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You say its wrong all you want.

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Pete finds Patrick. He isn't sure if he can save him. A bit of Pete's POV.

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Pete's Pov

I jump into my car/ship and chase after the Zorgonian ship. I would shoot a missle, but I can't hurt Patrick. BUt if not, I'll chase until I run out of fuel. I decide the best solution is to shoot, and try to get him.
"This is sweet!", I hear Joe's voice.
I jump, "What the fuck are you doing here?"
ANdy pops up, "He's our friend too. And you are too. Friends help."
"Remind me next time so I wont make any.", I grumble.
"I'm good at driving and space video games, so your board the ship, get Pat, and I'll drive, wating to pick you up.", Andy suggests.
I groan, "Fine..."

Pat's pov

The Zorgonian's stomach growls.
I bite my lip.
Please don't eat me.
He sighs, "Alright, are you willing to sacrafise yourself?"
I nod, scared shittless.
"Ok. Here's what ya gotta do. I've always wanted to see a human die, but I want to watch it slowly, ya know?"
I shake, "Y-y-yeah."
"So, If I remove the air bubble, you'll die slowly gasping for air, right?"
I nod.
" that what you want?"
Not particularly
I nod.
He pops the air bubble.
I can't breathe.
I hold my breath until my lungs nad diaphram give out, causeing me to gasp for air.
I begin to cough, and my face turns purple.

Pete's POv
I crawl through the emergrncy exit in the back of the ship.
I hear Patrick coughing.
My heartrate speeds up.
I run and see him lying limply on the floor of the ship.
i glare at the Zorgon.
I lazer him in the heart.
I grab Patrick and rush off to the ship.
Andy perfectly drives the ship to us.
"BLow the ship up Andy.", I instruct him.
I get an air bubble Press my lips against Patrick's.
I try mouth to mouth.
He gasps and I give him an air bubble quickly.
I wipe my eyes, "Don't scare me like that again..."
He smiles weakly.
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