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Vanity Is Sanity

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I thought about it, and i probably won't get 10 reviews in just one Chapter, so here's another one for all you brutal brats out there. P.s. I know I say Cola, which is wierd 'cause i'm from Chicago...

"Have Fun You Little Jerks"
--/Pete Wentz/ (Oh, dissss)

xXxVanity Is SanityxXx

Patrick Stump[h] paced throughout HQ anxiously, looking at his watch repeatedly for the time. Joe Trohman sat on the couch watching him while Andy Hurley raided the fridge for something to drink.

"Dude, your gonna put a hole in the floor if you don't stop" Joe stated as Patrick started twiddling his fingers.

"I know, but he's an hour late" Patrick stated, looking back at his watch. Andy came in with three ice cold colas and handed one out to Joe.

"Don't worry, Pete's a big boy, he can take care of himself. You want one?" Andy offered as he waved it in his face. Patrick shook his head no as he went over to his libary and got out his case journal. He pulled out a pencil from his jacket and flipped over to an open page.

Case #177B, he wrote. Patrick put the pencil to his lip and thought about what to write. An idea sparked inside his head and then he started scribbling away.

Case #177B

Pete has not yet returned from his supposed, "feeding". He's been looking more troubled than ever. I don't know what influenced his attitude, but ever since "She" came into town, he's been more agressive towards the dark ones.

No signs of Beckett & The Dandies yet either, I have a feeling the might be--

Just then the door flew open and a gust of wind brushed through. Papers started to fly everywhere and little shadows fluttered around the doorway. Andy and Joe immediately shot up along with Patrick to grab their weapons. Patrick when underneath and grabbed his gun while Andy got his sword from next to the couch. A dark figure stood in the doorway, the light from behind casting a shadow on their face.

"Who are you?!" Patrick asked, sounding as tough as he could.

"I'm looking for Pete," The voice replied,"Tell me where he is Patrick" the voice belonged to a woman, a familiar woman as a matter of fact. Patrick frowned and lowered his gun.

"He's not here Cree, he's out feeding" He replied. Cree stepped into the room and looked around. Nothing really changed since she was last here, just the smell, which had gotten worse. She looked over at Andy, who was in a slight defensive position with his sword, and then looked over at Joe who was holding his gun tightly at his side. She looked back at Patrick and raised her eye brows.

"Is that what he told you guys?" She asked in a tone of disbeleif.

"Yah," Andy replied, "That's what he's been doing" Cree snickered at his reply and then broke out into a fit of laughter. Patrick frowned at her along with the other boys.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked her. Cree gave out a slight smile to them, flaring her fangs. She sat down on the couch and crossed her legs as she took the cola on the nightstand that Patrick had refused earlier.

"Well," She replied as she opened the bottle "Petey boy wasn't feeding at all"

"What?!" They all said unintentionally in unison. Cree let another laugh escape her lips at their reaction.

"The warriors all met up at the center to think of a way to take down Beckett," She took a swig of soda and continued," but Pete interrupted our little shin dig and started a rampaging stake out.

Andy and Joe sat on both sides of her on the couch as Patrick got closer to her.

"How many were there?" Patrick asked her curiously.

"Mmm 12 I think, he only took down six or seven" She answered as she bit on one of her piercings. Patrick's mouth hung wide open at her reply, it usually took them hours just to kill one!

"Did he get hurt?" Andy interrogated. Cree thought about it.

"Well, he tried staking Damon, but he reflected it. It shot back and grazed his arm" She replied as she took another sip. She then looked back up at Patrick, as if she remembered something. Patrick gave out a slight sigh of releif. He didn't know what he would do if anything worse happened to Pete.

"There was that time when he almost got killed though.." She muttered a bit loudly. Patrick's eyes went wide and he shot up straight.

"WHAT?!" He yelled above the other boys, who also said the same thing. Cree jumped a bit and looked at them with a wierd expression. Patrick got down on his knees again and met up with her cold eyes.

"What the hell happened!! Tell me!" Patrick demmanded fiercely. Cree backed away from the three, trying to give herself some more space.

"Anrietta got her bloody hands on him and tried to choke him to death, but i got that bitch pushing up daisies" She answered while forming her fingers in the shape of a gun. Patrick was relieved that Cree saved him, but he was still out there somewhere in the city; doing god knows what.

"Is that all? Any leads to where he might be?" Joe questioned in a hopeful tone. Cree tilted her head back, drinking the last of the cola. Just as she was about to speak, another voice came and stole her words.

"Nope, she pretty much summed it all up" the voice spoke. All four faces looked up and faced towards the speaker. There Pete was, leaning against the doorway with his arms folded. Patrick quickly got up & rushed over to Pete. He looked down at his arm and noticed it wrapped in cloth, stained with splotches of blood.

"You're hurt" Patrick swallowed. He was a little squirmish around the sight of blood, and being involved with vampires wasn't really a benefit. Pete's eyes quickly flashed from metallic gold to his original olive brown color. He looked over at Patrick and flashed a smile soon followed by a hug.

"Hey now, s'all good" Pete said with ebonics in his voice. Patrick snickered and hugged him back. Cree let out a small cough and Pete quickly jerked his head up and looked at her. She gave a sweet smile and her eyes flashed from silver to her piercing blue.

"Hola" Cree greeted looking at him up and down,"see you haven't changed much"

"I See you're still a whore" Pete retorted at her, flashing his teeth. He grabbed Patrick by the collar and jerked him into the nearest filing room. He slammed the door and got up in Patrick's face.

"Why the hell is she here?!" He hissed.

"Dude, I don't really know! She just busted in here saying that she was looking for you"

Pete was getting aggrivated, he let out an agitated sigh and let go of Patrick. He turned towards the wall and rested his head against it.

"What am i going to do with her..." He muttered to himself. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and he felt someone blow gently into his ear. Shivers went crawling up and down his spine but he quickly swung around and pushed the person against the wall.

"Get away from me!" He growled fiercely at her. Cree let out a laugh as Pete grasped tighter on her wrists.

"My my, someone's a little jumpy!" She giggled. Pete let go of her and let her drop to the ground. Cree looked up at him with innocent puppy dog eyes. Pete raised an eyebrow at her.

"What do you want?" He interrogated her. A small, sexy smirk crept across her face and she gently got up from the ground. She wrapped her arms around him once again, only this time pressing her body closer to his. Pete only rolled his eyes and ripped her off of him. Cree only whined a bit and then got closer to him, looking deeper into his eyes. Pete tried looking away but, they were an amazing color. Pete leaned in and gently planted a kiss on her lips. Cree smiled and welcomed his lips. Pete started kissing gently on her jaw line and then down to her neck. Cree moaned with pleasure as he sucked on her neck and Pete knew he had found her weak spot. He smiled into her neck and then started a trail of kisses down to her collarbone, making Cree grab his hoodie in her hands and twisting it. Cree then held Pete's face up with her hands and feircly dove into a senual french kiss. She parted his lips with her tongue and started battling passionately with his. Pete moaned and slid his hands down to her waist, caressing them and holding them. Massive amounts of adrenaline & heat surged throughout his veins, making him want more of her skin to kiss. Pete pushed Cree up against the wall and started probing her mouth with his tongue, hands sliding up her shirt and across her smooth flat stomach. Cree tilted her head back a bit and closed her eyes, wanting to feel nothing but his warms hands on her. Then suddenly the door flew open and light quickly shot off the walls and illuminated the room.

"Well, speak of the devil" A voice spoke. Cree looked into the light and the figure that was bathed in it.

"I love that guy" She hissed with a small smile creeping across her lips.Pete looked closer into the light and at the figure standing in it.

"Who are you?" He asked while squinting. The figure stepped into the room and flashed a smile. He was quite tall, and a bit lanky, but that didn't stop him from pulling of his tamed yet wild looking fro. Pete's eyes grew wide with excitement and a big grin was plastered across his face.

"Travie McCoy," He said as he held out a fist,"Where have you been all my life?"

Travie then let out a laugh and gently pounded Pete's fist. He then put Pete in a big embrace.

"I've been around town" He replied to him. Travie looked back over at Cree, who was looking agitated and annoyed with the fact that he was there. Travie put on a baby face and then said in a "aww i'm sorry tone"

"I'm sorry Cree, did I ruin your Whorefest with my best friend?"

"Fuck you" She replied coldly.

"No thanks" Travie smiled. She hissed at him and then turned to leave. Just then Pete grabbed her arm and pulled her back to whisper in her ear.

"I loved you" He whispered coldy, sending shivers up her spine. Cree clenched her fists and ripped her arm away from him. She started walking over to the next room and headed for the exit, that was until Patrick came in with a cup of blood and spilled it on her.

"Oh shit! I-I'm so sorry!" He apologized sheepishly. Cree glared at him with frustration and her eyes turned silver-white. Pete and Travie walked in and looked over at the two, waiting for Cree to scream and whine as usual. This time she didn't though; Her eyes looked over a Pete for a split second and then went back to Patrick's. She took in a breath and smiled.

"It's okay hun," she replied as she wiped off some blood onto her finger, "It's a nice touch to the shirt"

Cree then sensually licked off the blood on her finger and walked to the wall. She then turned and blew a kiss over to Pete.

"Let's play again sometime" She spoke in a sexy tone. She then stepped into the foundation and out into the night, bats flying high over her, and the taste of him still in her mouth.

Hey there! Sooo what's up? Well you know, stuff of course! lol, you know, My friend had to write the sexy parts for me 'cause i'm Sensually challenged! haha, i'm weird! Well you know the drill, 3 REVIEWS! ANOTHER CHAPTER!!!

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