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Black Hoodies and Sugar Rushes.

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Something odd happens, then Patrick and Pete go to the mall on the weekend.

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I smile as I look out the window at the beautiful sky. It's windy and I have my window wide open. Leaves are speeding through the wind as windchimes dance while making music. I grab my camera and take a picture of it. Pete blinks, seeing the flash.
"Hmm...", I point the camera at him.
"Wh-what are you doing?"
"Taking a picture of you, duh..."
"Picture? Th-that sounds painful..."
I chuckle, "Not really...I just wanna see if Aliens show up..."
"You swear?"
I hold out my pinky, "Pink swear."
Pete stares blankly at my finger.
I smile and grab his hand.
His very soft and warm hand.
I twist my pinky around his, "That's a pinky swear, it's like a promise, but stronger..."
He nods, "Cool...ok, take one."
I smile and lift the camera to my glasses, covered eye.
I snap a picture.
He blinks and covers his eyes after the flash.
I chuckle, "Sorry..."
The polaroid picture pops out and I wait for it.
It worked.
And he looks perfect.
This boy should model...
His eyes, which have eyeliner, have a strange sparkley warmth that melt your heart.
Hiss skin is flawless.
His smile is amazing because of his perfect teeth.
HIs body is perfect.
Oh shit
My heart stops.
"What's wrong?"
I can't catch my breath.
I start to feel lightheaded.
Pete grabs the back of the head and presses his lips against mine.
My eyes widen.
He blows his minty, perfect breath into my mouth, to help me breathe.
He must have looked up mouth-to-mouth...
I gently push him off, "I-I'm ok now..."
He smiles, "Did I do it right?"
"Yeah...yeah you did..."
I'm still very lightheaded.
I want to run.
"Hey, um, Pete, do you mind staying here while I go and see Andy?"
"No, as long as you don't tell him about me..."
"I wont."
"pinky swear?"
I nod and wrap my pinky around his.
A bolt of electricity shoots through my pinky and goes to the rest of my body.
I bite my lip, "Bye."
I practically run the block to Andy's house.

Andy smiles, "Ok. so shoot."
"Ya know the guy, Pete?"
"Yeah, he's really cool..."
"I... OK I had a panic attack, ya know that happens all the time...and I couldn't breathe..."
" what's different about it?"
"He was there...He gave me mouth-to-mouth..."
Andy chuckles, "And? NO big deal..."
"It is.", I begin to blush.
"Why? It's not like you like the guy or- holy hell. You do!"
My face turns even redder.
"I don't get it. I've never even thought about another guy! But when his lips were on mine it just felt"
Andy's face is also red, from laughter.
I glare at him, "It isn't funny!"
He chuckles, "Oh contrere.....It's very funy to me."
I flip him off.
"What do I do?"
"Tell him."
"I can't!"
NOt only is he a guy, but he's a damn alien too!
Andy shrugs, "Then whatever....It's your choice Pat..."
I groan.

"So, Pete...wanna go to the mall?"
"Yeah...its a big shopping place, you'll learn alot, trust me..."
He nods, " what did you talk to Andy about?"
I shrug, "THis and That..."
"Really? It seemed urgent..."
"Well yeah...But not really."
Pete shrugs, "OK..."
So gulible...

Pete's eyes widen.
People turn around and stare.
I chuckle.
"This place is amazing!"
"Hmm, the mall or the planet, spaceboy?"
He sticks his tounge out at me, "Both."
"Well then good..."
I pull him inside my favorite store.


I buy him a couple of hoodies, and one for myself.
I also get a couple Hats.
ONe is Nightmare Before Christmas.
The other is batman.
I'm slightly obsessed with hats.
Only slightly.

We leave Hot topic, because we're hungry.
We share a Cheese pizza and a diet coke.
Pete pulls on one of his hoodies.
It's a Nightmare Before Christmas one, with Jack and Sally.
He smiles, "This is amazing..."
I smile back at him.

After eating, we get some icecream.
Pete shoves his spoon into his chicolate mint Icecream and pulls up a big spoonful of it.
Hi putsit all in his mouth.
He freezes.
HIs eyes widen.
I bite my lip, to avoid laughing.
I guess I forgot to mention that it is extremely cold.
He spits it out and throws the rest away.
"Icecream is almost as evil as the Zorgons!"
"Shafork's greatest enemy."
I nod, pretending, and trying to understand.
I decide to get Pete something warm, but still sweet, instead.
We get a huge chocolate chip cookie and split it.
After eating it he runs around the mall.
I try to cathc up but can'
t, so I simply wait for him.
He comes back with an odd grin, "Cookies are good."
I chuckle.
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