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Ch. 4 Pt. 2 I knew I shoulda never let her hang around Gerard..."

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"I'm really sorry about that. I shouldn't've said anything that might let them think I know you," Frank apologized... again.

"It's ok. I shoulda waited to tell ya about Misery. But I just figured you'da made some'n' up," Dawn said letting her accent slip in every now and again. She didn't have a terribly bad southern accent, but there was a distinction there.

"It's cool. Oh, how is she?" Frank asked, worried again.

"The same. She's not doing much and eating a ton, drinking about that much too," Dawn explained.

"Can I see her?" Frank asked.

"Sure, I mean you are her Godfather after all," Dawn replied with a smile.

The two left the hotel and went to Dawn's summer house. Dawn's summer house was essentially a beachy apartment that belonged to her grandmother, whom she lived with during school months. Dawn's grandma let her stay there during the summer because, well, Dawn was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and Misery plus it was a lot closer to her work; like hours closer.

Dawn had lived with her grandmother since she was about fifteen because she had no where else to go really.


"Could you knock? I could be changing," Dawn murmured to herself as her father slung open her bedroom door.

He looked at Dawn, whose expression wasn't exactly blissful at the moment. "Why are you so friggin' unhappy here?" he almost shouted with a beer in his hand... of course.

Great, not this again. He asks her why she was unhappy and mope-y and shit, she lies, he thinks she hates it here, ect. Then the cycle starts over again. It was pointless because she didn't want to talk about it to anyone, especially her parents. You'd think that they'd learn that or notice something that would tip them off after a while, but no, they didn't.

"You've got everything! But you just sit in here and do nothing. You need a life!" he continued. "I dunno why you're so damn mad all the time. Why do you hate us?"

When she didn't answer immediately he fucking lost it. "You obviously hate it here! Just pack your shit and leave. Go! You got half an hour!" he yelled. He slammed the door so hard the house shook.

She didn't miss a beat. She threw a few duffle bags out and shoved all of her clothes in there. Packed her laptop and ipod stuff along with Twilight and other things she liked like that in a skull covered back pack. She laid her guitar case that held a smooth electric guitar that she couldn't play if her life depended on it against the wall near her escape window that she used often. She took all of her one hundred fifty dollars and put all her stuff by her window.

She called her grandmother, incidentally her father's mother, who nobody liked. They would never bother going for her there. They weren't close, of course, but she knew she would take her in because she was family. Or whatever he reason would be, Dawn would have a place to lay her head for a little while. Before she dialed the numbers she took a deep breath. What was she to say?

"Hello?" her grandmother's boyfriend's rough voice answered on the other end.

"Is Alice there?" she asked shakily.

"Hang on." His accent was unsettling. Dawn had always hated overly bad southern drawls.

"He-llo?" Alice answered dragging out the word.

"Granny?" Dawn asked.

"Vicki, is that you?" Vicki was Dawn's little sister along with Jessica and her 'brother' Paul.

"No, Granny, it's Dawn," she answered lowly hoping no one would hear that wasn't supposed to. "You member a little while ago at Christmas you said to call you when I wanted to stay before break was over?"

"Yes. Are you ready to come spend the night over here? Your mom gonna bring you?" she'd asked.

"Um, no she's not. I need you to come pick me up.... if you don't mind. I uh..." Dawn said, ", got kicked out and I was wondering if I could stay there a little while."

"Oh, Lord! That's awwwful. You sure can stay here James and I would be happy to have ya, dear. I'm going out the door now..." Alice said. Thank, God! If she'd had said no Dawn would be out on the streets for sure.

"Wait! Um... meet me in the parking lot of Ma and Pa's. I don't want them to know where I'm going' cuz.... well, I just don't."

"Sure, hun," her grandmother'd answered. With the click of the phone and some awkward goodbyes, Dawn threw her stuff out of the window and erased the redial settings on the house phone. She shut her window and picked up her things and walked the two miles carrying every thing she owned to an abandoned restaurant parking lot.


"Here you go, Misery, go to Uncle Frankie," Dawn cooed to the fur ball.

"See? She's not running all over the place like usual. Most of the time she's crawling all over you!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Wow. She has been eating a lot," Frank noted, "She's friggin heavy." He rubbed his finger over Misery's bloated little stomach.

His eyes shot wide open. "Oh my God!" he shouted, careful not to scare the hamster.

"What? Is she bleeding? Did she bite you?" Dawn blurted.

"Dawn, this is going to be a bit of a shock, but... I think Misery is... pregnant," Frank said slowly.

"My Innocence!" Dawn snarled angrily.

"Say what?" Frank asked, eyebrows raised.

"Adria's little boy hamster. His name is My Innocence. He knocked up my baby! That little rat!" she growled.

"I know Adria's weird, but why would anyone name anything My Innocence?" Frank questioned.

"She named him that because when you take him out of the cage or something she can say 'No! Don't take My Innocence!' Focus though, Frank. Your God daughter is pregnant!" Dawn was furious. She turned down to Misery. "Didn't we have that talk about safe sex? I thought you knew better! I can't be a Grandma!"

"Calm down, Dawn," Frank chuckled.

"Calm... down?!" Dawn almost yelled in disbelief. "How am I supposed to calm down? My baby is acting like a little whore."

Misery looked up at Dawn as if she knew what she was saying. "I knew I shoulda never let her hang around Gerard..." Dawn muttered.

"Babe, chill," Frank said kissing her lips delicately. "Everything will be OK." Another kiss on the lips, but this time it was full and more passion-filled. "You'll be a wonderful Grandma." He kissed her again sliding his tongue through the part in her lips. She returned this kiss as well, but bit his lip lightly though it was enough for him to pull away a little bit.

"Hey!" he protested.

"Not funny," Dawn chastised. "You know, this makes you a God-grandfather or something."

"That's not a word. So, no it doesn't, it just makes you a granny!" he giggled sliding his hand into hers.

"Nope. I just made it a word. You're the baby's God-grandfather," Dawn decided.

Frank looked down and then back up at her. "Dawn. Hamsters have more than one baby at a time... usually like ten."

"Oh my God! I am going to be a grandma to ten?" Dawn gasped.

"I said usually. There's always the chance it's more," he laughed. She fell on his chest.

"Please don't say that." Her voice was muffled against his chest. "Grandpa."

"No, I like God-grandfather better," he said nervously. "No Grandpa."

"You're right. No Grandpa... I like Granddad more," she settled. "No buts."

"Fine, but that will be really hard to explain to people. Ya know, how I'm Misery's Godfather but I'm her babies' Granddad? It doesn't make sense."

She laughed, "Yea, well specifying relationships with a hamster doesn't make that much sense either. But I guess you're right."
Meaning, go back to being God-grandfather and leave me stuck being Granny!

"Yes, I am, thank you," Frank said picking up Misery with this free hand. "Come to Daddy, Misery... and company."

Dawn looked confused. "Daddy?" she asked laughing. "I thought you said that didn't make sense."

"Naw, I said me being her Godfather and her babies' Granddad didn't make sense, so I compromised. Is that a problem?" he asked, hoping she would just roll with it. If he could publicly call her his girlfriend, he could at least call her his hamster baby-momma. Oh, God was he desperate!

"Nope, no problem, just unexpected," Dawn said leaning up to kiss him full on the mouth. He kissed her back and was about to move to second base when his cell phone rang. He readjusted Misery to get to it and looked at the screen.

"Who is it?" Dawn asked pulling away.

"Just Gerard," he lied.

"Liar," she said. "It's Jamia. Answer it. C'mere my little Misery," she said picking up Misery and sitting up with her in her lap.


"Answer it," she commanded standing up with Misery to put her back in her home. Dawn didn't like the word cage, it sounded like something for an animal and Misery wasn't an animal, she was her baby.

"Hello?" Frank answered gruffly, or as rough as his perfect voice would allow.

"Hey, baby. What are you doing?" Jamia asked loudly on the other end of the line, loud enough for Dawn to be able to hear the whole conversation.

"Chillaxing at Dawn's and playing with Misery," Frank answered.

"What's a Misery?" Jamia asked. God, she was out of the loop.

"My hamster-daughter... it's complicated," Frank answered, "She's pregnant."

"Who, Dawn or the hamster-daughter?" Jamia asked laughing.

"Misery is, of course," Frank said blushing. After all if Dawn was pregnant it better be by him... other wise, he'd be crushed.

"I just wanted to call to see how you were doing. I haven't heard from you in a few days," Jamia said finally.

"I'm wonderful, thank you. I know, I've been really, um, busy lately," Frank answered.

"Well I'll let you get back to your pregnant hamster situation," Jamia said with a laugh, "Bye"

"Bye," Frank replied.

"Love you," Jamia said.

Click. Frank hung up the phone before she could say something about him not saying 'I love you' back.

"That was either very considerate of you or very rude. I'm not sure which," Dawn said after he'd put down his phone.

"What was?" he asked unknowingly.

"Not saying 'I love you' back. Either you were trying to be nice by not saying because you're going to leave her. Or you were being a douche bag and trying to hurt her. I don't which."

"Well, I wasn't trying to hurt her if that's what you're saying," he said guiltily. He wasn't and he didn't want to, oh God, lead her on. How does one not lead on his/her wife?

"Why'd you lie?" she asked still looking through the plastic at Misery 'and company'.

"Come sit with me," he practically begged. She complied sitting about a foot from him on her bed. "Closer," he urged. She sat on his lap and looked up at him.

"Close enough?" she asked sarcastically.

"Not quite," he said truthfully. "And I didn't lie to her."

Dawn sighed. "No you didn't. You lied to me."

"About...?" he asked cautiously.

"You said it was Gerard calling, and it was Jamia. Why would you lie about that? That's stupid," she answered.

"I knew you'd make me talk to her, and I was content doing what I was doing," he said with a kiss to the top of Dawn's head.

"Then you know me too well. She's your wife you know, you can't just ignore her," she murmured.

"Well, I'd be lying to say you can't tell me what to do cuz I'd do anything you ask, but I think I can make my own decisions. I wasn't planning on ignoring her forever, just then," he said shuffling her in his arms so that he was lying down and she was lying atop him.

"Ok, ok, ok, whatever. I don't care," she mumbled sleepily, "Can we talk tomorrow? I wanna go to sleep now."

He chuckled. "Works for me." He flipped off the light switch. "Goodnight, Dawn. I love you," he whispered kissing her forehead.

"Love you more..." she said and sleep over took her consciousness.

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