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Drink My Blood, And Bury Me Alive

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I'm just here, hiding beneath my bed.

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Oh, God. I thought on my way to detention. What is the wicked lady going to have me do? Is she going to stick my head in a blender? Ha, I doubt it. I wish she would, though.

When I got to the classroom, Ms. Campbell was already there. "Take a seat," the fifty-year-old woman. "Tabitha, I'm worried about you. You're constantly late to class, and you constantly have unexplained injuries. Is anything wrong?" The middle-aged woman eyes softened. It didn't work on me, though. So many people had mimed genuine concern just to hurt me. I couldn't risk that again. I wouldn't let that happen.

I put on my best sober face, and I lied. "Nothings wrong, honestly."

Ms. Campbell was not convinced. That much was obvious in the face of the woman that I was slowly growing to hate. "Okay, then." For a moment, I had thought that she would continue to press for details, but when she didn't, I was relieved. If you could call such a grim thing relief.


When I got to my ‘home’, I threw my books down on the ground. I then proceeded to fall with a forcible thump onto my rock-hard bed. Oh man, I am not exaggerating when I said rock-hard. Let’s just say that this bed is the reason I get back aches. I shut my eyes, welcoming the darkness. Today had been a long day. Well, technically, all days were just as long, but I think that shows that this one was exceptionally wearing? And it was hardly half over yet, I mentally whined.

I managed to make myself get up after ten minutes passed by. Turning my speakers on as far as they go, my iPod blared my playlist loudly. For once, I was glad my parents were never home. Actually it was a good thing they were never home, because if they were I would just get hurt, which is not an ideal field day.

Forever by Papa Roach. God I love that song. I began to sing it out loud, at the top of my lungs. Soon, that wasn’t enough, and I picked up my acoustic guitar, and strummed those beautiful notes.

And then, while I was enjoying my wonderful music, I heard the sound of a motorcycle. Oh no! NO! Peeking out of my bedroom window, I saw for the first time in two weeks, my parents on their Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was time to hide, before they sucked me dry, and buried me alive. Not quite the pleasantest experience, eh?

Hiding under the bed, I heard them open the creaking door. “Wonder what the brat’s been doing now.” Hmm. I couldn’t tell if that was physical or not. If not, I really must be crazy. I didn’t want to be crazy.

For a short moment, I was seven instead of seventeen.

[-Flashback Begins-]

All around me, I was surrounded by the laughter of all the kids around me. 27 kids, actually. I’d fallen of the monkey bars at recess, and literally fallen on my face. They were having a fit.

[/“That Tabitha Laurence girl is something else.”
I heard a smirk. Wait- heard a smirk?

“Now we’re gonna have another person to laugh at.” This came from a girl who was always picked on. No one ever looked at her when she spoke, and come to think of it, her lips never moved. Come to think of it, and this took my already diminished breath right out of me, she wasn’t even talking.

[-Flashback Ends-]

That day at recess was when I truly understood, for the first time in my life, that something really was different about me. Something worth staring at.


A/N: Excuses, excuses. I know, I know, we all hate them.

I've got a wicked writers' block. On top of that, I have been a little 'out of it' lately, and that doesn't really help me write, now does it? My chapters aren't usually so short, so don't be worried! I am going to be listening to plenty of music, because it is the only thing that helps my blocks.

So anyways, happy belated Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays.

A/N: Chapter Four is in the works! It doesn’t have a name yet, though. :( I hope it will soon. If I can manage to get my thoughts into a presentable form, I should have it up by Friday.
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