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Ch. 2 Of all the married people I know, none of them are addicted to any drug

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"G' morn-- Oh, shit! It's you," Mikey panted looking at Frank. He didn't recognize him at first. That is absolutely sad seeing as how they have been friends since Frank was sixteen. What was that thirteen, fourteen years ago? You'd think Mikey would have recognized him even if he was minus something he'd had going for the past two years. "You shaved," Mikey noted.

"Yea, I was never really big on the whole facial hair thing. I just thought it made me look older, but now that I am old I wanna look fourteen again. How's it workin'?" Frank asked smiling.

He really could pass for fourteen even, minus the tattoos of course. It was uncanny how something as simple as a mustache made him go from looking up to thirty-five to looking eighteen at the very most.

Frank remembered how Dawn had let the fact that she didn't like facial hair drop yesterday and he was trying everything to impress her. Even if he was married. He loved Jamia, don't misunderstand, but there was just something Dawn held for him that she couldn't. Dawn could show up in some sweats and an old, faded t-shirt and Frank still would have thought she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. While if Jamia showed up wearing that, his immediate reaction would be he was getting punished or something. See? It made no sense how he could love both of them but only less than perfect was acceptable for Dawn. She was perfect to him... perfectly flawed, just how he loves her. He finally settled on the fact that it was a different kind of love that he had for the two women.

After telling Dawn that he loved her, or that he thought he loved her rather, things went as expected... sort of. Dawn continuously reminded him that he was happily married and had a wonderful life and to stop looking for ways to fuck all of that up.
" 'S not stupid cuz I think.... I love you," Frank had said.

"No. No. No. NO! You don't love me, Frank. Understand that, please. You're just confused about what I said. You're my friend and you're trying to make sure I don't get hurt, I know you are. This isn't the way to do that. That's all this is. It's just...." she'd trailed off not knowing what else to add.

"No, you couldn't be further from the truth. I do love you, Dawn, and I think I always have even when we met when you were fifteen. I'm not confused... well, I am, but not about that. I love you and I am very sure of it. I'm not trying to protect you or anything. I still don't see how you could even think that! And I know what all kinds of problems this may cause, but I can't help it. I could try some more, but it's like.... a drug. I can't stop," Frank'd tried to explain. It wasn't working obviously because all the while Frank spoke Dawn was shaking her head in either shock or disbelief. Possibly a combination of both, but that was not the matter at hand.

"Drug?" Dawn had almost snorted. "Of all the married people I know, none of them are addicted to any drug." She put great emphasis on the word 'married'. It caused her more pain than she would ever let on. You might even go as far as to say that she had waited all of her almost eighteen years to be with some one who would never be able to be with her. A hopeless cause almost.
"I'm telling you, Frank, you do not love me. But even if you did-- you do not-- it would be a strictly friendship kind of love."

Frank squinted his eyes trying to look more closely, if that was possible, at her. How could she be so persistent about something she couldn't even determine whether she was right or not?
"Why are you so insistent on telling me I don't love you?!" He shouted. "Is that your way of letting me down nicely? By calling me a liar? Like you would even know! Believe it or not you don't know everything and I DO LOVE YOU!" He was furious that she was implying that he didn't know how he felt, or worse, calling him a liar because she obviously couldn't accept that.

"No! Of course I'm not!" Dawn was taken aback by this. How could he accuse her of lying right to his face? Did he know not that she would do anything for him, and never lie intentionally to hurt him? Was he dense or something?! "I'm not calling you a liar at all nor am I lying to you. Ok, for the sake of arguing let's just run with this whole 'you love me' thing." He rolled his eyes at her taking this so coyly, it wasn't fair. Here he was, professing his love for his best friend, and she stood there belittling that. Something wasn't painted correctly in this picture. Of course it wasn't going to go smooth, nothing ever did. Why expect anything else?

Dawn continued, "You are aware you are married, right? And I thought you would have at the very least considered this when you got engaged, but marriage bonds two people together willingly for life. You knew that, right? See, you chose her over everyone else, Frank. She--"

"That's not fucking fair!" he cut her off, "I didn't know you existed! You can't use that as a guilt trip, Dawn. It's not right!" Frank yelled.

"What?! You think I'm guilt tripping you?" she scoffed. "Into what exactly? I most certainly am not using that as a guilt trip. If you would listen and not just jump to conclusions... I was trying to say that marriage isn't a puppy, Frank. You can't just take it back when you feel like it or when you find one you want more. It doesn't work like that."

"Who said? Who the hell said that? Marriages fail all the time, Dawn. And I'm aware marriage isn't an animal, thank you," he smirked. Classic Frank Iero to turn an analogy into something literal and use it as a comeback, which wouldn't work. Duh.

"Dammit! You aren't listening. Your. Marriage. Is. Not. Failing!" she shrieked at him.

"The husband is!" he yelled back. "And if you ask me, the husband is a pretty important part of the marriage itself, don't you think?" he asked smugly.

"Oh shut up, Frank!" she command exasperatingly. "You are not failing your wife! You just don't wanna give up a fight of any kind."

"You--!" he gasped mid sentence. "That's what you think this is about!? Losing a fucking argument?! Are you serious at all?" he shouted actually hurt by that assumption.

"No, but I know you, Frank, you are the most stubborn person I've ever met! So, yeah, I wouldn't put it past you."

That did it. Frank never ever wanted to harm another person so much in his life. But the thing was, he didn't want to hurt Dawn. Hell no! He could never, in a million years, no matter what she said ever want to hurt her. He definitely felt like inflicting some pain though. Perhaps a random stranger... he thought for a minute and then realized how incredibly bad that would be. Honestly, he could have killed any human on the planet in that moment. Except for Dawn Sanders. Never her. Suddenly, the lyrics from "Astro Zombies" by the Misfits ran through his mind: '..Exterminate the whole human race. In your face!'
What an odd sensation, but Frank was able to compose himself, enough to speak anyways.

"You're right, you do know me. Better than anyone, which makes it even more confusing to me why you won't believe me!" He started out talking in a normal voice, but that escalated to a full-out scream.

"Why?" It was more of a pleading whisper than a sarcastic remark. "Why?" There it was again.

"Why what?" Frank almost snapped.

"You say you love me. Why?" Dawn asked with a deep breath.

"Why do I say it? Because it's true," Frank said but Dawn shook her head. "Oh." He understood. Then, he felt like a complete idiot, moron, motherfucker, ass wipe, stupid son of a bitch, and anything else he could put himself down with. He knew Dawn was insecure about things like this and he ignored that. Why didn't he realize that when she was denying his feelings? What the fuck is wrong with him?! "Why do I love you." Frank said, not asked.

He walked closer to her and cupped her chin in his hand. She pulled away, but he steadied her a few inches from him by holding her shoulders. "Look at me." She looked up, but briefly and most certainly not willingly.

"I love you because, in a nutshell, you are my reason for everything." That was cheesy and he knew it. He felt the need to elaborate, a lot. "Your smile makes my day. Because your voice is music to my ears. Because when you ask me what's wrong and I say nothing you always tell me to tell the truth. Because you are the funniest person I've ever met and can always make me laugh with you; never at you." He smiled. "Because when I'm upset you can always calm me down. Because you're a vegetarian. Because your favorite color is black." He was speaking faster and faster. "Because you hate Elvis Presley, just like me. Because you can't skateboard to save your life so I'm able to hold you when you try. Because you like extra butter on your popcorn. Because you'd rather talk to me on the phone when I'm feeling stressed even though you have exams the next day. Because your eyes change colors at random depending on your mood. Because you like Taylor Swift. Because you made me the Godfather of your hamster. Because we adopted that monkey from that one store where you adopt stuffed animals together. Because you're honest. Because your hair always makes me want to sit there and just smell it; and I have. Because you live off of chapstick. Because you write the best songs I've ever heard. Because you put up with me even if we are just friends. Because you are the only person I know who has never worn the skeleton jammies for any length of time. Need I go on...?" he asked breathlessly.

"Those aren't reasons. Those are just random things about me," she whispered.

"I knew you'd catch on. I love you because you are you and that's it. You are perfectly flawed," Frank insisted.

"I can't do this, Frank. I-- I-- I'm sorry, but know that I love you back. More, probably, and I know you already knew, but it's true. I am in love with you." Dawn ran away so fast that Frank didn't have time to chase her before she was clearly out of site and untraceable. Not that he would have chased her other wise.

He couldn't move. He couldn't think. He wasn't even sure if he was breathing anymore. And he couldn't care less; she said she loved him.


"Where's Dawn? I'm fucking starving," Bob said annoyed.

Ray shot him a 'what the fuck' glance. Dawn and food weren't usually associated in the same sentence.

"Oh you little perv," Bob said throwing a shoe at Ray. "I meant we're going out to eat. Fucking moron..." he muttered.

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot. Is Gee up yet?" Mikey asked.

Frank looked confused. "Umm... whatthefuck?" he asked in an accidental high pitched, run-your-words-together voice. "We're going out to eat? Where?"

"Ahhs Ahew ehgeharian ace," Gerard yawned walking in the room. Well, that answers Mikey's question.

"What?!" Frank asked laughing hysterically. Gerard was an absolute moron, and yet, the smartest person you'll ever meet. It was too funny.

"This new vegetarian place," he corrected. "Since you and Dawn don't eat meat."

Frank gasped. He totally fucking missed the part when someone said 'Dawn' and 'with' and 'us'. What was he gonna wear? How did his hair look? Well, he knew the answer to that one: like shit. What if he had B.O.? How awkward was this going to be? Would she even show? Would they talk about what happened? Oh God, oh God, oh God.... the thoughts just flew threw Frank's (barely there) mind within two seconds.

"Frank! Are you okay? Having a heart attack.... ink poisoning.... Gerard giving you a boner again?" Bob asked with forged concern. That last one snapped Frank out of whatever trance he was in.

"One fucking time... I was drunk!!" Frank mumbled walking to the bathroom.

"So I was right?" Bob called. You could hear the grin in his voice. Frank stuck his hand out the door and gave Bob the finger and mumbled more words you wouldn't usually hear outside of a truck stop. Unless you were in New Jersey of course, but they weren't.

After about forty-five minutes on his hair, make-up (mainly eyeliner), and clothes, Frank came to a conclusion as he walked out of the bathroom; he looked like shit, always. But at least he tried to make an effort, plus he'd shaved his beard that originally took him two months to grow... lousy hormones.

"Bout time, Missy!" Mikey shouted. "We are just going out to get food. Nourishment. Energy, essentially. No big deal, princess. You don't have to try to look all hot and shit."

"Aww!" Frank squealed. "You don't think I have to try? I'm naturally sexy as fuck?" he said narcissistically. He was trying to channel his inner Gerard, actually. This whole self-absorbed thing never really fit Frank. That was Gee's bit.

"Shut the hell up, and let's go," Mikey said opening the exit door, "everyone's waiting."

"At the restaurant?!" Frank asked frantically. How long had he been primping anyway?

"In the car, you idiot. You aren't Gerard, ya know. You don't take two hours to get ready, but very close." He wasn't exaggerating either. Gerard really did take every bit of two hours to 'prepare himself for the world'. It was ridiculous.

Hola! This chapter isn't necessarily a filler because it has the fight from yesterday, but not a lot going on present-tense this chapter. Review, people!
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