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Let's get the ball rolling

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Hey everyone,

So I've given people a few days to mull this over and the responses have been good. So far there’s eight of us who want to take part but once we start who knows how many will join in.

I think we’re all in agreement that option 2- emailing me will be the easiest I have no problem with that and when I make the new account I’ll make sure that my email address is in the profile.

HellonHigh9 was right, we do need heaps more people but lets say for instance we start this next week Monday 12th and there is still only eight of us then we’ll all get a chapter each and when it gets back to me we’ll go round again so we all write two chapters instead of one. And hopefully as they story continues more people will join and I’ll add them to the list, which I’ve decided will be written in the account profile for all to see.

To –GuessWho- never mind if you can’t get involved you can join in anytime and I’m sure that this won’t be the last of these, I’m sure others will start doing something similar.

Canustakemyheart I agree with IeroMyHero. I think we should just let everyone’s creativity and imagination run wild, let the writer decide where to take the story, if we tell people what the story is about then their imagination will have to be limited to fit the theme, I think it should be a mass free-for-all. But I’m willing to go with what the majority decides. As for letting you know when it’s your turn, as well as having a list up if everyone sends me their email address I will email them when it is their turn to carry the story on.

Is everyone cool with what’s been decided so far?

I would like to also know if people think we should collectively discuss what the story is about or let people decided as they go along individually. I would like your feed back please

Bye for now

Reign xxx

PS. and suggestions for a group account name would be great
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