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Song for lonliness

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Pete finds another girl

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The next day, Pete and I get into the car for his 'therepudic' shopping. It's basically so he can go blow money on hoodies and stuff he doesn't need. I swear I'm the only sesible member of Fall Out Boy, That doesn't blow money useless stuff. Well, not as much. I do have quite a hat collection, but, ya know....

We go to Pete's favorite mall shop.
Hot Topic.
I like it too, but Pete's obsessed.
Kinda like my obsession for him.
About a forth of it.
He grabs five hoodies and seven T-shirts.
Them some buttons.
And a Nightmare notebook he HAS to have.
After drainsing his bank, we can no longer bare smelling the food.
We go down the escaladors and get a cheese pizza, fries, and a coke to share.
I smile, because technically we are indirectly making out.

We leave the mall and go back to his house.
He tells me about another girl he's been talking to.
"She's really pretty and...sweet."

"She got a name?"

"You'll laugh.", He blushes.

"I will not."

I may scream though...

"Ashlee Simpson..."

My jaw drops.
What can I say?



I choke on the tears trying to drip onro my cheek.

" ok?"

"I-yeah...I need to lay down..."

Why can't he see me! Why am I so damn invisible! I hate myself.

He frowns.

Love is stupid.

I hate love!

I don't think I've wanted to die this much.

He wouldn't understand.

I sigh and walk onto our "secret Place"

It's the rooftop of an abandoned motel.

I lay down on the floor.
I sigh.

I have a bottle of pills in my pocket and the will to take them all.
BUt, It has a VERY SLIGHT chance of hurting Pete.
He'll only notice when he's single.
And that boy isn't single for long.
So he'll barely notice.

With that thought, I open the pill bottle, struggling of course because it's child proof.
I pour them into my open hand and shove them in ,my mouth, I take them with a huge drink of the coke Pete and I shared earlier.
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