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The truth never sets you free.

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Andy and Joe discover Pete's secret.

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After the film is finished, we go upstairs for videogames. Andy just got Guitar Hero 2. I kick ass on this game. We begin playing, and JOe calls winner. Andy and I play "Shout at the Devil" and he gets stomped. I play against Joe and he almost beats me, but I pull through in the end.
So now, it's Pete's turn.
Alien Pete whose never played is up against me.
I decide to go easy on him.
At first, I let him get ahead, but then he gets the hang of it and I can't catch up.
I growl under my breath.
I refuse to be defeated at the game I am the bomb at.
I tune everything and get into my Guitar Hero mojo.
In the end, we tie.
FOr the first time every, We tied on Guitar Hero.
"Daaaaaaaamn!", Andy and Joe chorus.

Pete and I share the downstaris pull-out bed.
I look into his beautiful eyes and smile.
He smiles back, his perfect white teeth gleaming.
I move closer to him.
He wraps his arms around me.
I press my lips against his.
I taste his wonderful lips.
"Woah...", I jump, hearing two voices.
I blush.
Even Pete actually Blushes.
Andy and Joe are standing in the livingroom doorway, jaws dropped.
"I-I...", I stamer.
"He kisses Boys and He likes it!", Joe poorly sings.
I throw a pillow at him.
I pull the covers up to my eyes.
I feel stupid. embarrassed. Humiliated.
Andy sits beside me, "'s cool. We knew.
"Knew what?"
"That you two had a thing for each doesn't matter."
I smile weakly, "Oh..ok."
After a while, and Joe telling us to "Have fun.", we all get to bed.

A loud noise wakes me up.
Pete jerks awake too.
Andy and Joe run downstairs.
"What the fuck!"
Pete gasps, "Ok. Listen, alright? I don't want you exposed, but...I can't be here. If they ask, I left and went back to Shafork, ok?"
I nod, being the only one understanding him.
He frowns, and steps closer to me, "Don't be rude to them...they wont think twice about snapping you in half..."
"I've got it, alright?"
He bites his lip and looks into my eyes, "I-I...I love you...", he presses his lips against mine.
My body goes numb.
He hugs me and runs out the back door.
The door breaks open.
An odd looking man (alien) walks i with a piercing gaze.
He aims his permanent glare towards me.
I swallow hard, "H-he went back to Shafork, sir."
"Don't even try."
I bite my lip.
"He'll come for you wont he?", he grins.
"I-I son't know sir..."
"YOu can't-"
I cut Joe off with a look.
"Get some things, and I'll take you."
"T-take me where?"
OH shit.
Andy and Joe come upstairs with me.
"Pete's an alien, that guy's a Zorgon, his planet's enemy, and now I'm a hostage."
"Oh...well thanks for the update...what if you wont be ok?"
"I-I will...Pete will... I....I don't know..."
They hug me quickly.

The zorgon puts a buble over my head, "This is so you will live. Unless he messes up."
"P-please don't hurt him."
"I need him."
"Need? You just need him to make it on time."
"NO! Kill me! Disect my body! Burn me alive! Just...not him....don't hurt him...", tears slide down my face.
"Why do you care? He's just a Shaforkien."
"No. He's my best friend. Maybe my boyfriend."
"Be silent and I'll think of sparing his life."
I sigh.
This is gona be a long day.
Where are you Pete?

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