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Chapter 45

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Monica's POV

It had been a week since Frank left and has been poor hell. Anthony was at the age of life where he knew something was wrong and he would cry himself to sleep asking for his daddy and I would try to comfort him, but it never worked and tonight was no different.

I was bouncing him in my arms, but he was more fussy tonight then the others and it was now past 11 in the night and he has been crying since 8 when I tried to put him to bed. Frank would usually put him to sleep, but he wasn’t here.

I started to cry myself as he cried for his father with all his might and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I went to the living room and called Frank’s cell hoping that he would pick up.

On the third ring he picked up, “hello?”

When I spoke I could barely hold in my happiness that he picked up, “Frankie!” I yelled over Anthony’s cries. “Can you please come over? I need you.” I said before I dropped the phone and it opened up on the floor.

Just looking at the phone on the floor I cried even more and held my whaling son against me more. I went to sit on the couch where I just rocked us both back and forth. I missed Frank too.

I don’t know how long we sat like that, but then I heard someone open and close the door. I looked up and watched as frank made his way over to us and took Anthony from me. As soon as he saw his father he stopped crying and clung to him.

I watched with tears in my eyes as Anthony took a steadying breath and snuggled into Frank’s chest and closing his eyes. I wished that my problems with Frank could just disappear with him just taking me into his arms.

Frank took Anthony up to his room and I just curled up into the couch with my face pressing into the back pillows for comfort of my own. I was still crying and not aware of what was going on until I felt myself being lifted up. Frank cradled me into him as he carried me into room and laid down with me in the bed. I heard two thumps as he kicked off his shoes and climbed underneath the covers with me.

He held me tight and whispered random soothing things in my ear. My face was in his neck and I just inhaled his scent and listened to his words when I started to relax.

I was on the verge of falling to sleep I was almost there when I heard him say, “I love you.” Ever so softly and I said it back. Wait. What the fuck he just said I loved you to me!

I shoot up in bed and just looked at him. I didn’t say anything for a while, but when I had my voice back I told him, “Say it again.”

“I didn’t say anything.” He said looking at me.

I told him again in a demanding tone, “Say it again Frank.”

When he opened his mouth my heart started to beat faster, “I…”


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