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I have always heard things. Things I am not supposed to hear. Things better kept secret.

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story belong to me, and only me. You may only use them with MY permission. All characters and the entire plot are entirely original, and entirely fiction. I post my stories on multiple sites, so do not blame me of plagiarism.

A/N: This is my first story on here, so please, no harsh criticism! It is by no means finished, and this isn’t even technically the first chapter. This is the Forward.

They called me crazy. Maybe they were right. After all, was it normal to hear these things?

"No," they say. I had to be psychotic.

I heard, things that I wasn’t... meant to hear. Things people didn’t want others to know. Things better kept secret. Why did such secrets have to be disclosed only to me?

Was it eavesdropping? Some might consider it such. If it was, I must be the world's biggest eavesdropper, which was one thing that I never wanted to be.
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