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Suicide isn't a problem, for me.

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Back to Patrick's POV

I grumble and open my eyes. The first thing I see is a very annoying bright florecent light. Then I look over and see the most beautiful face on earth.
But he doesn't look happy.
His eyeliner is smudged all over the underneath of his gorgeous eyes.
I can tell he's been crying, but he's still hot.

His eyes narrow in my direction.
I bite my lip.
I know when I'm in trouble.

He parts his lips, as if to speak, but closes them.
He sighs.
Then one word escapes his lips.
ONe very powerful word, with many meanings.

He looks straight into my eyes.


I bite my lip.
Is there a good answer to this question? I did think I would dead, and spared from explaining.

He hands me my glasses and crosses his arms, silently demanding the answer.
I bite my lip, "I..."
My throat is extremely dry.
He hands me his Dr. Pepper.
I hate Dr. Pepper, but I'm desperate.
I take a drink.
"We'll talk about it later, I have to tell them you're awake.", his says in an icy voice.

I wish the pills would've worked.

He alerts the nurse and she comes in to check my pulse and all that other shit.
They say that after forms are filled out and blah blah I'm free to go.

Only I'm not free. I know Pete's gona take me captive.
I just hope he doesn't plan some kind of intervention.
It would be terrible.

I put on my normal cloths and Pete leads me to his car.
The whole way, my eyes are glued on the ground, unablr to face the hurt look on Pete's face.
His cell rings.
He groans and answers it.
"Look, I don't feel like talking, so leave me the fuck alone!", he slams his phone shut.

I have him in a really bad mood.

He unlocks the car and gets in.
I reluctantly join him.
I look at my lap as he starts the engine.
"Put on your seatbelt.", h e snaps.
I nod and put it on.
I usually remember it, but I'm more concerned about his unhappyness with me.
"Patrick?", his voice is much softer.
I sigh, there's no escaping it now.
"Pete...I...I...", I look down, "I don't just felt...right..."
"How did swallowing 28 pills feel right?"
"I don't know how to explain...I honestly didn't think it'd matter to you."
He slams on the break.
Amazingly, no one is behind us.
He glares at me, "YOU THINK I WOULDN'T CARE? ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?", his voice softens, "Patrick you are the best friend I have ever, in my life, had. Why wouldn't I care?"
"Yes, Pete FRIEND. I'm your friend."
"You tried to kill yourself, because I'm your friend?", his eyes water.
"No. I just...ugh. It's not that...I just get pushed to the back burner so damn much. No, fuck that I get shoved off the stove so you fucking girlfriend off the week can soak up all your time! And then, when she finishes using you, I am the only there to help you. But y ou forget that afterwards. I'm Just Tired Of It. But that isn't why I tried to kill myself. I HATE MYSELF!"
"WHY? YOU'RE AMAZING! You don't have to deal with girls ditching you-"
"Because I haven't been with a girl in 7 damn years."
He sighs , "Whatever.", and drives the rest of the way to his house.

Hehe. Alright read and review. This chapter has a rough ending but...

Oh and I don't remember who said something about my cliffhangers, but hahaha I LOOOOVE writting cliffhangers.
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