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It’s been six mouths since me and Frankie got back together and it was going pretty well. We tell fought like any other couple. I was lying on our big comfy couch and watched with a smile on my face as Anthony ran his tiny hand over my VERY swollen stomach.

I was just over five months pregnant and I was huge. I thought I was having twins, but the doctor only detected one baby and one strong heartbeat of another baby boy.

I swear it was like Frank had super sperm and that I will ALWAYS have boys by him and never a little girl to call my own. I looked at Anthony again as he let out a laugh as he felt the baby kick again.

I looked at the clock as it chimed that it was 2pm and told me that a VERY pregnant Alicia Way was due to arrive soon. After me and Frank got back together I started to hang with Mikey’s wife, Alicia, and Ray’s girlfriend Krista, and since Bobby was now dating the shy Cassie I was already friends with her. The other girls Chloe, Brooke, Danna, and Nonnie where coming as well. We were having a pregnancy party; which called for pregnancy tests for the other girls besides me and Alicia.

Gee and Nonnie have been married for two months now and were living the happy life. I also knew that she wanted to get pregnant as well and so that is why I am doing this little party. To see whose pregnant and who isn’t and hopefully find that Nonnie is pregnant in the first place.

Plus I thought it would be fun to mess with Chloe and Brooke when it came to the pregnancy tests. Make those bitches believe they were pregnant, watch the look on there faces, take a picture, laugh, then tell them the truth. I wanted to do this because I was tired of them fucking with me about how big this pregnancy is and how FAT I’m getting. When I heard the words fat come out the mouths I wanted to kill them, but I found another way to get them back.

“BABIES!” I heard Anthony yell as he now had his face pressed against my stomach. Frank came in laughing when he heard Anthony’s out burst.

“No Anthony, it’s only one baby.” He said holding up his index finger trying to explain to his son that there was only one baby in my stomach.

Anthony just looked at him and shook his head no, “BABIES!” he yelled louder now and I felt a sharp kick in my stomach, my face seized up in pain.

“You okay baby?” I heard Frank ask from above me.

I turned my head upward from where I was lying and smiled at him, “yeah baby, I’m doing fine. I just think you better agree with him. He’s just like you and you know you can’t when an argument with our little guy.”

Frank bent down and kissed my lips before he went back into the kitchen helping his mom get things together before the girls came over. Linda has been helping me since I was put on rest based on the size that I was and that I was small.

I felt like I could get up and do things, but the doctor decided that I should only move when I had to and that I shouldn’t be on my feet. He stated that since Anthony was a high risk pregnancy so was this one could be as well and he didn’t want to take chances. So, he put me on bed rest.

Soon after Linda came in and sat on the other end of the couch I was laying on, “how’s my daughter?” she asked me as she rubbed the side of my leg.

“I’m good. I just tired a little from being bored.”

She gave me a smile, “You know what the doctor said.”

I gave her my best puppy dog eyes, “Can’t I just get up for a little while, may I can help?”

“No Monica you know you can’t so don’t try that puppy dog look with me. Frankie use to do that when he was younger now he just looks like a fool when he does it.”

I was about to ask her what I looked like when I did it, but the doorbell rang signaling the first of the guest. Linda went to open the door and revealed a very pregnant Alicia. She was ahead of me by three mouths and she was due soon.

She took the seat that was once occupied by Linda and then Mikey soon followed with her things. Sitting them down by her he walked over to me and hugged me, “How are you doing?”

I smiled up at him, “I’m doing well.”

“I am so glad you two worked it out.”

“Me too.” I said and then when I was about to say more people burst in through the doors.

Nonnie came in carrying bags followed by Gee, Ray, and Krista. The guys said the hellos than walked down into the basement where they would be having there little thing going on.

As Krista and Nonnie where getting settled, even more people came. Bob and Cassie, followed by Brooke, Danna, and Chloe came into the door.

With the guys in the basement doing their own thing, me and the girls got ready to do ours. I seated myself into a sitting position and waved goodbye to Anthony and Linda as they went to spend some time together. She was most likely to the store and spoiling him once again.

As we start talking about who was going to go first a magazine in Chloe’s hobo bag caught my eye. “Can I see this?” I asked her pointing down to the bag.

“Yeah, sure. I don’t know what I grabbed though. The picture caught my eye and I decided to just get it and read it later.

I don’t know why I did it, but as she handed my the mag my eyes scanned the cover until I spotted a small headline in the bottom corner. The title read IN THE WORDS OF AN EX MCR GIRL story on page 30.

My hands started to shake as I flipped to the page that was mention and I started to read. I felt like my heart was breaking as I read line after line. I didn’t know if this story was true, but according to some girl named Amanda, Frank was abusive and just down right crazy.

I didn’t realize that I was crying until Nonnie leaned in front of me and asked, “What’s wrong Monica?”

I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t breath. So I just handed her the magazine and watched as her faced drained of color, even though she was black. I watched as she went from first shocked to sad to anger in a blink of an eye.

Before I knew it she was put and running to the door of the basement. Swinging it opened she yelled, “FRANK GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP HERE NOW!”

As she made her way back to the room, I watched as all the guys came out of the basement. Then when Nonnie saw Frank she just punched him right in the face.

His head snapped back from the impact and he put his hand to his face. Pulling back his hand I could see blood from his nose, “What the fuck was that for?” He asked.

“For this!” Non yelled at him again and throw the magazine where it hit him in the face again.

I watched as he looked at her, “Read what?”

“Page 30 asshole.”

I watched as he turned to page 30 and watched as he became whiter than a sheet.

What the fuck was going on I thought.


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