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Zorgonians don't make good friends.

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Patrick and Pete become even closer friends. Pete tells Patrick more about Shafork and their enemy, The Zorgonians

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Pete frowns and lets out a small sigh. He's been like this all day, and I don't know why. He wont tell me. Then, finnally he looks over at me.
"I should tell you something..."
He looks down, "You should sit down."
I start to feel worried.
I slowly sit down and he sits infront of me.
"You know how I told you I'd never hurt you?"
I begin to panick, "Y-yeah..."
"I meant it when I said it. I will never hurt you."
"What does that mean?"
"I got into trouble in Shafork.... I failed to distroy the Zorgonian planet."
"Well...The council told me that they would give me one more assignment...And that was to come here and...", he pauses.
"I have to distroy your world...or be stuck here forever. Or, they could come after me."
"B-but you said you wouldn't hurt me!"
"I wont. Not you."
"How?", I demanded, "HOw the fuck are you going to distroy the world, without hurting me?"
"I could take you with me..."
"I'm human! I can't survive in space or another planet! It would kill me!"
He frowns, "Or...I could be stuck here, or murdered..."
"I don't want you to get killed...but My friends..."
"Well...I'm not going to do it. I hope they keep me stranded here..."
"Pete...I...", my eyes water.
He pulls me into a hug, "It's fine..."
He kisses my cheek.
"I'll keep you safe...", he whispers in my ear.
I smile weakly, "Pinky swear?"
He wraps his pinky around mine, "Times infinity."
I lay my head on my chest, not caring how it may look.
I really do feel safe with his arms around me.

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