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Love Story

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Patrick Stump has a crush on his bandmate, with eyeliner.

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I'm a terrible best friend.
Right now Pete is wiping his eyes, and I'm hiding a smile.
Before I seeem too heartless, I'll explain.
His girlfriend of Three Months, Angie, just sent him a text, breaking up with him.
It was pretty low of her.
But, I want him.
As if that comes close to scraping the edge of my feelings for him.
He's beautiful, smart, sexy, and just....

I've never wanted anyone so damn bad.
But it will never happen.
So I should just get over it, right?
It doesn't work.
Pete is like a super heroine.
There's no stopping this addiction.
I've tried, and It is impossible.

I pat his back and give him a comforting smile. When a girl ditches him, we have "Break up Nights"
Basically, he vents, I listen. We pop in a movie and eat icecream.
The movie is normally Nightmare.
The icecream is usually chocolate and cookie dough, mixed.
He's had alot of breakups lately.
I like it because It's a one-on-one with Pete. Me and him, no one else.
I fucking love it.
He sighs, "I've had alot of relationship problems lately."
The cool thing is, I never say the wrong thing.
"You just haven't found a good one yet. They weren't good enough..."
He smiles and hugs me, "I love you Pat."
My heart always kinda gets a stab of pain with those words.
He has no clue How much I want those words to be real.
I hate just being the friend.
The friend who's awesome when you have a bad breakup or when you're single. The friend who gets left behind when you find another girl. The friend who has to wait it out for the next breakup.
The friend's who love for you is so invisible.
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