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Ch. 4 Pt. 1 How big is Mikey's... you know...

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"What are you so giddy about?" Ray asked Frank who was bouncing off the walls, literally.

"Uh, the show..." Frank said trying and failing to sound convincing. "We go on in a few minutes. I'm kinda nervous."

Ray laughed at the pint-sized guitarist. "We've been doing this since 2002. You'd think the nerves would wear off after a few years." He laughed a little more. "What are you so nervous about anyway? It's nothing new."

Frank had to come up with something. It was nothing new, but still, if he intended to sound any more convincing, which wouldn't take much seeing as how unbelievable he sounded to begin with, he needed some ideas.
"We're doing that interaction thing with the audience tonight, remember? Well, anybody can play guitar in front of a thousand people. It takes more guts to actually talk to them about your work and feelings and shit," Frank said, relieved that he found some form of excuse.

"Oh, well that makes sense I guess. It's not that bad though. Besides if you don't wanna talk about something just kiss Gerard, that'll shut 'em up," Ray chuckled.

"Har har," Frank said.

"Guys, you need to be on stage, um, now," Ricochet said.

Yes, Ricochet, that's his nickname. A few years back Dawn and her best friend Adria were back stage with Jose, now Ricochet, and Adria was fascinated with having a half-Mexican child and naming him Ricochet. Normally, any Mexican would take offense but you really couldn't in this situation. Adria was half Latina, but she just seemed oblivious to that. So she nick named Jose Ricochet and that's just what everyone has called him ever since. Adria has serious problems... that's why everyone calls her Captain Oblivious now, with Dawn being Captain Obvious because it sounds cool.
You could probably blame Jimmy Sullivan better known as The Rev. from Avenged Sevenfold for those two nick names. He was drunk of course. And it was funny.

"Thanks, Ricochet," Frank said winking as he remembered the origin of Ricochet's name.


"Now you lucky, lucky motherfuckers!" Gerard yelled into the microphone after a few songs. "We're about to go into a fucking time machine and play some shit from our first record. Most of were probably not even born when it was released. This bit is called Demolition Lovers, and we're gonna say some sappy shit about the song and blah blah blah." Any normal person would say Gerard was drunk, but everyone in the arena knew differently. That's just how Gerard was, naturally, he didn't need booze anymore. And that fact alone as quite frightening.

"I wanna play this song for my wife, Lindsey, so I can score some brownie points and maybe I'll get lucky!" Gerard shouted. "Nah, I'm just fucking with you guys.... I'm gonna get some anyway, but this song still goes out to her. I love you, spider monkey," he amended.

The name spider monkey came into play when Gerard, Mikey, Alicia, Lindsey, Ray, Krista, Bob, Caitlyn, Frank, and Dawn all went to this stuffed animal adoption place. Everyone adopted a monkey, except for Gerard and Lindsey who got a spider to scare the shit out of Frank for not inviting Jamia. Thus, the spider monkey was born. The couple used it as a code of some sort though all of their closest friends knew it. The fans didn't and that was lovely.

"This is for my dog, Edgar," Mikey said in Gerard's mic. For some reason Mikey was the only one without a mic of his own. Always.

"That's fucking lame!" Bob shouted into his microphone. "This is for my mommy," Bob said sweetly earning a death glare from Mikey and quite a few fans with Mikey fucking Way t-shirts.

"Um... I don't know who to say," Ray said awkwardly. "Oh! Wait! I got it, this for Mikey fucking Way! Cuz... well, like Gerard said, I'm earning brownie points and maybe I'll get lucky!"

"Fuck no!" Gerard yelled. "Eww! Not only is that my baby brother, but you can't jack my lines!"

"I did." Ray smirked.

"Oh shut up you idiots," Frank said. "I wanna dedicate this whole fucking show to somebody. Beat that, Bob." Bob threw a spare drum stick Frank's way, but it flew out into the audience. It hit a small girl in the head, but she seemed happy enough. "I wanna dedicate this concert and more importantly this song to my bestest friend. Dawn Sanders!" Frank yelled into the microphone. He started playing before anyone could react, even though it was Ray's part. Ray just joined in and took over along with everyone else.


"How does a guitarist who can't swim kick so much ass at a song called Drowning Lessons?!" Gerard shrieked into the microphone after playing Drowning Lessons.

"Well. Here's another lucky moment for you, my lovelies!" Gerard yelled. "We're gonna do any song or a cover of any thing you wanna hear! As long as we fucking know it, so don't shout some Hannah Montana shit." The crowd booed loudly to that last remark. The audience continued to yell songs they wanted to hear, all different.

"Fuck! For an army you guys can't agree on shit!" Ray yelled.

"Shut up, Toro!" Bob yelled.

"I heard a few 'I Don't Love You' s!" Gerard shouted. The crowd roared. "Well, fuck! Isn't this just the most retro show ever?!"

"This is for Frankie! May Frerard burn in hell..... sike! I love Frank!" Gerard shouted into the microphone.

"The joke about the yellow crayon!" Ray yelled. "It gets old after a while, people...."

"Um... the name Bob!" Bob settled. "I fucking hate it."

"The other two strings on a guitar!" Mikey yelled into Frank's mic. "Basses kick ass, muthafuckas!"

Frank kicked Mikey. Mikey in turn went back to his spot on stage.

"I know I dedicated every song tonight to some one, but I changed my mind." The rest of the band shouted things like 'you can't do that!', 'no takesie backsies!', ect. "While the rest still stands, this song specially dedicated to my wife, Jamia."

Ray started up. Bob followed in, then Frank. Soon Mikey added bass. "Well when you go..."


"Bull shit!" Gerard said. It was after the show and they were sitting a room surrounded on any side by fans waiting to ask and answer questions. Yes, only My Chemical Romance would ask the fans questions rather than be asked. It made them feel special and unique. They wanted everyone to feel that way.

"No, it's true!" the short girl said. She was recognized as being the girl who got hit in the head with a drum stick earlier.

"Worm, do you hear this?" Gerard said in disbelief. Worm shot his head up. "Vanessa here says her mom had twins and she let her name one of them. She named the baby after me. That's insane!"

"Here," Vanessa said taking a picture out of her pocket, "This is Edward, and this is Gerard. My mom was watching New Moon when she went in to labor so she named one of the boys after Edward Cullen.... and Frank whether she knows it or not. Edward's middle name is Anthony."

"Well what's...Gerard's middle name?" He felt so strange saying the name.

"You don't wanna know," Vanessa said.

"Oh, c'mon, please!" Gerard begged. Vanessa looked like she might pass out. It sounded a little sexual and she was an obsessive fan girl. It was amazing to say the least.

"Ok, but I warned you. It's Robert."

"You were right. I don't wanna know," Gerard said a little disgusted.

Gerard smiled so Vanessa wouldn't take it the wrong way, but she had warned him. And she was right, he could have went his whole life without knowing that was little Gee's middle name.

"Want a piece of popcorn?!" an excited girl shouted to Mikey.

"Sorry, kid," Worm said, "They can't accept food or candy and stuff like that."

"Throw it," Mikey mouthed to her. She threw a piece and he caught it in his mouth. He smirked at Worm. There was no way Mikey was gonna let the little girl feel bad.

"Frank, I have a question."

Frank looked up from the picture of himself and some girl he was autographing. Dawn was standing there amongst the other fans.

"Shoot," Frank said trying to pretend he didn't know her. The fans would tear her apart if they knew she was the girl he dedicated the whole show-- minus one song-- to.

"You like animals being a vegetarian and all. So, I think my hamster is sick, any recommendations?" Dawn asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Misery is sick?!" Frank expounded forgetting to pretend as if he didn't know her.

"He knows her hamster’s name..." everyone started whispering.

"Who is she?!" a frantic blond, scene-looking fan asked.

"Um... a fan?" Frank answered lamely. They could tell he was lying.

"Dawn, you might wanna get out of here," Worm tried to whisper in his gruff voice, but a few people heard that were standing around her and Worm.

"Dawn? Like the Dawn?" a girl with braided extensions asked her.

"Way to go, Frank," Dawn said to him.

"Sorry," he muttered to her. "Guys, don't hurt her. I wouldn't maul your friends, so don't attack ours. Please," Frank asked the fans.

"Oh my God! So you know them!" the braided haired girl said. She looked a little like Alicia when she had braids, way back when.

"What are they like?" the scene girl asked.

"Is Gerard gay?" someone shouted.

"Is that Ray's real hair?" another asked.

"What are you to them?" a kid wondered.

"Why the hell did you name a hamster Misery?" a boy asked.

"How big is Mikey's... you know..." a girl asked wiggling her eyebrows.

"Chill!" Dawn said. "They're dorks twenty-four seven. No, Gee's not gay. Yea, that's Toro's real hair. And even though you didn't ask it's freakishly fun to play with. I'm their friend. I didn't name my hamster, Frank did so ask him. And WHATTHEFUCK?! How would I know that? Eww," Dawn answered awkwardly. "You guys are here for My Chem. not me. Ask them stuff. They will answer all of your questions."

The fans were a little silent for about thirty seconds. Record for them. "So, Frank, why'd you name the hamster Misery?" the boy asked.

"Cuz Dawn's little cousin was at her house when I went to meet the hamster and she is a really huge fan girl so Dawn was all like 'Careful, she may pull a Misery!' You know, like the Stephen King book?" Frank answered with a giggle.

That started another round of questions, thankfully, none for Dawn.

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