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Chapter 43

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Monica day does down hill

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I pulled away from Jepha just as the door to the shop opened and in walked Anthony and Frankie. I wiped my face better and I watched as Frank sat Anthony down and he ran to me yelling, “Mommy!” I caught him in my arms and kissed one of his chubby cheeks.

I was about to say something to Frank when I looked up and saw the way that he was looking at Jepha. As I looked between the both of them I knew that they still had hostility between them and it was all because of me.

I didn’t know what to do to break the silence in the room or how to stop the stare down, but Burt saved me from doing anything. Walking up to Frankie he hugged him and said, “Wassup man? How you’ve been?”

Frank took his eyes off of Jepha and looked at Burt, “I’m doing good as you can see.” When he said that he pointed his head at me and Burt looked and smiled while nodding his head.

“It’s good to see that you two are working things out.”

“Yeah it is.”

The other two members of the Used greeted Frankie, but he barely paid attention. He just kept looking between me and Jepha and a blank look came over his face. I knew that he wasn’t too happy that Jepha was here so I tried to take his mind off it, “So, Frankie what are you two doing here?” I asked as I hoisted Anthony up more on my hip.

He turned back to me from staring at Jepha and said, “I wanted to see if you wanted to eat lunch somewhere?”

I smiled at him and nodded my head, “Yeah that sounds good, but can I talk to Jepha for a second?” I asked. I waited for his permission to see what he says.

Instead of answering me he came over and plucked our son from my hands and walked out the door saying, “We’ll be waiting in the car.”

I watched as he left and knew for a fact that this was not good and he was even more pissed that I wanted to stay and chat with Jepha for a while.

Turning to Jepha I asked, “what did you come here for?”

I want to talk to you one on one. I was hoping that we could have gone out to lunch, but Frankie beat me to it. How about tomorrow? Can we meet for lunch and talk?”

I looked to the and back to him, but he was already reading my thoughts, “he will never have to know. Please just meet with me.” He kinda pleaded to me.

Looking up into his face I nodded my head and then said goodbye as I walked out the door.

Once I got into the car Frankie spoke, “What was that all about?”

“Nothing.” I told him trying to cover up what was going on, but it didn’t work.

“Don’t you fu…” he was about to say more, but then he looked in the back seat at our son and then back to me, “We’ll finish this later.”


We were on our way home from dropping off Anthony at Linda’s for a couple of days to spend time with his grandma. I was relieved and scared at the same time. What the fuck was Frankie going o do when we got home. Anthony wasn’t around and I never seen Frankie this pissed off before and I can say that I was truly scared.

We really haven’t said anything to each other over lunch and he didn’t drop me off back at work and I don’t know what he was going to do. I wanted to speak to him, but I knew better not to. It would have just pissed him off more.

When we got to the house he slammed the door after us and pulled me to face him, “Now I want the fucking truth from you Monica. What the fuck was he doing there?”

“It was nothing he just came to see me that’s all.” I told him as I went to yank my arm away from him, but he then grabbed my by the back of my neck and that she made me freeze up.

His face was very close to mine and he grounded out in my ear, “don’t you fucking bullshit me. I know why he was there. So, when are you going to meet him?”

I was speechless and when I didn’t say anything he just tightened his grip on my neck and that just pissed me off.

“What do you fucking care?” I yelled at him as I got out of his grip, “What do you fucking care about what I do?”

I was so mad at the fact he will act all protective of me and shit when he doesn’t even love me. I mean how can do all this shit like getting pissed off at someone when they are talking to a friend, when you can’t even tell that person that you love them. I was fucking livid.

“You don’t even love me so what the fuck do you care?” I asked once again as, but my last sentence just pissed him the fuck off even more and he walked over to me grabbing me by both arms.

“Don’t you ever fucking tell me who I do and don’t love. You understand me? Don’t fucking know me. So don’t ever tell me how I fucking feel.” He shouted in my face before he pushed me into the couch and started to pace.

I just looked at him. I couldn’t explain what I was feeling, but I knew one thing I didn’t want to be with him any more. He put his fucking hands on me and I didn’t want to stick around in the future and find out that he would be beating the shit out of me.

I looked at him with hate in my eyes, “I want you out.” I said which caused him to stop pacing.

He looked at me with a sneer on his face, “You want me out so you can go fuck?” he asked me with so much venom in his voice.

His words got to me. He and I both knew that he was the only man I been with, “you know what Frank? You can go to hell. You have a lot of nerve to talk to me about sleeping with someone when that was all you did for years. Now, like I said I want you out of my fucking house and don’t come back. Take your shit with you while you can. I want you gone by time I get back. You fucking asshole.” I said as I grabbed my coat and keys and left.

I rode around for an hour not knowing where I was going to go until I made a phone call. Ten minutes later I stood outside the hotel door and knocked. When the door opened I tried to smile, but couldn’t and that’s when he took me into his arms.


I was lying in the bed cuddled up to Jepha after I told him what happened between me and Frank. It just seemed so natural for me to do and it seemed natural for him to comfort me. I was always able to lean on him ever since the day that I meet him and I have never felt so loved. It was amazing how being with him was so different than being with Frank.

His hand was on my waist as my hand was stoking his cheek, when an impulse came over me and I leaned in and kissed him. it was a soft quick kiss, but then I found myself kissing him again, but this time it was longer.

First i was in control and then Jepha took over the kiss. It was mind blowing and it was nothing like the kisses I shared with Frank. As we pulled apart he looked into my eyes and I gave him the okay to go on.

The night that I spent with Jepha was one of the best in my life because I knew that the person who was thrusting inside of me, who kissed me tenderly, who with all carefulness loved me to the fullest and I knew that I would never have anything like that with Frank.

After our night filled with passion in the morning we ate breakfast with each other and then he walked me back to my car where he kissed me once more and told me that he loved me. I smiled at him and hugged him tightly to me. We both knew that I couldn’t say the words back just yet, but he said he could wait forever for me to do so.

After I drove home I went up into my room and noticed that Frank had indeed taken all his stuff with me. Swallowing the lump in my throat I stripped out of yesterdays clothes and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When I stepped underneath the spray I couldn’t hold in the tears any longer and I started to cry really hard.

I got weak in the knees and I slide down the shower wall and hugged my legs to my body. I stayed that way crying in the shower until the water ran cold and I got out. I wrapped myself up in my terry cloth robe and walked back into my room. I was so tired that I just collapsed onto the bed and let my thoughts consume me until I feel asleep, where my last thoughts were of Frankie since I was able to still smell him on the pillows and sheets.
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