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Proposal- A multi-author MCR story. PLEASE READ

by Reign_Madden 11 reviews

The title sums it up

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-01-06 - Updated: 2009-01-06 - 1040 words

Hello all

I've had this idea bobbing around in my head for sometime and I've decided to share it. Now this could either be super fantastic and people can get involved or it will bomb and die and I will become a social outcast on this site haha! Never mind there's always a delete button right?

The Idea

Basically as the title tells you I want to attempt/do a multi-author story, which is pretty self explanatory. There are some authors on here who are amazing writers and there are some who have great potential, we have those who can write comedy and humor that makes you LOL and then there are those who capture drama that makes you gasp and say 'OMG' out loud. I think that every story needs a bit of everything and on this site there is a bit of everything but usually individually. The way I see it is a) we all like to write or read b) everyone regardless of whether they write has ideas and c) we all like MRC so if we combine what we have we could have a seriously entertaining story. Not only that but people tend to stick with the authors they know and are used to, this could open us up as readers to take a look at other authors and other forms of writing that we might not have looked twice at before.

The plan

Now I'm well open for suggestions but what I think we should do (if anyone’s up for it lol) is I will make a new user name and password. I will then ask anyone who wishes to get involved to send me a simple message saying I'M IN and I will add their name to the list of authors. Now there are two ways to do the next bit

Option 1- I will write the first chapter. When it's complete I will post it and send an email to the next person on the list with the password so they can access the account. That person will then change the password but inform me* of it, they'll write their chapter and pass the password to the next person on the list, that person will change the password and let me know what it is etc etc

Option 2 – I will write the first chapter and inform the next person on the list that it is their turn, they will write their chapter, email it to me (I won’t change a thing and I won’t comment) and I will post it as the next chapter.

I don’t mind which option we use. We’ll have to decide as a group how best to proceed but if anyone has a different idea then don’t be afraid to speak up.

I ask to be informed of the password for safety, I doubt anyone’s going to sabotage our little activity but there are some nasty people on here who like to f** things up so like I said it's for back-up if anything goes wrong then I've got the power to stop it and change it.

The rules (if anyone joins)

1. The chapter has to be between 500- 1.500 words, we don't want chapters that go on forever but we don't want a two sentence chapter either.

2. You have four days to complete and post your chapter

3. If you find you can't post or you have writers block then put up a message (within the four days) informing us and pass the password on to the next person, I will then add your name back to the list for a chance to write again later.

4. The story cannot be ended until the last person on the list has written. Everyone must get a go as it's only fair. If there are 25 people then there are 25 chapters. If we get to the last person and other people wish to continue then we will write a new list and the story will live on.

5. You must continue the story line, for example if Gerard get's stranded on a desert Island then he's stranded until he's rescued, you can't start your chapter by saying he's at home in new jersey because he's not. If Mikey dies then he's dead unless he comes back as a zombie or whatever.

6. The story can have any fantasy element you as the author wants, spaceships, vampires, pirates its all good as long as it doesn't get too silly coz that'll ruin it for everyone, let's all be mature about what we write.

7. If this works there could be a vast range of ages so please make sure you put the correct warning on your chapters and if there is to be any reference to sex, violence or anything that can be deemed seriously unsettling then please write a warning at the top of your chapter e.g. This chapter has been written with sexual acts of violence, racism etc that some readers could find offensive or unsettling.

8. There is to be no abusive reviews left by fellow writers (I have no control what people who are reading wish to write),if you don't like what's been written by someone then don't review only constructive criticism is welcome.

9. Please try not to add too many characters to the story as it will be hard for the people writing after you.

10. There is no set genre each person has the opportunity to make the story whatever they want it to be as long as the story flows.

11. You must always write you name at the end of a chapter so we know who wrote it, I know we have a list but you should be proud to “sign” your work

12. You must always change the account password and inform me of it (as I explained earlier) this applies only if option one is chosen

So there you have it, my proposal, like I said earlier I’m willing to hear any suggestions or ideas that other people have. I honestly think this will be a lot of fun if it takes off and people follow the rules.

Let me know what you all think

Peace out my lovlies
Reign_Madden xxx
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