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Poisonous Cards That Shouldn't Be Dealt

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Oh. my. friggin. gee. I haven't updated this in a year! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! hahaha, well looks like you guys are lucky. I've got so many ideas running through my brain right now, I'm afraid that one day it'll all just shut down. I GOT ROCKBAND FOR X-MAS!! w00t. If you wanna play my band on Xbox Live, look up Left On St. Augustine. Peace LOSERS!

"...It's like, killing a unicorn with like, a bomb."
--James Franco "Pineapple Express". (Friggin awesome movie.)

xxPoisonous Cards That Shouldn't Be Dealtxx

"Pete you lazy ass! Wake up!" Teenage Patrick yelled as he slammed a pillow down on his body.

"Patrick!" Pete called out as he reached out for him.

Suddenly his vision switched like a tv channel over to another memory. A memory he regretted terribly. The ominous beeps of the pulse monitor, the dripping from the IV's rung in the air. It was all too familiar. Mrs. Wentz was outside with the doctors. He could still hear the faint voice of that cold hearted doctor.

"we...pumped his stomach......atavan overdose.....attempted suicide..."

Pete's mind was twisting and breaking, he felt as if he was going mad! What was Cree doing to him?! He screamed and yelled as loud as he could for everything to stop. Warm tears were streaming down his face. The world swirled and shook circles around him, it felt like he was in the butterfly effect!

"Cree! STOP IT!!" He screamed in desperation. Just then everything around him went dark. Pete looked around him over and over, nothing. Only the sound of his heavy breathing and his fast beating heart could be heard. Suddenly a light shone down in front of him. Pete jumped suddenly and stood back. Suddenly a slight shadow appeared. Pete looked upwards and saw that an object was falling. He watched it curiously as it fell down right in front of him.
It was an old dirty stuffed rabbit. It had cracked black button eyes and horrible stitching. The tips of it's ears were burned and it's leg was made with completely different cloth.

"Wh-what?...." Pete spoke as he wiped away his tears and bent down. He observed the object closely and reached for it with caution. He slowly picked it up and looked at it with sadness. It kind of reminded him of the stuffed animal he had lost in the fire of his old house. Just then a thought snapped back into his mind. It was the stuffed bunny he had lost in the fire! Just then the doll slowly lifted it's head up and looked at Pete.

"SAVE US PETER!" It called out in desperation. Pete screamed in shock and let go of the rabbit in fear. His old doll fell into the darkness and a light suddenly glinted below him. Pete's heart began to race rapidly as the light burst upwards and consumed his whole body. Pete covered his eyes with both his forearms in defense.


The room was awkwardly silent. Pete starting bobbing his feet up and down with impatience. His mom dropped him off here once again for a daily appointment with Dr. Joy. Funny how there was nothing joyful about her. She always made pete feel uncomfortable. The room was extremely tidy, even the pencils were evenly spaced and lined up perfectly with each other. There wasn't a single speck of dust, not even a single crumb anywhere. Pete really wanted to dash out of there quickly. His eyes began to dart around the room for something to distract him. His eyes drifted to the bookshelves. There so many of them; psychology books, anatomy books, even children's books! Pete's 9 year old eyes were fixed on Lewis Caroll's books, especially Alice in Wonderland. Dr. Joy started scribbling a few things down on her yellow pad of lined paper. She looked up at pete and gave a slight smile/ smirk. Pete didn't pay any mind to it though, he just frowned and looked down at his feet in silence. The doctor leaned forward with interest and looked closely at his expression.

"what's wrong peter?" Dr. Joy asked softly. He didn't answer. She sighed with agitation, this always happened every single appointment. He would sit there and frown for half an hour while she tried to beat it out of him.

"Is it something at home?" she inquired smoothly. Pete looked up at her. Dr. Joy felt a sliver of relief, she was making some progress.

"...kinda..." He replied quietly. Dr. Joy's eyes sightly widened with surprise, he was actually speaking to her this time.

"I can't sleep" he added to his response. She quickly wrote down "Insomnia" on her paper.

"Uh huh...and why can't you sleep Peter? Nightmares?" she asked. Pete shook his head no and the doctor raised an eyebrow.

"Jabberwockys..." He replied with wide eyes. The doctor looked at him blankly.

"Jabberwockys? As in-"

"That Alice book mommy reads me" He interrupted,"They have jaws that bite and claws that catch! Not just Jabberwockys though, Vampires too!" Pete leaned in closer and put the side of his hand to his mouth.

"I think they're both after me. Vampires like the smell of my blood" He whispered a little too loud.

Dr. Joy didn't reply, she just looked down at her paper and wrote down, "Delusional".

" think i'm crazy.." he spoke slowly, "I can see the paper. De..Delu..Deluvinal means crazy! Mommy told me so."

"What else is wrong peter?" she asked him, veering off the subject. Pete just sighed and looked down at his feet.

"Something is...broken.." he answered.

"what's broken Peter?"

"I dunno," He looked behind her and into the mirror,"I...I think...I am"


Pete shot open his eyes in horror, his head and heart pounding heavily. he blinked rapidly as his vision began to clear up. He wiped away the sweat from his forehead.

"I never want to experience that again.." He spoke to himself. Pete looked around and noticed that this place wasn't HQ. It was an old dark ratty apartment. The wood floor was chipped and cracked and the wallpaper was peeling and molding. It was quite big, but really shitty looking. Suddenly he heard a door being opened. Pete sat up quickly and hissed as Cree walked in with some drinks. She didn't pay any mind to it though, Pete was always pissy towards her.

"It just got 100 percent more slutty in here" Pete jeered at her.

"You're lucky I'm even letting you stay here, spongebob bitchy pants" Cree stated as she sat down next to him on the bed. Pete just layed back down and looked down at his stomach. Suddenly he noticed that he was missing something.

"Hey! Where the hell is my shirt?!" He yelled as he sat up again,"And my hoodie?!"

"Calm down calm down! I put them in the wash, they were covered in cow's blood" Cree explained as she passed him a glass. Pete's lips formed an "oh" but then converted to a confused look.

"Cow's blood?" He asked her as he took in a sip. It tasted like blood infused with wine and honey.

"If you remember our little training session I was controlling your body," Cree informed,"I made you attack a few cows since, well, you have morals about not attacking humans."

The memory of that mind breaking experience popped back into his mind.

"What did you do to 'me' as in my 'state of mind' exactly?" Pete asked curiously. Cree's skin colored lips formed a smile as she took in a sip.

"Maddening wasn't it? I twisted and bent your bad memories. I made all those shitty times rise up again and twisted them to my liking" She explained proudly. Pete frowned at her angrily, Cree just took in another drink.

"Oh please Pete, Beckett would've done MUCH worse, probably to the point where your heart would've stopped" She said.

Pete just sighed irritatingly and gave cree his empty cup. He plopped back down onto the pillow and placed his hands behind his head. Cree smoothly layed down next to him on her side and scooted closer to his body. She rested her head onto his shoulder and breathed lightly into his neck. Pete's muscles began to tense up at her soft touch as she began stroking circles on his chest.

"I just wish I were strong enough to take him out already," Pete whispered to her. "I mean, I should know everything about Beckett and Vampires, but i don't. I don't know anything."

Cree lifted herself up and faced Pete. She looked deep into his olive brown eyes and put her fingers in his hair. She started to gently stroke through it, letting the sleek strands of hair slip through her fingers.

"You're still getting used to this, you'll understand eventually" She comforted. Pete scoffed a little and gave off a light smile. He lifted his hand and slowly slid his fingers into her beautiful blonde hair. Cree closed her eyes and began soaking in his touch. She then opened her eyes and smiled seductively, showing Pete her fangs. She then leaned down and lightly hissed in his ear. Pete felt himself grow hard as Cree's thin hands began exploring his body. A moan went off in his throat as her hand found it's way into his tight pants.

"Cree...." He moaned lightly as she started kissing his neck.

"You're so sexy when you moan like that Pete" Cree purred into his neck as her fingers curled around his erection. Pete breathed in sharply and closed his eyes as Cree let out a small giggle. She slid her hand out and started kissing his shoulders. Pete's erection was painfully pressing against his pants now, he was really tempted to take them off. Cree then sat up and strattled his flat stomach. Pete looked up at her in desperation. She gracefully leaned down and kissed his forehead lightly. Pete shifted his head upwards and met with her lips. He began to caress them and graze them gently with his fangs, making her moan lightly. Deep inside, Pete had no idea why he was doing this. If anything, he would be pushing her off of him and telling her to go to hell. It was so hard though. No matter how hard he tried, he'd always relapse and end up falling for her charms. It was a curse to him, an unhealthy addiction. She was his drug, and he was her addict.
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