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Ch. 3 I kinda feel like steak

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"Well, doesn't somebody look sexy?" Gerard said and whistled playfully when he saw Dawn.

She was dressed simply enough. In skinny jeans so dark they were almost black, navy blue, scribbled on Converse, and a Cobra Starship t-shirt, no one would dare say that she was dressing to impress, but Gerard just had to do something.

"Beautiful actually," Frank corrected barely above a whisper, but loud enough for everyone to hear. He was fine with that because truthfully he was ready to get it out in the open. But of course he never would! Dawn most certainly didn't want that, and he wasn't about to upset her especially on purpose. It wasn't in him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Dawn said coolly attempting to play off any sign of blushing. Even if she did blush, everyone would think it was Gerard's cat call anyway, so she should be safe this time. Ugh, this time.

"I kinda feel like steak," Ray tried to whisper, but all of the other heard him.

"Oh my God! Me too," Gerard almost shouted.

"Fuck, now I want one," Bob cursed.

"Shit! I think I saw this steak and sushi bar like half a mile back..." Mikey's voice trailed off and everyone knew what he meant. 'Let me eat my fucking sushi!'

"Eww," Dawn crinkled her nose. After these years of being a vegetarian and morally apposed to eating meat, even the mere mention of it made her queasy.

Frank was horror-stricken. "S-so are you guys gonna g-go and leave me and," gulp, "Dawn here?" Frank asked warily.

"What's wrong with you, man? You've been acting like a scared little girl since we left," Gerard said. Oh fuck, if Gerard noticed everyone on the planet must have noticed because, again, he isn't observant.

He was right and Frank needed to prove he was fine. "Shut the fuck up, happy pants!" Frank retorted. "I'm not a girl... not that you will be getting in my pants any time soon to verify that." This caused Mikey and Ray to laugh. And of course Bob just had to be different so he made a disgusted face and a retching noise.

"We'll see you guys later or something. Ya know, unless you wanna come eat steak with us..." Bob said snickering.

"Um, I'll pass, thank you," Dawn said disgustedly. Frank agreed.

There was a bit of an awkward silence.

"Did you set this up?" Dawn murmured when they were seated after the guys left.

"No," Frank answered, discouraged further by her question. It kind of hurt and he wasn't sure why.

"Hello," a waitress appeared in uniform, but delicate features that said she shouldn’t have been here, that she should have been a super model somewhere. "I'm Alikka and I'll be your server. Are you all ready to order?" she asked winking at Frank. You can tell it pained her to say 'you all' rather than 'y'all', they were far to south for this shit.

Dawn took notice to this and flinched at the obviousness of this chick's likeness toward Frank. It was odd, very odd. Not like Jamia, that was his wife and Dawn had mentally given Jamia permission to do that stuff, even though she hated the woman. This was a random person hitting on her Frank, err.... her best friend, Frank.

"Um, I'll have the mushroom ravioli," Dawn said.

"I'll have the same," Frank decided handing both menus to the waitress.

"And to drink?" Alikka asked no longer smiling.

"Tequila..." Frank mumbled causing Dawn to laugh.

"Two Dr. Peppers," she giggled out.

"Ok, then. I must say you two are just the cutest couple!" Alikka exclaimed. Ah, the test to see if they were actually together. How lame!

"Oh, uh, we're--" Frank started but Dawn cut him off.

"Thank you."

Alikka was shocked a bit. "Y-you're welcome. I'll... just be right out with your food." With that she left.

Frank raised his eyebrows in astonishment. "Uh. Dawn, we aren't together...?" Frank kind of meant it as a question.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Stop reminding me..." she mumbled. "I just didn't like her hitting on you like that. It was disgusting," she said louder, in a more normal tone.

"Oh." Frank said. "Well...."

Dawn breathed a laugh. She couldn't stifle it if she wanted to. He was too cute not to laugh at every now and again.

"Well what?" she asked.

"Well, would you.... like to be together? Be.... my girlfriend?" Frank stuttered out.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me..." Dawn mumbled. "Frank, stop doing this to me."

Frank's eyes widened in shock. "Doing what?"

"That! Leading me on like that. You know how I feel, and I don't think it's funny to do that," Dawn said fiercely.

"And you know how I feel, Dawn. I love you. I'm not 'leading you on'." He had to quote her. Saying it was painful enough without having to come up with the words on his own. When Dawn didn't reply he just kept talking.

"Be my girlfriend, then, please?" he almost begged.

"Frank." She said it finally. "Married." She picked up his ring finger and dropped it back on the table to make a point.

"Dawn." He mocked. "In love." He lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips softly, but with enough force to ensure he got his kiss before she could pull away.

"That's illegal," she reminded him with a smile. She liked the kiss. Hell, she'd lived her whole life for that kiss. It was amazing, but not real of course.

"On which account?" he grinned.

"There's a few. One is grounds for a divorce and it's called infidelity, but we'll go with cheating." No emotion. "Another is called statutory rape, although it was just a kiss; still illegal." She laughed. "And the last one I can think of is called sexual harassment. I told you to stop, but you just wouldn't listen..."

A smile broke his face and he giggled. "While that's all true-- painfully true, actually-- the last one is off. You wanted to kiss me almost as much as I wanted to kiss you."

Her smile faded. "True. God, I hate being the rational one!"

Frank was frantic. "What? What's wrong?"

"This! Everything, Frank. You are married for the gazillionth time. We-- I-- cannot do this."

"Sorry to interrupt," Alikka said, "Here are your plates, and your drinks. Hope the pair of you enjoy your meal."

"Thank you," both Frank and Dawn said at the same time. Alikka left and the conversation continued.

Frank rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Can I talk with you about something?" He sounded suddenly stressed.

"Sure. What the hell?" she responded.

"No, no this is serious," he insisted.

Dawn sighed. "Well, I don't know that because you won't spit it out." Large bite of ravioli.

"I wanted to talk to you about me leaving for some personal reasons. I would be leaving tonight, so I would miss all of our time together and I would miss quite a few of the up coming shows. Or, I could leave after we get off tour completely. Which do you prefer?" he asked leaving out any helpful details. He forked a mushroom and popped it in his mouth.

"What are you talking about? Personal reasons...?" Dawn asked not-so-shockingly confused.

"Well, Dawn, I've been thinking about this for sometime now and I need your decision on this. But first, quick question, if I weren't married would you accept my offer to be my girlfriend?" Frank asked nonchalantly.

"Hypothetically, yes, I would if you weren't married. But you are, in reality," Dawn answered truthfully. No, truthfully, she was considering being his side project. She was willing to swallow her pride in order to have him part of the time.

"You swear? If I were not married you would be my girlfriend if I asked?" Frank asked hopefully.

"Of course."

"Ok now about me leaving... I'm going to need to go home to New Jersey. And here's where the problem is, I am a very impatient person when it comes to this situation, so I'd like to leave tonight. But if I left everyone would wonder why, and I don't want to tell them, especially the tabloids...." Frank said, admittedly attempting to word the summary of what he'd been thinking about for past month or so to where it didn't make him sound crazy.

"Why are you leaving? What's the connection with that 'hypothetical' question?" She gasped. "Oh my God!"

"What? What's wrong?! Are you okay?" Frank asked urgently.

"Fuck, no I'm not okay!" Dawn snapped. "You're," she whispered, "You’re going to get rid of her aren't you? Kill her??"

"No! NO! Absolutely not! I would never dream of such a thing, Dawn. How could you think that?" Frank asked, shell-shocked. "Don't answer that last one, I don't wanna know. It's nothing like that. Trust me."

Relief and embarrassment flooded over Dawn's face. "Sorry. Thank God! Then what is it?"

"I want to go up to New Jersey to talk to Jamia..." he said with another bite of ravioli, "... about a divorce. I'm getting a divorce, Dawn."

Dawn dropped her fork on her plate with an unsettling clanky noise. "No," she whispered.

"What?" Frank asked in surprise.

"No. I said no. Enn-Oh. No. Not yes, no," she said.

"I know what you said and I know what 'no' means. Why did you say no?" Frank asked.

"I'm not going to be the cause of this. Just because you found out that I-- love you," she struggled with the word in his presence, "doesn't make it OK for you to go get a divorce. I won't be the reason." She was scared.

"Did you hear what you just said?" Frank asked. "'Just because you found out that I love you' " he quoted, "Dawn, I said I had been think about this for a while. Not just after I learned that you returned my feelings. I've always loved you, but honestly, I just figured out you love me back. I have been contemplating splitting with her for some time. Whether you agreed to be with me afterward or not. It's just that now that I think I have a shot with you, someone soo far out of my league, I wanted to ensure that was there. It's all the more reason for me to decide. Not you, nothing's your fault, nor will it ever be," he explained.

"Wait. Wait to go. You said you wanted to keep it a secret, and this is the only way," Dawn finally said after picking at her food silently while thinking. Fidgeting always helps the brain, it's a known fact.

"I want to wait, I do really, but I want to be with you so bad that it is worth it to take it public," Frank replied.

"It doesn't matter. We can't be together publicly for a while anyway," she pointed out.

"Why? You don't want the big, bad media to rip you to shreds?" Frank asked with a laugh.

She smiled, but it faded. "Not really but that's not it. And thanks for telling the press to fuck off," she said sarcastically, "I'm not eighteen yet, Frankie."

"Oh. Yea, I'm sorry I forget that a lot." He looked slightly bummed, but then lit up again. "Since we can't go public anyway, and since we-- I'm waiting until the tour's over would you um..." He didn't finish.

"Um, I'm gonna need you to finish that question, Frank, otherwise I'm never gonna know..." she trailed off.

"Would you like to be my girlfriend starting now? I mean, I'm... getting a divorce ASAP, and we can't go public anyway... if you want to..." he looked at her, "No, never mind, I get it. That was stupid of me to ask. For--"

"I would love to be your girlfriend," said Dawn. She put her hand on his freshly-shaven cheek and kissed him lightly on the lips. He returned the kiss but with more force than she had. They worked their lips against each others' until they had to pull away for air. Right then, they realized where they were.

"Let's go, babe," Frank said standing up and holding out his hand for Dawn. She took it wordlessly and out they went.

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