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ICU's hall of fame

by PatbtrthnPete 2 reviews

Pete rushes Patrick to the hospital.

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As Patrick lays limp on the concrete rooftops of the abandon apartments, Pete is on the phone with Ashlee.

Really? You really like guys with eyeliner?

Yeah, it's hot...

Sweet, You're really hot too.

Cool...hey I gotta check on something...Patrick kinda dissapeared.... so...bye

Pete dials Patrick number fourteen times.
Each time, no answer.
He begins to worry.
He bites his fingernails.

He drives to the secret place.
He nervously taps h is fingers on the steering wheel.
What if he's not ok?
He's my best friend...
He is kinda cute... with that hat, and those sidburns.

I almost drive off the road, loosing concentration.
I run up the side latters of the buildings.
Patrick is lying with his mouth opened slightly.
I dial 9-1-1
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