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Ch. 8 Err, I didn't me like sleep with me sleep with me

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"How'd you enjoy the show?" Frank asked Dawn when the two of them were alone in the dressing room after the concert. The final concert for the next two weeks. The two weeks that basically signified the divorce and possibly a long, long road of difficulties for one Frank Iero.

Dawn's expression showed surprise. "You saw me out there?" she asked off handedly.

Frank grinned and looked in her eyes. "I couldn't keep my eyes off you, babe." He was telling the truth. He had stumbled over cords, even missed a few notes because he was so fixated on her in the middle of the crowd. He had wondered if the guys had noticed how bad he was on stage, but just as soon as the thought entered his mind, he was looking at Dawn again and didn't give a fuck.

"We should probably go say our goodbyes now," Dawn suggested. Really, she was going to miss the hell out of the guys. This was the last time she was going to see them for God knows how long. Plus, after everything blows over, will they even want to be around her when her relationship with Frank was out in the open? She shuddered at the thought. Though, they were far from best friends, they were good friends and ones she didn't ever want to loose. Especially if she lost them going down in shame; being known as the reason for Frank fucking up his marriage.

Frank's smile disappeared. "I guess you're right." He led the way out of the room and back to the hotel for one last goodbye. Truly, he kind of didn't care about saying goodbye to them. Hell, he'd see them in two weeks! It was Dawn he wanted to spend time with. He would only be around her for the next few days. After that who knows when he'll see her again? Sure they were his best friends and he wanted to be around them, but Dawn... Dawn was his everything.


"God, I'm gonna miss you guys!" Mikey said rubbing his face.

"We'll miss you too," Ray assured him. He was about to leave even if it was the middle of the night. He wanted to spend as much time with Krista as possible. Plus, he and Mikey had two plane rides ahead of them together.

"I hope you guys have a great time," Dawn said tearing up a little bit. "I'll miss y'all like crazy."

Gerard wiped his tears away. "Fuck. I said I wasn't gonna cry," he mumbled. Just then a limo pulled up. "Oh God! Bye, Dawn! Bye Frankie!" he said kissing Frank on the cheek and hugging Dawn like she would die if he let go.

The three of them crawled into the limo while the driver and Worm put their luggage in the car. The vehicle drove away into the darkness.

"Wow. I wonder when I'll see them again," Dawn muttered more to herself than Frank. He put his arm around her shoulder and hugged her briefly; they were still outside.

"Christmas break?" Frank asked hopefully. After all, his tour was ending far before then and she would be out of school, which started back in about one week.

"What?" she asked confused.

"I want to take you to New Jersey for Christmas break, would you like to come?" he asked grinning. He's always tried to be romantic, but this is a little much. Especially when you're like Frank and once you start something you go way over the top.

"Well, yea, but... don't you think that's a little... I dunno soon?" Dawn asked in a tone that implied he was crazy.

Frank laughed. "No, I don't. I think Christmas is waaaay too far away now that I know I'm spending it with you," he corrected.

"You're so cheesy," she laughed.

The drive back to Dawn's place was silent. Partly because Frank was asleep; a show just does that to him. It wears him out. And partly because even if Frank was awake, Dawn didn't want to talk. She never could keep things from Frank and vice versa. So talking was immediately crossed off the possible things to do at this moment list. She couldn't shake the feeling that everyone-- her friends, the bands she knew, and what was left of her family-- would hate her once they knew about her and Frank. I mean, who would want to still be friends with the person who was single-handedly responsible for absolutely fucking up this wonderful kid's life? Who has sympathy for a person who is causing, not only one person, but multiple people pain? No one. That's it; no one would even see her in the same light as long as she was with Frank, which hopefully would be forever.

And what the fuck is Frank seeing when he looks at her? She's just this plain, no, less than plain, girl. Dawn is uber simple as far as looks goes; long black hair with layers, black eyes (sure they were different, but everyone thought they were demonic), short, about 120 pounds with shoes and everything, pale (though if she's in the Sun for any length of time that paleness goes straight to hell). Her skin wasn't even pretty because she had sever acne until she was fifteen, which was when she stayed in the Sun too long without sunscreen and got burned up (like 3rd degree) leaving a few minute scars on her face. Basically Dawn thought of herself as repulsive at the very best. Of course she thought everyone else saw her that way, too.

Frank was absolutely perfect. He had this sexy long-ish-for-a-guy black hair which, paired with his honey-hazel eyes, was irresistible. Covered in tattoos, he had this bad ass look to him though he was about 5'5; that made him even cute. And sure, he could stand to loose quite a few pounds, but Dawn kinda liked that about him. It made him better to hug, lie on, and snuggle with. Plus, he pretty much always smelled delicious. He didn't smell quite like body wash, yet not quite like cologne; it was this hybrid smell, just Frank. Even though his teeth weren't what anyone would call straight, his smile lit up the entire room so to speak. Absolutely amazing.

"Nyuh," Frank groaned after basically sleep walking to Dawn's bedroom. He was lying in bed, but the sudden change of position disturbed him.

"Shhh," Dawn cooed. "Go back to sleep, Frankie." She hated to wake him, but she wasn't about to leave him sleeping in her car all night either.

Frank grabbed her hand as she turned to leave the room. "Sleep with me," he mumbled sleepily. Then his eyes opened suddenly. "Err, I didn't me like sleep with me sleep with me. I meant like, um, uh, sleep in the same bed with... me," he stuttered.

She laughed lightly. "Fine. Give me a sec, okay?" She said taking her night gown off a hook by her door and continuing to walk out.

"You know," Frank said causing her to stop briefly, "you can change in front of me." She just smiled at him and walked about two feet out of the door and turned into the bathroom.

She shut the door and released a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. Dawn heard Frank arguing with himself as she changed.

"Great you fucking moron! Now she probably thinks you're a perv. Way to go! Is falling for younger girls not enough? Do you have to creep them out as well? Fuck..." he mumbled to himself.

She walked back into her room and flipped the light switch off. She crawled into bed (right side of course) and moved over toward Frank who, by this time, had given up on sleeping in skinny jeans and was reduced to boxers and a black wife-beater. She snaked her arm around the side of Frank and slid her hand just under the elastic strip of his boxers. After all, it was just his hip she was touching, that wasn't wrong, right? Right....

Frank wanted to turn over quickly so that her hand would slide toward the front of his boxers, but he decided that... that... wouldn't help the whole no sex thing. Not at all. So he decided that he would place his hand just a little bit toward the center from her hip bone and barely under the top of her underwear. Because, if he was a girl he would want his boyfriend to do that. Oh, God, he was actually thinking about being a girl! It didn't take him long after he had attempted to do just that to realize Dawn wasn't wearing any underwear. His eyes shot open because of a sudden blood rush downward, if you know what I mean. He was immediately thankful for the darkness so that she couldn't see his eyes fly open, though he could have sworn he heard her snicker. At any rate, he didn't move his hand, he just positioned it wear he originally planned and moved as close as possible to Dawn.

What was he thinking, not telling her how he felt a while ago? If this was the outcome, not telling had been a fairly large mistake.

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