the earth from another planet."
I laugh so hard my face turns red.
"I'm serious!"
"Ok, whatever..."
"I'll prove it!"
His eyes turn purple and he floats into the air.
My jaw drops.
What the fuck?
He goes back down to the ground.
I suddenly feel a little scared.
He frowns, "You're frightened now, aren't you?"
"N-no..", I lie.
"I wont hurt you... I promise. I will never hurt you."
I smile, feeling a bit safer.
"Well, I gotta go to school..."
"May I go?"

We walk to the bus stop, "So....what planet are you from?"
He nods.
I smile, "So you're shaforkien?"
"That or shaforkanese....", he smiles.
I grin.
Andy and Joe raise their eyebrows as they see us.
"Who's the guy?"
Pete smiles, "I'm Pete...I just moved here..."
I nod, "so I decided to show him where the busstop is."
They nod, "Ok."

Pete frowns at his lunch tray.
He's been really good at the school work and everything.
I eat a fry and smile, "Try it..."
He bites the end of the fry, "Wow..."
"Here...", I squirt some ketchup onto his plate, "Dip it in that."
He dips they fry into the ketchup and eats it. Then he Grabs five, shoves them into the ketchup then into his mouth.
They barely fit.
I laugh.

We get home and Pete smiles, "YOu're fun to be around...I've never really been anyone's friend..."
"So...can You tell me about Shafork?"
"I shouldn't, but since you already know that I'm...anyways... We have a very large planet that is mostly purple and black. I looked up earthly things alike our planet so it's like...Gothic themed...And we aren't green with blub heads. This is what I actually look like."
"Do they all look like you?"
You look Emo, not really gothic...
He smiles, "What is emo?"
I jump.
"HOw did-"
"I can't do it well with you at all, but I can read minds..."
"Alien super-powers?"
He chuckles, "YOu have no idea... I really have trouble with your mind though...I can make people do things, but not you...its very annoying..."
He shrugs, "Its fine...It gets boring having no conflict..."
I smile, "I am kinda sorry though..."
"Its alright... there really is something different about you though...I like it..."
I grin at him.
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