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Try And Catch Me, Officer

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Short chapter. Isobel takes Bob somewhere

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Chapter 28:

“Where are we going?” Bob asked, laughing as Isobel pulled him across the hallway.
“I have no idea,” Isobel turned to grin at him and carried on hurriedly along the corridor, passing by the many doors to guestrooms.
“They approached the stairs at the end of the floor and Isobel turned playfully to Bob. “Try and catch me, officer.”
She turned to run down the stairs. Laughing as she went.
“Isobel, wait!” Bob called; he had no choice but to run after her.
The staircase spiralled downwards and Isobel dodged passed various people on the way up them. “Sorry Sir, sorry Madame!” She would yell to them, “emergency in the lobby.”
They’d turn confused and then just as they looked back up the stairs Bob would follow after Isobel, smiling apologetically at the guests.
Finally Isobel started to slow down as they reached the third floor.
Bob panted as he finally caught up with her, “Isobel...what...the....hell...are we doing?”
Isobel ignored him and pushed open the door standing opposite. She picked up an object and turned back towards Bob who was breathing steadily now, a curious look on his face as he watched her.
They were in a dimly lit room and there was a small bar up against the far wall. A few men sat on stools alongside the bar and the bartender was pouring them drinks.
Isobel stood in the centre of the room, however, holding a long snooker stick.
“You play?” She asked innocently, smiling at him.

As it turned out, Isobel didn’t even know how to play snooker, and neither did Bob. So they decided that they would just make up their own rules. Bob commented on how random she was when she decided to give all the snooker balls names and then felt bad when she got them in the holes because she’d humanised them. Isobel laughed t Bob’s very bad, but very funny, attempts at shooting the balls into the holes. One time he hit it with so much force that it ricocheted off the side barrier of the table and hit one of the men at the bar in the back. Fortunately he was sufficiently drunk by then and hardly noticed.
Isobel chatted happily to her co-worker working at the bar who gave them free drinks and her and Bob discussed various aspects of their lives, interests and jobs.
“So, why did you choose to work here? Are you planning on becoming a hotel manager one day?” Bob asked as he took another poor shot at a red ball.
“Ha-ha. No, not my area of expertise. I just moved here from England and I needed work.” Isobel shrugged. “I met Frank in this coffee shop downtown and he found out I didn’t have a place to live so offered his spare room to me. I was a little taken aback by his generosity, but I wasn’t in the position to turn down offers.”
“Wow. That was very nice of him,” Bob commented.
“Well, then again you haven’t seen his apartment,” Isobel laughed. “Nah, I’m very grateful for it.”
“He seemed a bit off with you this morning, though.” Bob noted.
“Yeah, that was kind of my fault...I’ll apologise when I get back.” Isobel said, feeling genuinely regretful.
“Good, we can’t have you living on the streets,” Bob said. He tried to sound jokey but he looked a little concerned about the prospect.
“I’m a big girl and I still have this job.” Isobel bent low to take her turn. “Doesn’t pay much, but I find a way to get the money.”
Just then the door to the bar swung open.
A man dressed in a similar uniform to Bob stepped across the threshold.
“Bob, we need you in the main office.” The man said hurriedly. “They reckon they’ve found the person responsible for the theft going on at the hotel.”
“Oh, right.” Bob said, turning back to Isobel. “Sorry, I have to go.”
“No problem,” Isobel said quickly. “It’s your job.”
Bob smiled at her then turned to follow the other officer.
Isobel stood there alone now, biting her lip. Who had they pinned it on?

Sorry for the shortness of this update, but it was necessary. The next one will be much longer, I promise.
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