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Ch. 6 No Gerbert and no Waycest

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"Good morning, fellas... and girl," Brian said warily.

Brian was the manager for My Chemical Romance and didn't exactly know all of their friends from city to city. Much less the rhythm guitarist's secret girlfriend.

"Oh, yea, Brian this is Dawn. Dawn, Brian," Mikey said impatiently.

"Whatever. Let's just get to my good news," Brian said frowning at Mikey. "You guys should be fucking ecstatic to know that you have the next two weeks off. No touring, no shows, nothing."

Gerard started jumping up and down like a retard. "Omagah! You're serious, aren't you? Fuck, yes!" he shouted doing what he likes to call his happy dance. Most everybody else just calls it the 'walk away and pretend you don't know him' dance. It's embarrassing.

"So tonight's our last show for the next two weeks?" Bob asked doing his best to ignore Gerard's ass shaking in his face. It's something easier said than done.

"Yessir," Brian said smiling. He usually never gets to deliver good news so he's basking in his moment. "You can stay in Florida, go home to your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever, go chill in LA; I don't care. Just so long as you stay in the country. That's the only rule, boys."

"Dude, you are seriously the most awesomest manager in the history of awesome managers!" Ray clarified.

Brian laughed his hearty laugh. "Well, thank you for clearing that up, Ray. Listen, guys, I gotta go. Have to talk to New Atlantic about some CD promoting, k? See you muthafuckas in two weeks!" Brian said and out he went.

Bob, Ray, Mikey, and Gerard were actually dancing with excitement. Usually they never got breaks during touring. They just had to wait until the tour was over, which their's would be in a little over a month.

"Frank!" Bob shouted. "Why the fuck aren't you happy dancing?"

"Yea, Frank," Mikey whined. "Start fucking happy dancing!"

"Ugh," Frank groaned. "I don't wanna fuckin' happy dance!"

Gerard sat on Frank's lap and nuzzled his head in the crook of his neck. "Aww, is my Frankie-kins upset?" Gerard cooed in a really annoying gay-ass voice.

Frank wasn't in any mood to play. What is wrong with Gerard? Why does he find it so necessary to be the single most annoying fuck on the whole damn planet when no body wants to hear it?!

"I'm not your fucking Frankie-kins!" Frank snapped shoving Gerard away from him (off the sofa) and moving further to the other end of the couch.

Gerard was shocked. They always do that gay shit with each other. It was just a joke, their little bit. He got up off the floor and just walked to the other side of the room. He was obviously biting his jaw to stop from yelling at Frank. It didn't help for very long.

"What the hell is shoved up your ass, Frank? I was just fucking with you," Gerard yelled at him. He ignored Ray muttering 'your dick' as a response.

"I'm sorry, okay? I've got a lot on my mind right now and nothing is fucking helping!" Frank shouted back.

When Gerard didn't respond Frank took it personally. It wasn't Gerard's fault that Frank was in a bad mood. Frank shouldn't take out his frustration on his friends, it's not right. Gerard had never done that to Frank, so he didn't deserve that to be done to him. It wasn't even close to fair.

"Look, Gee, I'm sorry," Frank said lowly, "I didn't mean to yell at you. I've just got a lot going on right now, okay?"

Gerard nodded his head understandingly, though he didn't even know the half of it. "Fine. Ya know, if you ever wanna talk about it I'm here for you."

Frank was shaking his head no as soon as Gerard said the word talk. He really didn't want to talk about this, it was too personal. And that's upsetting when something is too personal to discuss with someone you basically fucking make-out with on stage every night during a show in front of thousands of kids. That crossed a new line of personal, the line you didn't want to even exist in your life.

"Thanks but I'll pass," Frank said. He turned to Mikey, "Hey, Mikes, could you, uh, not say anything about getting this two weeks to Jamia or anything, since you're going back to Jersey and all?" Frank asked. For the record, Dawn winced a little at the mention of her name, but went back to attempting to rub Misery's shoulders to preoccupy herself.

Mikey looked confused. "Yea, sure of course. Why?"

Frank sighed and laughed a bit. "I have some things I need to do before I go home, and I seriously don't wanna hear her complaining about how I didn't spend my entire break with her," he lied. Well, not completely lied; he did have some things to take care of... depending on how you look at it.

"Oh," Mikey said simply.

"So.... Dawn, can I name one of the babies?!" Gerard asked excitedly changing the subject.

She looked worried. "Um, that depends on what kind of name you're thinking of. If it's something stupid, no," she said laughing, "My grand-hamsters won't have fucked up names."

Gerard tapped his chin as if he was thinking of the final question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. "Ok, for a boy how about Aiden... like the band. Cuz they kick major ass. And maybe for a girl something like Kristin?" Gerard suggested.

"Eww. Dawn hates the name Kristin, that was a really bad choice," Frank mumbled.

"Why? Kristin's a pretty name. I like it," Gerard protested.

"Because that's what everyone thinks my name is. My first name is Kirstin not Kristin. K-yeer-stin. I hate how people keep saying it wrong," she explained.

"That explains why we can never, ever get married," Gerard said grimacing. "Kirstin Dawn Way? What the fuck? It sounds bad; no ring to it."

"It's Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth actually," Frank corrected.

"And that's not the only reason we can't get married," Dawn said laughing, "You just don't do anything for me like that, Gee. Sorry, dude." She laughed more causing Ray and Bob to join in as well.

"Oh, I guess that means we can't get married either then," Mikey said sarcastically.

"Um, no. Never. You're too tall, Mikey. I'm short; it's a very off balance. We'd look horrible together!" Dawn giggled.

"What about Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth Bryar?" Bob asked chuckling. Every one shook their heads no.

"That is really, really, bad. Actually, we should never speak of that again," Dawn laughed tearing up a bit, "Besides I prefer brunettes. Well, for guys anyway. For chicks, they gotta be blond, like so blond it's almost white."

"No! I completely disagree. I like brunette girls more," Ray complained.

"Yea, me too," Gerard agreed.

"I second that," Mikey added. "Bob likes bald dudes." Everyone laughed uncontrollably.

"No I like long black- haired guys actually," Bob said with a straight face. "C'mere Gerard." Bob made kissie faces at him.

"Oh fuck no!" Gerard yelled. "Take Frank!"

Frank's eyes got really wide. "I don't think so! My men have black hair, no exceptions at all," Frank corrected. "And my women should have dark hair as well."

"Why are all of you anti-blond?" Bob asked.

"I'm not," Dawn said, "I'm a natural blond anyway. This," she said picking up a strand of her hair, "is dyed. A lot."

They gasped. "You are lying!" Mikey accused.

She laughed. "No, I'm serious. You should see my pictures as a little kid. I was the cutest thing ever. I don't know what happened, but I'm nothing like that anymore," she said. "Here," she reached in her back pocket and pulled out a small picture, "Take a look."

Ray started laughing before he even saw the picture. "You carry a picture of yourself around with you?" he asked. "How self-absorbed!"

She shook her head. "No, it's of my two little sisters actually, but I'm in it too. I hardly get to see them since I got kicked out way back when," she amended.

"Oh," Ray said taking the picture from her. "Holy shit! You guys are clones!" he yelled.

Gerard raised his eyebrows. "Lemme see," he commanded taking the picture from Toro.

"Oh my God! It's like they're little copies of you," Gerard gasped.

Dawn took the picture back once everyone had seen it. "Ok, ok, I get it we all used to look alike. Not anymore though."

"So..." Ray started, "What bout Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth Toro?" he asked.

She mused, "It has a nice ring to it... but I would never have my initials be K-DAT. Ugh."

Frank sighed. "No, it doesn't. It sounds awful. I would rather it be Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth Depp, if that tells you anything." Frank hated Johnny Depp, and no one knows why. He just does.

Dawn started laughing some more. "I think that sounds nice actually...."

Frank looked as if you had just walked up to him at random and glued goolge eyes to his face: very shocked. "Say what?"

Gerard gasped. "I got one better! Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth McCracken!" he laughed.

"Zomg! Bert is sooo sexy!" Dawn said dramatically. Everyone stared at her except for Frank who opened his phone pressed a few buttons and then closed it again.

"You are not serious!" Gerard yelled. "You're fucking insane!"

She laughed. "No, but Bert really is kinda hot, but not really my type; I like dorks. I mean, he's a good kisser and all, but that's about it," she said with a face.

"And how would you know?" Bob and Frank asked in unison.

"The Used played here once and we all got pretty wasted and played spin the bottle-- that's how wasted we were. Quinn spun and it landed on me, but Bert beat him to it. Which I was pretty upset about... but yea. Other than that I'm just gonna take Gee's word for it," she answered with a shrug, very blasé.

"You are disgusting. Don't tell me you're a 'Gerbert' fan?!" Gerard said with distaste.

"Hey at least I'm not all pro- Waycest!" she said laughing. "No, I'm not a Gerbert fan, Gerard. I like Frerard or Frikey. No Gerbert and no Waycest," she said raising her hand. "Scout's honor."

"At least you have some decency. And I'm a Frerard fan too. If it wasn't my brother it would be totally hot," Mikey said laughing.

"That's pretty creepy, Mikey," she said.

Her phone went off sing 'Hey are you okay? You look pretty low, very handsome awkward.' she flipped it open but Gerard still heard it and muttered 'Unbelievable!’

It was a text:

Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth Iero most deff.
I love you, baby.

F. Iero

Dawn looked up at Frank after she closed her phone. He just smirked. "Beats the hell out of Way."

Ahh, I lover the discussion of Fan Fic terms in the morninng...
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