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Something unexpected happens.

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I open my eyes and look up at Pete. My head is in his lap, and he's smiling down at me. His fingers are raking through my hair. I could have sworn I fell asleep with my hat on. He kisses my forhead. I blush.
He raises an eyebrow, "Why did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Turn your face"
"Oh....Th-that's blushing."
"It happens when you get embarassed..."
"I embarassed you?"
"Um...sort of... when you kissed my forhead..."
"Oh? Sorry..."
"It's ok...I really don't mind...", I blush again.
"You're doing it again.", he grins.
"You make me blush alot...", I admit.
He grins, "Do I?"
I nod.
"I'm sure this will make you blush even more..."
He leans closer to me.
I can feel his breath on my face.
His lips press againse mine.
I freeze for a moment, then put equal pressure onto his lips.
He was right, I am blushing more.
Our lips move togather and he rubs his tounge on my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I open my lips, just enough for his tounge to pass through.
I hear the door squeak and we move away from each other.
Mom raises an eyebrow, "Why are you two so jumpy?"
"You scared us.", Pete says.
She nods, "Ok?", she laughs, "You two act like you were kissing or something."
"HOw'd you know?", Pete blurts out.
My eyes widen.
"Joking!", he grins nervously.
She smiles, "Ok, well I just came up here to say Andy called. His parents are leaving for the weekend and He wants you two to come over."
I nod, "So, can we?"
"Yes but no drugs, girls, alcohol, sacrifises-"
"Mom, chillax. I'm a good kid. Pete's a good kid, and have you met me? Girls wont be a problem, they aren't interested..."
She rolls her eyes.
Pete and I gather our things for Andy's.

Andy smiles and lets us in.
Joe waves from the couch.
Andy's parents go away alot. Every time Andy, Joe and I come to Andy's and watch movies, and alot of other random stuff. We've kind of started a band aswell. IT's still unnamed though.
And we suck.
But it's fun.
I can play the drums really well, but so can Andy, so I got put to singing.
I do impressions alot, and I was impersonation some famous singer and now I'm vocalist.
We still need a bassist.
Pete sees out instruments and gasps, "What are those?"
I chukle and explain.
Andy has a bass, because he was going to be bassist.
Pete pickas it up and smiles, "I want one of these."
"That's a bass...", Joe informs him.
He nods, "It's looks so awesome..."
Andy smiles, "Learn to play, and its yours."
Pete grins, "REALLY???"
We nod.

Since this is teh first night at Andy's, we make our odd food combonattion.
Tonight it's Hershey's syrup, popcorn, peanut butter, on a cheese pizza.
Its our odd tradition, the first night we have to eat weird food.
So, since Pete's the new guy, he's first.
He takes a bite out of the pizza.
HIs eyes widen.
"Is is horrible?", Joe asks.
"No..its amazing!"
"Ew...", we say.
"It might be, except for the chocolate....", Joe frowns.
"I still don't get how you hate the best thing in the world JOey...", I tell him.
"It's disgusting."
Andy rolls his eyes.
"Ok, NOw Patty's the youngest so-"
I punch JOe's arm, "Don't caaaall me that!"
"Patty! Patty! Patty! Patty! Pat-"
I push him off the stool on whch he was sitting.
He flips me off.
I stick my tounge out at him.
"Ok, Its your time PatRICK.", Joe says.
I sigh and grab a piece of pizza.
It just looks wrong with globs of peanut butter, swirls of hershey's syrup, and popcorn lined-out on my initials. Poor pizza.
I close my eyes and take a bite of it.
It actually tastes....good. I take another bite.
"So, we actually made a good combo?"
Pete and I nod.
Andy and Joe try it.
Even Mr. Racist against chocolate likes it.

We pop in the Nightmare before Christmas.
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