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Few more decisions and we're off

by Reign_Madden 6 reviews

Couple more things to iron out and we can get started. The sooner the better I think.

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Hello Darlings

So it looks like our name is FamousLastWords suggested by HellonHigh9. Thank you for the other suggestions. I’ll make the account soon.

Ok it appears to me that a summary for a basic beginning is necessary and the rest is open-ended. I would now like suggestions on a basic plot line for the beginning, nothing too complicated, that can be easily added too/adjusted

My suggestion thinks ......Oooh! How about if the band have just finished making the black parade they’ve done their touring etc etc and are on hiatus for two yrs (which is real) that leaves the story open for all sorts of things to happen, solo careers, babies, alien abduction, line-dancing lessons, Underground takeovers or Mafia type killings and it doesn’t detract from the fact they are a band because anyone of us writers can end the bands hiatus if they so please.

I WANT SUGGESTIONS!!! Breathes Heavily Don’t make me get crazy on y’all.

Like I said I will write the list of people and what chapter they are doing in the account profile and I will email who’s up next in advance so don’t worry.

I think the person who comes up with a suitable beginning for the story will be the first person to write, everyone else will follow on in which ever order I decide, so basically it’ll be random lol.

Oh and why I'm thinking of it possibly a title for the story. I know this will be a bit difficult since we don't actually know what the story is about but is has to be a name that is open to anything eg. MCR: A True Hollywood Story or The Untold story of My Chemical Romance. Something like that.

Thank you for all your email addresses and as soon as we get a plot we can start claps excitedly

Ciao xxxx
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