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Ch. 7 Very important business like getting your wife to get rid of that boner I gave you?

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Frank never liked keeping secrets. It wasn't something he enjoyed doing. Oh, but he did it so very well. No one ever knew he was lying or not telling the whole truth, lying by omission, because he was very open about his distaste for the art of lying. It's just no one expected it of him. He wasn't sure whether to take that offensively or not. Maybe they were calling him a goody-two-shoes. Maybe they just thought he was an honest person. It was one of those things that kinda make you wonder about. Usually. But at the moment nothing is really usual for Frank, so he's enjoying his strange ability to lie. Still, he detests keeping secrets from people.

While on the subject of lying and keeping secrets, Frank doesn't have much intention of going back to New Jersey for much of his up coming break. He plans on spending every possible millisecond with Dawn. It's not that they need to talk, or that they need physical contact, it's just he enjoys every bit of it. And the more he has of it, the more vital it becomes. So, maybe he does need it. I think the term for that is called codependency. Well, Frank Iero is the happiest person alive to be called codependent, just so long as it gives him another excuse to be around Dawn.

"Guys, Dawn and I are gonna go chill at her place," Frank said standing up. Really, he just wanted to pick Dawn up and walk out without the hassle of the false pretenses. It's a bit time consuming when he can think of at least forty-two million things he'd rather be doing than lying to his best friends. Something isn't right when lying is necessary just to leave the room.

"Why?" Ray asked lazily. He probably didn't even care, but wanted to come off as caring and shit. He's just gotta make conversation.

"Cause it's our last show and we're all leaving," Frank lied. It's scary how natural these tall-tales are rolling off of his tongue. "We just wanna spend some time cuz I dunno when we'll see each other again."

Gerard glanced up from his laptop. "Fine, cuz it doesn't matter if we wanna spend time with Dawn," he said sarcastically.

Frank rolled his eyes. "Gerard, you've been on that damn laptop for the past hour talking to Lindsey. It's safe to say you'll be doing that until we go on stage. So, no, it doesn't really matter if you want to spend time with her or not, smart ass," Frank said calling Gerard out on his shit.

Gerard shrugged his shoulders. "Meh, you're right. Carry on," he said waving the two away.

Ray looked away from Misery's 'mobile home' for about two seconds in past forty-five minutes to say, "Can Misery stay here? I wanna be here in case she has her babies."

To be so big and so possibly threatening, Ray Toro was the biggest pansy you could ever meet; that includes Frank. "Yea, sure," Dawn answered. Another one who probably didn't care. She just wanted to talk 'and stuff' with Frank as soon as possible.

"Bye, guys," Frank said. The two walked out of the door.


"Let's play twenty questions. Oh hell yea, twenty fuckin' questions," Dawn had suggested. Really, it was her way of getting to know some one without the awkward small talk that was usually unavoidable. Some how she found this method of avoiding as many awkward things as humanly possible: twenty questions with a random person you just met.

"Damn right, twenty questions. You first," a very hyper Frank answered. Really, he must have been on something because here he was holding a perfectly normal conversation with a person he met in the mosh pit.... of his opening act.

"What's your name, dude?" she asked. It hadn't occurred to her that they had been talking about music and what kind they liked and didn't like during the break of one the opening acts and she didn't even know his name. How typical of scatter-brained, yet very mature Dawn.

"Frankie!" he'd squealed. "Ha-ha.... no it's Frank Iero. What's your name?"

She nodded. Italian obviously; cool, she had a little Italian in her... a very, very little. "Kirstin Dawn Alizabeth Sanders. Ha! My name is bigger than yours! What do you do for a living?"

"In a band or two. What's your favorite color?" he asked. He didn't want to say 'Oh yea, I'm going on stage in about an hour!'

"Black, obviously. What's your husband's name?" She had noticed the wedding band on his hand and well, he seemed kinda gay.

"Ha! I'm bi, but I'm not married to a dude. My wife's name is Jamia. You gotta girlfriend?" Letting the whole gay thing slide wasn't going to happen.

"I did but we just broke up. Her name was Jessi, she's a bitch and I love her." Hello! Unexpected, much? "What's your favorite song at this very moment?"

He shrugged. "I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. That girlfriend bit caught me off guard. Lesbian?" He responded.

"Bi, well I was, but now I'm strictly dickly. How long you been married?" She was an open person and stopped giving a fuck a long time ago.

"A little over two years. Cat or dog?" he asked.

"Hamster. You?" she answered laughing.

"Doggies! Who's your celebrity crush?" This oughta be good.

"Well, he's not really a celebrity to me, but Jimmy Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold. We're home skilletz and he's awesome," she answered leaving out the part of how she accidentally met him by lying to the security guard at this very amphitheatre saying her friend was Jimmy's niece or goddaughter or something. They bought it enough to bring The Rev. out to verify; which is when Dawn whispered to him that the two of them had gotten this far and it would suck like old men balls to have to go home. He went along with it and they got to chill backstage, too. It was sweet. "How many tattoos do you have?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno. It's like just this one big tattoo now. How many piercings do you have?"

"Nine, probably about to get ten. If you could do anything right now what would it be?"

Frank said, "Smoke a fucking joint. Seriously. How tall are you?"

"Um, about 5'4-ish. Very short. Favorite comic book?" Dawn responded.

"X-men. How'd you know I liked comic books?" he asked.

"You seem like a dork. I love X-men, too," she laughed. "Got any kids?"

"No, but I have a few dogs. Who do you live with?"

"My grandmother. I got kicked out a while ago. How lucky are you not to get mauled by this crowd right now for being the headling act?" she asked smugly.

"Not nearly as lucky as I am to have met you. But very, very lucky." he answered honestly.


"That doesn't make any sense!" Frank was laughing and giggling hysterically with Dawn. Some lame movie was on, but as usual, they would rather talk than watch TV.

"Oh shut up! Like you could think of anything better," Dawn laughed. She thought 'Make Her All Wet' was a perfect name for an original mixed drink. It was fucking hilarious.

"I can! Um, how about... ‘Up The Ass’!" he giggled. Is spending time with some one supposed to be this wonderful?

"Oh, that's totally a reflection of you. Cuz you like it 'Up The Ass' of course," she teased.

Frank pounced on her pinning her to the couch. He leaned down and kissed her gingerly on her lips. "I don't think that was very funny," he playfully chastised. He kissed her again.

She licked his lower lip and kissed him back. "I think it was hilarious. Ugh! This is wrong," she groaned. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't get past the fact he was married. It wasn't right.

Frank lay down completely on her chest. "I want to talk to you about something," he said.

She brushed his hair with her finger tips lightly. "About what?"

"Ya know how we have that two week break coming up? Well, I was thinking -- if you want me to-- I would spend the first few days with you. But after that I have very important business to take care of," he answered.

'Very important business like getting your wife to get rid of that boner I gave you?' she wanted more than anything to say. "Sure, of course I want you to stay here. What kind of important business?" she asked warily.

"I'm filing for divorce the moment I arrive in New Jersey," he whispered.

Dawn sat up causing Frank's head to fall in her lap. He didn't move though because he liked this spot more than lying on her chest to be honest.

"What?!" she asked frantically. "What happened to waiting so the media wouldn't have a Field Day with it?"

He sat up so he could see her face. "You would rather me wait? What happened to 'this is wrong'?" he asked a little hurt. It's obvious that they both love each other and want to be with each other officially as soon as possible.

She ignored his question. "And just what are your grounds for the divorce exactly? You have to have a legit reason for the courts, Frank. 'Hooking up with your best friend' isn't exactly what they have in mind," she reminded him.

"Is that what this is to you? Just hooking up?" Frank asked heartbroken and raged.

She moved closer to him and put her arms around his neck. "No, but you need a damn good reason to be granted a divorce. Other wise, they'll just send you to marriage counseling; it's been done before. Even if you get that far they'll just keep sending you to court over and over again through out the tour. Frank, this is exactly what you didn't want," she explained to him.

He shook his head. "No, I'm getting that divorce. I'm not going to marriage counseling. I sure as hell am not missing shows because of this. But I am going to file for a divorce over this little break; I just hope it works out," Frank said kissing her.

"I can't stop you. Like you said before, it's not my decision. Just remember that I love you, okay?" Dawn caved.

"I love you too. I love you more than anything, Dawn Sanders, more than life itself," Frank said. A faint smile touched the corners of his lips. "I remember the night I met you," he chuckled again, "You were the spunkiest little thing I ever saw. And cute, God were you cute! But I think the thing that really got my attention was your eyes. I know the lighting sucked, but your eyes were black, coal black, and gorgeous.... I still can't believe you thought I was married to a guy!" he said.

'Aren't you?' she wanted to ask. "I can't believe the mosh pit didn't tear you to pieces! You had to go on stage next, Frankie. What were you thinking?" she laughed.

"I was thinking that I just had to meet that beautiful girl in the pit," he giggled.

Aww, love in a mosh pit! Just like the fairy tales... if I wrote them! xD reviews!
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