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Ch. 9 I didn't come to have fucking tea and cookies, Frank!

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Time Elaspe Three Days

"And just what the fuck do you want?" Frank asked this shadow, basically, that stood before him. He wasn't sure what or who this thing was and just what it intended to do but he had a feeling.... and it was far from good. Something inside Frank told him that this 'thing' was up to absolutely no good and nothing beneficial for him would come of it.

"What do
I want?" the shadow retorted. "What do I want?" it repeated. "No, Frank, what do you want? Do you even know what you're doing?" This shadow-thing has just over stayed his welcome with Frank. If he didn't get the feeling the thing would disappear if he moved, Frank would have punched it in its nonexistent face. Shadow-man's got no right!

"Oh, you just crossed the line, motherfucker," Frank spat. He lunged at it but, just as suspected, it vanished into thin air. Frank spun around quickly and there the shadow was standing there effortlessly, just where Frank had been standing only seconds ago.

"Ha!" the shadow snorted. It had a feminine voice, but hey, you never know these days. "And what line is that?!"

'The unemployment line your daddy's standing in!' Frank wanted to shout but that was just far too elementary school for his liking. And besides, what kind of respect is a pussy line like that gonna get him with this thing? None, none at all.

"Yeah, Frank, because stupid, immature comebacks are really gonna help your case now..." the shadow murmured. This took Frank completely off guard. He could have sworn he didn't say that out loud. No, he was fucking positive he didn't say that out loud. What the hell was this thing anyway?

"You.... you just read my mind," Frank pieced. Suddenly he was outraged again. "What the fuck ARE you?" he yelled at the shadow.

The shadow laughed in his face. "I'm your fucking angel, Frank! I know everything you're thinking and everything you have thought. But I'm not here to go over all the naughty, naughty things you've thought about in your past, Frankie. No, that's not why I'm here at all," th shadow said, in sadistically low voice. It was a little frightening for Frank to say the very least.

"My angel?" Frank asked. "My ANGEL?! Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell did I do to deserve a dick head like you as an angel exactly?" Frank asked cackling. He couldn't stop himself. Seriously, what could anyone do to get a fuckwit like this shadow as an angel? Wasn't God caring and shit? Well, apparently he has quite a sense of humor on him.

"Disappointed?" the, ugh, angel asked in a baby voice. "Well, I'm not too fucking pleased to learn who I got stuck with either. Obviously the Big Guy up stairs thought I was a total douche in life so I just had to get put in charge of looking after you. You know, I'm supposed to be in the form of someone you know and trust, but damn! That look on your face was just priceless; totally worth paying for it when I go back," the shadow laughed. "Oh, how rude of me! Call me Angel by the way."

Frank huffed. "Rude? You're worried about being rude when you have to be the biggest asshole I've ever met," Frank muttered. "Now, why are you here and when can you leave?"

Angel clicked her (probably) tongue. "Tisk, tisk, Frankie. Patience is a virtue. You think you would have known that, having gone to Catholic School and all. I'm here to.... well, I don't know exactly the Boss kinda cut me off from your life about three weeks ago. See, there's like this TV type thing up there where I can just watch you any time I want." This made Frank blush like crazy... I mean, any time? "So I'm gonna need a quick update on what's happened with in the past three weeks, buddy. Other wise we're gonna be stuck with each other for a long, long time," Angel said with a hint of disgust.

"So you, like, here to try and help me?" Frank asked warily. "I don't want your help."

Angel shook her head. "And I'm not too thrilled about giving you my help, but I don't have a fucking choice. Now, c'mon Frankles, let's get with that summary," Angel said impatiently. Ha! And she was talking about him being impatient! Bull shit.

"What the fuck? Did you just call me Frankles? What is that anyway?" Frank asked annoyed. I mean, seriously, Frankles?!

"Dude! Fucking focus, okay? You. Tell. Me. The. Past. Three. Weeks. Of. Your. Life. That's all I need to hear, got it?" Angel shouted. Damn, to be so supposedly holy and stuff she sure was a bitch.

"Nothing! There. Are you happy now? Nothing has happened within the past three weeks that would make me need your help!" Frank yelled. Oh shit... Dawn, he thought.

"What's a Dawn? Oh. A person, duh, Angel. Who's Dawn? Oh. OH! That Dawn, the best friend Dawn. What happened? You finally make you move? Oh my God! Oops, sorry, Boss! What HAPPENED?!" Angel asked frantically.

Fuck, maybe God did do a good job pairing the two of them together. They both seen to be straight up crazy. "Chill the fuck out!" Frank laughed. "Yes, I made my move. And now we're together. You know, besides having you as an angel, I'm the luckiest motherfucker alive," Frank said. And then something caught his attention. "Wait. I'm still... you know... alive, right?"

Angel hesitated. "Yes, you're still alive. But what do you mean 'together'? You're married, Frank. You can't have a girlfriend," she said. Wow, Angel was definitely a girl. She had the same reaction as Dawn had. Must be the female species or something....

"I'm getting a divorce in a few days. Hold up! You said you knew everything I've ever thought, right?" Angel nodded at Frank's words. "So you would know I've already thought about getting a divorce for like two months because it wasn't fair to Jamia that I was in love with Dawn. Why are you shocked?" Frank asked cluelessly, yet with a point.

Angel sighed. "Well, yeah, but I didn't think you had the balls to actually go through with it all!" she explained. "That's it. That's why I'm here."

Frank shook his head vigorously. "No. It can't be. This is not a mistake. I love Dawn and she loves me; I want to be with her forever. That doesn't need help. I'm working all the details out. What ever the reason you're here is, that's not it. It has nothing to do with my relationship with Dawn," Frank insisted. "Think of something else!"

"I told you I haven't been watching!" Angel yelled. "I can't think of anything else. You think of something else! What else is going on?" Frank couldn't think of a single thing. It was just him, Dawn, and his divorce right now. That's it!

"You think it's your divorce to Jamia?" Angel asked before he could even get the words out. "Why would that make you need my help? Divorces happen all the time." Still, Frank couldn't get over that mind-reading thing.

Frank almost jumped with relief that some female-- or something close-- saw it that way too. "That's what I tried to tell Dawn," he grumbled more to himself than Angel. "Well, I don't really have any grounds, so it might not work," Frank explained.

Angel shook her head. "No, I got a divorce from my husband for no reason that I gave; I did it just to prove a point. So, that's not it. Anything else?" Angel asked attentively.

Frank was out of ideas. "Misery's pregnant....?" he tried lamely.

"Frank!" Angel shouted. "You've had far worse times than this! I don't think a pregnant fucking hamster is your crisis!"

Frank was shocked. "Wait. This has to be a crisis?? I thought I just had a problem. Is this like, life or death? Why didn't you tell me it was a crisis?" Frank yelled back.

"Well, exxxccccusee me! I thought you would have noticed! Is there any other reason a fucking angel would visit you? I didn't come to have fucking tea and cookies, Frank!" Angel shrieked at him. "Look," she said in a calmer tone, "I need you to think. We don't have much longer. What was happening recently?" she asked.

"I don't know. I'm sorry. I tried. Well, maybe..." Frank started.

Angel looked up. "Maybe what, Frank? I need to know."

"Maybe it hasn't happened yet," he answered feeling a little stupid. She's a fucking angel for Christ's sake! Why would her timing be off? "Maybe you're early..."

And then a movement interrupted Frank's conversation. He turned his head and suddenly he was again lying in Dawn's bed. It was a dream. Just a dream. But it was so real...

"No," Frank mumbled to himself. It couldn't be just a dream... there had to be more to it.

Dawn looked over at him. She was straightening her hair in front of the mirror atop her dresser a few feet away. "What's that?" she asked.

He shook his head to clear the images from his 'dream'. "N-nothing, babe," he said walking over to her. He hugged her by the waist and kissed the back of her neck. "Good morning," he said kissing her jaw line.

She turned around and kissed the tip of his nose. "Good morning to you too," she said turning back around. "Did you know you talk in your sleep?" she asked nonchalantly.

Fuck. Of all the nights he had to sleep talk, it was the night when he had the world's most fucked up dream! Typical. "I think Gee told me I did once, but other than that no. What did I say?" he asked hoping it wasn't something that further proved his insanity.

"Not much..." Dawn said offhandedly. "You said 'Angel' a lot. Who's Angel?"

Frank quickly mentally debated whether or not to tell Dawn about his dream. He decided against it. "Nobody. I was dreaming of an angel. God, I hate today," he mumbled.

Dawn turn to him after putting her straightner away. "What's-- Oh. Yeah. I tried not to think about it," she said as if that excused her forgetting his leaving day. "I really don't want you to go, but... I don't suppose that's going to stop you from leaving," she said dismally.

He shook his head. “I’m sorry, sugar,” Frank said apologetically. “I’ve got to do this. Trust me, it’s for the best. Dawn, everything’ll be okay.”

“Who’re you trying to convince?” she asked, her tone much sharper than she’d intended.

Frank sort of stared of into space. “No one. Nobody needs to be convinced of that; it’s the truth,” he mumbled. He still could shudder the feeling that something to do with the two of them is the reason for that fucking Angel’s appearance. It made no sense, really.

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