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Chapter 44

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Frank's POV

I was so fucking pissed off about what happened that I went and talked to Gerard about it. So he decided to cheer me up and now here I am with the rest of the band at a restaurant slash bar just drinking and eating and forgetting my problems with Monica for the time being.

We were sitting and having fun until I heard a group of girls come into the restaurant and one I recognized as Kaitlin. It’s been almost a year since I saw her, so it was kind of a shock. I just stared at her and she must have felt me staring because she looked my way and smiled a little. I smiled back, but then I was pulled back into the conversation that that me and the guys were having.

After several minutes of talking to the guys I gout up to use the restroom. Getting up I made my way to the restroom. While I was using the restroom I heard a click followed by heels hitting the tile on the floor. Looking over my shoulder I noticed that it was Kaitlin.

I watched her walk over to the sinks and sit on the counter while hiking up her skirt in the process. Looking at her I left my pants unzipped and made my way over to her. placing myself in-between her legs she handed my a condom and I put it on.

Thoughts started to run through my head of Monica, but I blocked them out as I pulled on the condom. Scooting her to the edge more and opening her legs more I pushed her panties to the side and thrust in to her. I didn’t care so much her she really felt, but I poured all my frustrations into the act of fucking her.

I took her rough, hard, and fast not even bothering to take in her feelings and then I just came and when I did I felt better, but not by a lot. I pulled out of her and got rid of the condom and cleaned myself off as best as I could, with her next to me doing the same thing.

We didn’t say anything to each other because we both knew what the other was doing. So, when she handed me her new number I didn’t hesitate to take it. After she gave me the paper she kissed me on the cheek and went to the door. Unlocking it she left and I just stood there looking into the mirror at myself.

After a while I fixed myself up and then made my way back to the table with the guys. For once since this afternoon I haven’t thought about Monica which was a good thing. Instead my mind drifted to Kaitlin. I haven’t seen her in almost a year and she was just as fine as ever, but not as fine a Monica. Shit!

I really needed to get my mind off of her at lest for a while. I know what I did this morning was wrong, but I was just so pissed. I couldn’t handle the fact that Jepha was trying to come between us and I knew he would because deep down I knew that he could love and treat her a 100 times better than what I could and that just pissed me off.

I was pissed because I know that deep that I do love her, but I am too much of a bitch to let her know. I knew that if I couldn’t tell her how I really felt then I would loose her forever and I couldn’t loose her to anybody, even if I knew that they were better than me. I had to let her know how I felt I just wanted to show her that I could be better than this.

Not wanting to stay any longer I told the guys that I was off and that I would see them soon since we were taking a long needed break since the Black Parade tour and all the other tours we have been doing. As I was walking to my car I heard some one call out to me.

When I looked I noticed that it was Kaitlin, “Wanna go to my place?” she asked me.

I just looked at her and nodded my head and I unlocked the doors to my car. I guess the whole telling Monica will have to wait for a while.


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