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Love You Always

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Liz gives Mikey an answer

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Liz stared at Mikey, in complete shock. He was proposing? She’d imagined this moment so many times, but still, she wasn’t expecting it. There was only one thing to say.
She looked at Mikey, who had a worried look on his face. “What?”
He just looked at her. “Um, aren’t you going to say something? Uh, maybe give me an answer?”
She burrowed her eyebrows, confused. “Didn’t I just give you an answer?”
He shook his head. “No, you’ve just been standing there.”
Had she answered him in her head? She must have. She knelt down so she was face to face with Mikey. “There is only one way I can answer that question.” She looked him straight in the eyes. “Yes.”
Mikey broke into a huge smile and slipped the ring on her finger, then pulled her into a hug. He released her and pulled her into a kiss. She responded eagerly, loving how his lips felt on hers. They fell back on the blanket, Mikey on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He broke away from her mouth and started trailing kisses down her chin and to her neck. She moaned as his mouth worked at her neck. She tangled one hand in his hair and placed the other one on his back. She started to inch Mikey’s shirt up with her fingers until she could feel skin.
“Mmm baby,” Mikey mumbled into her neck. He sat up and yanked his shirt off and threw it to the side. He then reached down to the hem of Liz’s shirt, and she moved so that he could pull it off. He leaned down and kissed her stomach, making his way up to her covered breasts. When he’d almost reached them, he looked up and pushed Liz’s bra to uncover her breasts. He looked at them before moving up to take one of them in his mouth.
“Mikey….oh yes,” Liz moaned as Mikey worked his tongue around her nipple. He always knew just what to do to please her. He switched to her other breast and she gripped the blanket. Under normal circumstances she loved making love to Mikey slowly, but tonight, she didn’t want it slow.
“Baby, I need you. Now.”
He looked into her eyes and leaned down to kiss her. She moved her hands to his pants and unbuttoned them, trying to push them down his legs. Mikey sat up and reached into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet, and extracting a condom. He then pushed his pants down, his member hard and ready. He rolled the condom on, and then leaned over her. He pushed Liz’s skirt up and pulled her panties to one side. He kissed her hard on the lips, and then entered her in one swift movement.
They moaned at the same time, Liz’s breathing getting quicker. She started to move her hips with Mikey’s, getting a great rhythm going. She slipped her tongue into Mikey’s mouth, moving it around his. She then felt him slip his hand between them and felt his finger on her nub. She cried out in pleasure and bucked her hips.
“Mikey…oo baby, I’m almost there.”
“Me too baby. Just let go. Be with me.”
Mikey thrust into her one more time, hard, and that was all she needed. Her body clenched and then released and she cried out his name. He followed suit right after her, moaning her name. He then collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing heavily.
Mikey rolled over and pulled her with him. “MMM, I love you so much.”
“I love you to baby. Forever.”

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