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Ch. 5 . What grown man watches The Jetsons?

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Frank woke up to the nasal buzzing sound of his cell phone. Normally he'd be happy to wake up to anything so long as he woke up at all. Today was different however, because he was having an amazing dream about one Dawn Sanders. When he reached for his phone, Frank realized that he couldn't move his arm because someone was blocking it. He looked down to see Dawn laying somewhere between the empty spot on the bed and on his chest; so it wasn't a dream after all.

Frank quickly stretched with his free hand to answer his phone before it woke the sleeping angel on his chest. Whoever it was would be in for a world of hurt if they disturbed this gentle image. Frank would make sure of that.

"Hello?" Frank asked in a low voice, almost a whisper, for fear of waking Dawn.

"Thank God you're okay!" Gerard exclaimed loudly making Frank quickly turn the volume down on his phone. If Dawn's beautiful slumber was disturbed by that Gerard was gonna get it.

"Take it down an octave," Frank said in a normal tone though still careful about his voice escalating. "What do you mean I'm okay? Of course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?" Frank asked. Truth be told, he was far more than okay. He was perfect, beyond amazing, spectacular at the moment actually.

"What? You didn't come back to the hotel last night, Frank. We were all worried sick," Gerard said patiently. "Where were you?" he asked.

"Of course I didn't go back to the hotel, Gee. I said I was going to Dawn's. I told you and Bob, remember? I've been here since I left. Why are you so upset? I'm always here when we're anywhere near Pensacola," Frank said nonchalantly. It wasn't like Gerard to get worked up over something that happens all the time.

"We knew you went to Dawn's place, Frank, but you didn't come back. And I know you go there all the time, but you never stay the night, so we didn't think you would this time." Gerard was dumbstruck by the fact Frank didn't think that they'd be worried.

"Well... err.... it was really late, and, um, I was tired. Plus, Misery... we thought Misery was sick, but she's not. She's pregnant, Gee," Frank said trying to change the subject.

"Who Misery or Dawn?" Gerard asked warily.

Frank sighed. "Misery, you idiot. Why does everyone ask that?"

"Do does that make you like God-grandfather or something?" Gerard asked.

Frank chuckled. "You would be surprised at how long of a talk we had about that last night. No, um I'm the babies' Granddad because God-grandfather isn't a word. So we decided that makes me Misery's like step dad or Daddy or something. I don't know how this whole hamster family works."

"Well, not very many people do, Frank. Can I name one?" Gerard asked excitedly.

This worried Frank. "Um, you'll have to talk to Dawn about that one. I don't think I have enough authority to call the shots about names. But I'll ask when she wakes up."

"She's still asleep?" Gerard asked. "What are you doing while she's asleep anyway? Rummaging through her house like a bum?" He laughed.

"No just talking to you. And playing with Misery," Frank lied smoothly. 'Watching her sleep. She's the most beautiful thing ever!' he wanted to say.

"Well, I'll let you get back to playing with Misery and tell Dawn congrats," Gerard said.

"Ok then, bye, Gee," Frank said.


Frank closed his phone and could have thrown it across the room for all he cared. He was happy to get back to what he was doing: being this close to Dawn. It was unexplainable. He wanted to touch her everywhere just so he could marvel at her beauty. He would have loved to ask her question after question just so he could watch her form words and hear her voice again. Frank wanted nothing more than to trace the outline of her body just to memorize it. How he would have enjoyed just laying there all day with the love of his life in his arms!

Dawn opened her eyes and saw Frank's chest underneath her. She sat up quickly and backed a few inches away from him.
"I'm sorry. Your arm is probably asleep now," she said looking away. "Sorry," she mumbled again.

Frank leaned up and kissed her on the cheek, not wanting to kill her with his undoubtedly kickin' morning breath. "Good morning, my love. That was probably the best night I've ever had. So don't be sorry." Frank said.

"What did Gerard want?" she asked sleepily.

"That woke you up? I'm sorry I tried not to wake you," Frank apologized not wanting to go into detail about how beautiful she was when she slept. "He wanted to make sure I was okay and to know where I was last night."

"Oh," she said simply. "I should probably go take a shower," she said crawling over him to get off of the bed. Frank stopped her halfway so that she was basically straddling him.

He kissed her neck, still not willing to kiss her on the mouth. "I'll wait in the living room then," he said kissing her collar bone. "Because if you came back in here in nothing but a towel," Frank kissed that little sunk-in spot where her two collar bones meet, "I don't think I'd be able to contain myself."

She lowered herself to where she was sitting atop his groin painlessly. "You keep that up and you won't be the only one," she warned. She slid off of him accidentally bumping the growing bulge in his pants.


Dawn came in to the living room to find Frank sitting there watching The Jetsons. What grown man watches The Jetsons? Frank Iero.

"Ok, Frank," she said hold a t-shirt on a hanger in her hand, "Which do you like better? The one that I'm wearing," a sea blue t-shit with those scene glasses all over it, "or this one?" she asked holding up the one on the hanger. It was a pink Jeffree Star wife beater-style shirt with an eyelash curler on it.

"Hmmm," Frank said, "The pink one."

"Really?" she asked. He nodded his head. She pealed off the shirt she was wearing and started taking the Jeffree Star shirt off the hanger.

Frank gasped. "Wait. I like that one better," he said.

"This one?" she asked holding up the balled up shirt she had just removed.

"No, the one you're wearing," he said standing up to her.

"Frank, I'm not wearing a shirt."

"I know. That's the point," he smirked. He kissed her lips gently. She kissed back and that was all the encouragement he needed. He moved his tongue out demanding entrance to her perfect lips which she granted. He put his left hand on her lower back and his right hand just barely above her left breast. They reluctantly broke the kiss for air. Dawn looked down at his hand. Frank nodded downward to reunite their lips, but she leaned her head away.

"What is it?" he asked. He had brushed his teeth with a brand new tooth brush that he'd found in the bathroom drawer. He'd even almost drown himself in mouth wash. So his breath shouldn't be a problem. He followed her gaze to his hand, which he thought might be taking things too far, but that didn't seem to be a problem. The realization hit home, it was the tattoo.

"I am so sorry," Frank said, barely audible.

"Why?" Dawn asked looking at his honey drizzled eyes. "Why are you sorry?"

"The tattoo... it upset you," Frank said lowly.

Dawn shrugged. "And? What's your point?" she asked. "It's not my body I can't decide what goes on it. So what it upset me. It's your skin, your wife, your body, your decision. It's all you, not me. You shouldn't apologize for something you want, Frank, just because not everyone likes it."

Frank was stunned. "You're absolutely right," he finally said after moments of deliberation. "I am so sorry this stupid tattoo upset you. I don't have to apologize for it and you aren't just somebody, but I want to apologize for it because you are the most important person in my life. And I love you. Have I told you that lately?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. "I believe you have told me that once or twice," she said kissing him more. "And I love you back."

"Stop... please..." Frank moaned into the kiss. Dawn pulled back from kissing him, from his hold all together.

"I'm sorry," she said. "Why?"

"I'm not ready to go all the way yet, not that I wouldn't love to because I would, but I'd like to take this slow. And since we aren't having sex anytime soon, I'm going to need you to stop doing that before I explode. In case you haven't noticed, you are pushing little Frankie-- or more like enormously huge Frankie-- to the point of spontaneous combustion," he said with a wink.

She laughed with him. "Your poor little garden snake," she mumbled sliding her shirt on.

"Garden snake, yea. Well, we should get going before this anaconda leaves you paralyzed," he kissed her forehead.

Dawn shook her head. "I dunno. Gerard seemed to be able to walk just fine..." she said.

"Oh, that is so it!" Frank laugh- yelled. He slung her over his shoulder.

"Hey, Frank, put me down," Dawn said in a normal tone.

"Now, why would I do that?" he asked as if she was dumb for asking.

"Because I'll give you kiss if you do," she said sweetly.

"Tempting, very, but I don't think so. If I give in for a kiss what kind of man am I?" he asked rhetorically.

"A man in love," she answered simply. Frank wordlessly grabbed her waist and placed her back on her feet. Dawn smiled at him.

"I'm supposed to get a kiss," Frank said impatiently. Her smile widened.

"You didn't put me down when I asked. Now, what kind of woman would I be if I rewarded you anyway?" she mocked.

"A woman in love," he grinned. She rolled her eyes at his unoriginality, but kissed him deeply anyway.

He groaned. "I'll say this once more, let's go before I explode," he said walking to the door.

"Wait!" she exclaimed. "We have to get Misery." Dawn turned the other way and went to her room.

"Why?" Frank asked. "She'll be fine here."

Dawn looked at him like he'd just grown an extra eye. "Are you crazy? Mentally ill? That's insane! She's pregnant and needs round the clock care, Frankie."

Frank rolled his eyes. "Fine, you're right. Let's go, Misery."

=P Who knew hamster could attract this much attention between two vegetarians??
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