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Lithium Flowers & A Twisted Wonderland

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"But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat. "We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."

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Loooooongg chapter! mhm yup! I just saw Horton Hears A Who! Cutest. Movie. EVA! XD
haha Dr. Seuss nerd! okay, so this chapter is pretty cool i guess, a few spelling errors here and there i believe, but try to hold out for me, 'kay?
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Chptr III
XxXLithium FlowersXxX

Pete let out a sigh and put his hand to his forehead. Travie just shook his head and looked over at Pete.

"Shit man, I dunno why you still dig her, she's a bitch" He said as he turned towards the fridge. Pete shot his head up quickly and turned to look at him.

"I don't dig her, I hate her fucking guts!" He retorted. Travie blew off his excuse and opened the fridge for some grub. He found numerous things to eat; leftover chinese, soy meat, some raw steak, fruit salad, mini lunchables packs, and a jar of Applesauce. he thought all of this was good, but none of it was appealing, that was until he saw a slice of chocolate cake behind the milk cartons.

"Hey, you listening? I said I don't like her!" Pete repeated.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I heard you the first time Prince PMS" Travie said as he got out the last slice of cake. He kicked the door shut and got out a fork from the drawers.

"Well then," Travie said as he dug in,"What are you gonna do about her?"

"I don't know, I just..." Pete let out a sigh,"...I just want to forget"

"Naw," Travie swallowed,"You don't want to forget, you want to be with her again"

Pete looked over at his friend. There was no denying it. He still had feelings for her. He still wanted to kiss her again. Just then Patrick came in with two cups full of dark red liquid. Travie set the cake next to him and thanked Patrick.

"I've been craving this shit all day dude, I seriously need like, a storage room full of live things" Travie explained as he took in a gulp.

"That...sounds a little creepy," Patrick shuddered,"but whatever, down to business. What's been going on with your gang The Elite?"

Travie looked over at Patrick and then set the empty cup on the table. He hopped onto the couch and the four boys crowded around him, waiting for the information.

"Well," Travie began as he scratched his head,"It's been showing that other vampires are starting to get reckless. More and more random attacks are occuring every night. They're apparently linking to you guys in some way, especially Petey boy here. It's very distant though, nothing major or life changing. Still, we don't know if it's the Warriors or the Dandies, all we know is that something's up."

"Do you think it's an ambush from one of them?" Andy asked.

"Possibly, but I think the Little Blonde Hussie would've warned the Warriors if it was true. She is Beckett's little whore after all" Travie replied.

"Yeah but if it was from the Warriors, Beckett wouldn't have any objections, they could just get rid of me" Pete stated.

"Actually he would, since he's taken a liking to you. You would think that Beckett would want you all to himself" Travie concluded.

Pete and the other boys nodded. This was true. Beckett hasn't been making much of an effort to attack him directly, just the people around him. It was like he was weakening his edges.

"Do you think it's a seperate Clan? Possibly one we're not aware of?" Patrick asked. Travie just shrugged.
"Could be, I wouldn't rule anything out. Just be on your guard and stay alert" Travie warned. All four boys nodded as Travie got up from the couch.

"I'm gonna have to go, I have to tend to The Elites" He explained. Pete nodded lightly and embraaced his friend. He tilted his head up slightly and whispered into his ear.

"Thanks...for stopping me" Travie let go and nodded as he opened the door and walked off into the night. Pete let out a sigh as he looked down at his wounded arm, the pain had finally stopped.

X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X :

Cree looked at herself in the mirror. She looked quite voluptuous. She was wearing a short black lolita dress that was decorated with creamy pink ribbons. It was simple for a lolita dress, but it was very sexy on her. It showed over her thin smooth legs and it hugged her perfect curvy frame. She slipped on her black leather boots and her shiny black leather jacket. It was time to visit her number 2. She walked outside of her shabby old pathetic use of an apartment and into the wet quiet streets. Her eyes turned a piercing silver and a swarm of bats surrounded her. The next thing she knew she was in an old room draped with red velvet and decorated with old victorian paintings. A creed of Dandies were all sitting at old black cedar tables drinking Red Tea, Beckett's special blend. They all turned their heads in unison at her. They stared into her, wondering why she was here. She bit on her silver lip piercing and looked around. Just then a tall, thin looking boy with amazing poise came up to her. His brown hair was parted to the side and he wore a white bullet cap. He looked very charming.

"He's up in his room, he's expecting you" He stated smoothly. His voice was drop-dead sexy, it almost sounded as good as William's or Pete's. She looked at him up and down with amusement.

"Thanks, Mr.?" She asked.

"Urie, Brendon Urie" He replied with a bow. He lifted Cree's hand and kissed it lightly, his beautiful eyes still staring up at her. Cree felt a little aroused after all that, he looked and acted seductively. She liked that, or at least, she thought she did. After thinking about how Pete acted she didn't really know. She walked over to the left corridor and walked up to the fourth floor, that whole floor William owned. She walked over to the third room and opened the door. A sweet smell of roses and cinnamon filled her nose. She looked inside and saw the room was painted a beautiful red with gold stripes. Candles were lit on the beautiful golden chandelier. His red silky bed was covered with deep red and orange and maroon pillows. Draped over it was deep red transparent silk. She entered the beautiful room and found William sitting properly on a chair, his eyes peeled on a book. He was reading "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. Cree giggled lightly, he looked so adorable no matter what he did. Cree slid off her shoes and set them aside. She let out a light cough and looked over to William for a response. Nothing though, he just flipped a page and went on reading. She let out a slightly louder cough another time, but still no response.

"William?" She asked. Nothing. Cree just rolled her eyes and turned around to leave. She then bumped into a tall thin figure. She saw that it was William, who by the way had a certain look on his face. He looked hungry for something, like an animal that hasn't eaten for days. His eyes scanned her up and down, he smiled eagerly showing his white fangs. Cree gave off a slight smile.

"William Beckett, what do you want?" She asked cutely. William scoffed as he got closer to her. His face started to grow more fierce looking, like he was going to pounce her. He swiftly took both her arms and pressed her closer to his body. Her thin leg rubbing up against his erection.

"You know what i want..." He whispered in a low voice. Chills went up Cree's spine as William started undoing the ties on her black corset. He leaned in and started whispering to her, his hot breath brushing against her earlobe.

"I missed you so much" He whispered as he slipped off her corset and then leaned down into her neck. Cree felt her body heat up as he brushed his lips gently against her sensitive flesh. She breathed in sharply as William began to guide her over to the bed. He picked her up swiftly and gently placed her on the red silky sheets. Cree giggled as Williams lips gracefully came down on hers. William tasted sweeter than ever, but the thought of Pete's lips still lingered in the back of her mind.

X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X :

The sun's light slowly started to creep up over the buildings and spread it's rays throughout the city. Pete yawned slightly and went over to his old rusted metal "coffin" to turn in. Andy and Joe lifted the doors open as Pete jumped in and snuggled into a comfortable position.

"Good night sweetie" Joe said to him. Pete snickered a bit and turned away from them. Patrick came up next to them and looked at Pete with concern.

"Just tell us when you need to get out tonight," He looked over at Andy & Joe,"We'll each take turns standing guard" Pete nodded his head.

"Night mummies" He said to them. And with that, Andy & Joe closed the door shut and left Pete alone to rest. Pete looked around a bit in the dark, even though he couldn't really see anything. He didn't make a single noise either, he just listened closley for the sound of a heartbeat, which was long gone...


"Cree darling, it is time.
we must now proceed with the first step,
the first step to take our dear peter out.
i need you right now dearest,
you must make him mind suffer.
you still hold the key to his human heart.
Can you do this for me, love?"/]

"...Yes William, I can...."

She stood in front of what was left of the old church, huge parts of it was turned to rubble. The old stone pathway that was once clean and perfect was now broken from the bombings in earlier times. Grave stones were cracked and raised unevenly, and the statue of a saint was brutally cracked and beaten. It was still standing though; The stone chairs and the rose window were still intact, and the statue inside of the saint holding the rose was untouched. This church was not for the faint of heart though. Anyone would agree that it's old victorian gothic like appeal was intimadating to the supersticious, but Cree wasn't afraid though. She was actually quite happy with this place, it was her home, her sanctuary. She walked inside along the broken pathway, singing to herself a familiar tune that she had only sung once before...

Rose Rose Rose Red
Will I ever see thee wed
I wil marry at thy will sire
At thy will....

The sweet soft melody of her voice drifted out onto the wind and swiftly into Pete's head. He closed his eyes tighter as he stirred in his sleep. He turned from side to side as visions and pictures flashed in his head. He saw the old broken church, the field of roses, the broken statue of the saint. Sweat started to drip down his forehead and his breathing was getting heavier as these pictures were getting more and more realistic. Suddenly flashes of the city streets came in as well. steam was rising from the pipes, rats were crawling around everywhere. He felt as if his head was being split into two with a searing hot knife./Stop! stop it!/, he yelled in his mind. The pain was too much. he let out a painful scream and soon enough, he found himself actually inside the church walls. Dark grey clouds were forming over him, and Cree standing in front of him holding a shiny black violin. She was wearing a gorgeous black t-length cocktail dress that was decorated with thin black lace and complimented with a lace corset and a necklace made of white creamy pearls.

A thousand years gone by
Too late to wonder why
I'm here alone...

Cree, with her back faced towards Pete, held the violin to her chin and started to play a beautiful violin piece. Pete stepped to the side and sat down on one of the old broken stone seats in silence. He listened to her play and watched as she swayed from side to side, humming the lyrics. He could see why he fell in love with her, she was quite appealing to the eye, and she had many talents. Cree then switched from Rose Red to La Folia, an old gothic violin piece that was passed down from her family. Her thin delicate fingers played swiftly and fluently against the instrument and played a melody that even Apollo himself would swoon over. Pete closed his eyes and listened to the music swim around his head & his thoughts. His body was feeling much more relaxed as the music started to fade. He opened his eyes and noticed Cree staring at him, the violin was no longer in her hands anymore.
"Why are you here?" She asked softly as she turned back towards the statue. Pete got up from his seat and walked over next to her, looking up at the saint.
"I was going to ask you the same thing," He replied as he got up closer to the piece,"Why did you call me?"
Cree shook her head as she went next to him. She then looked up at the piece and got down on her knees.

"I didn't call you," she replied,"Urie did"

"His son of a bitch sidekick" Pete muttered to himself. He looked down at Cree and noticed that she was praying silently to the saint. He listened in closely and noticed that she was praying in latin.

"Amen." She said as she looked up at the statue. Pete held out his hand to her and she took it to get up off the ground. He then looked up at the statue and noticed something that wasn't there before. Two thick dark lines appeared on both sides of the statue's face. He squinted his eyes and finally realized what it was. The statue of the saint, made completely out of solid stone, was actually crying tears of dark red blood. His eyes shot wide open and looked over at Cree. She smiled at the statue and then turned to walk away. Pete stood there for a moment and rubbed his eyes, he then turned around and ran over to Cree.

"Uh Cree!" Pete called as he ran after her,"Do you see-"

"Yes Peter," She interrupted as she reached the exit, "I see it" Pete stopped in front of her and then looked back at the statue.

"Why does it do that?" He asked curiously. She stared at the saint as well and watched the blood drip down from her cheeks.

"Don't worry about it Peter" She replied softly. Cree then walked around him and started out on the stone path. Pete quickly turned around and followed after her. I don't get it, Pete thought, She's so...different now Pete noticed that cree had two sides of her, a mysterious, calm, side that kept to itself, and a hardcore dark rebel side that pretty much looked out for itself. He started to wonder if maybe this side of her was the human side.

"Cree," Pete began, "how come your acting so-"

"Different?" Cree interrupted. She turned around and smiled at him. Pete nodded as he got up next to her. Cree snickered a bit and gently slid her hand into his.

"Walk with me" She said softly. Pete held onto her hand slightly tighter and started to walk with her down the path. Dark clouds moved swiftly around them as the scenery on both of Pete's sides started to change. now instead of grey stone rubble around them it was a dark dreary scene of roses and black briar patches.

"Do you like it here?" Cree asked him, looking up into his eyes. Pete shrugged a bit and looked onward.

"It's a bit too...dark for my taste" He answered. Pete suddenly felt his arm go out into another direction, and soon enough he found himself being pulled off the path with Cree into a briarless part of the rose field.

"Where are we going? Hell, where am i?" Pete asked her, the second question slipped his mind earlier. Cree then stopped in her tracks and then started to take a seat on the ground.

"Sit" She demanded. Pete sat down in front of her and grabbed onto both of her arms.

"Okay now that we've had our fun, where the hell am i?! What's going on?!" Pete interrogated irratatingly. Cree then squirmed out of his grasp and pushed him back.

"You should be thanking me Peter" Cree hissed.

"Why?!" He snapped.

"I saved you from Beckett's grasp!" She snapped back.

"Oh really, and how did you do that?" Pete inquired in a tone of disbelief.

"Urie was trying to summon you to the outside alley, but your lucky I interrfered!" Cree fussed.

"Wait, but you just said that you didn't summon me!" He repeated loudly.

"I wasn't trying to summon you to where I was dumbass, I was trying to keep you where you were!" Cree jeered. Pete slightly cocked his head back in surprise, she saved him, once again. Cree huffed loudly and folded her arms in anger. She looked away from him and started to pout. Pete took in a deep breath and scooted closer to her body.

"Hey, listen, I uhm....I'm...I'm sorry, for...acting like an asshole" He apologized softly. Cree turned her head and looked at him, still giving him her pouty face.

"Damn straight, god i swear you have PMS" Cree huffed.

"Ouch!" Pete laughed, "Hey don't forget, you're the one with the ovaries!"

"Chyeah, so?" Cree giggled.

"I have to deal with that shit once a month, or in your case, every single day!" Pete teased. Cree playfully punched Pete's arm and them started to play-wrestle with him. She grabbed both his wrists and started to attempt a move to pin him to the ground, but Pete then started to push harder and put in all his body wieght. Thus, it ended up the other way around, and Pete ended up sitting on her.

"Pete get your fat lardy ass off me!" Cree whined while giggling. Pete shook his head no as he let out another laugh. Cree squirmed and kicked the air as she tried to get out from under him, but Pete wouldn't get off.

"My ass isn't fat and lardy, it's nice and tight!" Pete laughed.

"Yeah, and it's crushing my ribs, OFF!" She squealed. Pete turned and pinned down her wrists as he got up. Just then as Cree was just about to move her legs and kick "Jason" senseless, Pete's leg's moved out of the way and he ended up stratling her waist. Cree let out a laugh and started to pant out of exaustion. Pete gave out a cheeky smile and leaned down to gently kiss her forehead. Cree noticed this and quickly moved her head away from him.

"We need to be serious" She spoke. Pete nodded at her and got off her body. Cree sat up next to him and looked directly at him.

"As you know, Beckett tried to pull a fast one on you" Cree began, Pete nodded in response.

"Well, I'm going to teach you how to use his power, and yours, to your advantage" She said. Pete raised one eyebrow at her and scoffed in disbeleif. Cree rolled her eyes and grunted as she got up off the ground, she then signaled Pete to get up as well. Pete lifted himself up and wiped off some dirt that was on his pants.

"Beckett's going to try and enter your mind, screw with your thoughts," She said," So I'm going to teach you how to retaliate"
Pete nodded at her as Cree walked farther away from him.

"You're going to fight me," She explained,"and I will fight you by entering your thoughts; controlling you"

Pete understood and got into a somewhat defensive position, converting his eyes into metallic gold. Cree got into a defensive position as well and her eyes converted to a silver white. Both their fangs grew particularly sharp.

"Bring it" Pete hissed at her.

"Gladly, darling" Cree replied coldly. Cree then charged at Pete with such astounding speed, he almost couldn't see her. He jumped to the side a took a swing at her back, but Cree quickly turned and grabbed his fist. She twisted it back and Pete let out a small noise of shock and pain. Pete reacted quickly and swung at her with his free arm. Cree hastily let go of him and jumped back high into the air. Pete looked up at Cree's thin delicate form flip back from his position. This girl's got class, he thought, but she's going to need more than that!. the blonde vampire broke from her flipping formation and pointed her feet downward to land. Just as her feet were about to touch the ground, Pete came up fast and knocked her down. Cree felt the air in her lungs rush out, she could feel the intense pain on her chest and ribs. She hit the ground hard with pete's weight crashing down on her body. Pete heard loud cracks come from inside her body, and by the looks on her face, an intense pain had rushed over her. She let out an intense cry and shoved Pete off of her in anger and shock. Pete quickly got to his knees and rushed over to the blonde who was now sprawling around like a worm. He tried holding her still, but she kept on kicking and swinging at him, telling him to piss off.

"Cree?! Cree! listen to me!" Pete held her face so that her eyes could meet with his,"You need to calm down!" Cree closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip. she painfully nodded as Pete started to feel around her stomach area.

"Now, tell me where it hurts" He asked her as he wiped some tears away. Cree tried to move a bit, but that only made the pain much worse. She let out another cry of pain and burning drops of water fell from her eyes. Pete leaned down slightly and held her face up again. He said her name over and over until her eyes met once again with his.
"where does it hurt?" He asked her slowly and calmly. Cree breathed in sharply and lifted a hand over to her ribs. Pete nodded at her and gently started poking around that area. Cree let out again another noise of pain. Around her ribcage it was extremely swollen, and alot seemed out of shape or out of line. It seemed like her ribs were broken. Pete wiped away more tears from Cree's face and kissed her forehead.

"Cree, i need you to get us out of here," He said frantically,"You need to get to a hospital." Cree grabbed onto Pete's hand tightly. Her hands were shaking rapidly.

"I...I hate...doc..tors" She said as another jolt of pain shot through her. She clenched onto his hand even tighter and more tears started to form.

"Honey, you need medical attention! you're going to get worse!" Pete yelled.

"Then let me get worse! I'm not seeing those bastard murderers!" Cree yelled back.

"No! I'm not going to lose you again!" He snapped. Cree's eyes grew slightly wide in surprise. Pete's head went down slightly and he held her hand tighter.

"I...already lost you to Beckett. I...don't want to lose you..." He said.
Got ya. cree's voice rang in his mind. his eyes quickly came into contact with hers. Cree yanked Pete's shirt downwards and kicked her legs hard into his lower body area. a sharp pain spread throughout his body and he screamed. She then pushed Pete over and then pinned him down to the ground. Her eyes turned a piercing silver and Pete's body began to shake uncontrollably. His vision was blurring fast, countless memories were flashing before him like a broken slideshow.

Okay, so it may sound wierd now, but trust me,
the next chapter will clear things up. I promise.
Parts of this chapter has significant meanings.
and just 1 second ago as i was typing this i had a brilliant idea
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