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Screaming for existance

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Pete pushes Patrick to talk more

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We get to Pete's house and he sits down on the couch and points beside himself.
I sit and bite my lip.
He hugs me.
When he pulls away, I notice how glassy his brown eyes are.
Guilt stabs my chest and I fake a smile.
"I don't understand it. YOu always seem so happy."
I frown, "I didn't want to make anyone else down..."
"But. Patrick...if it gets to where you want to kill yourself...You have to talk to someone..."
"I don't have anyone to talk to... Don't take that the wrong way..."

"What the fuck am I? Chopped liver?"
"Pete...Its one of those things wouldn't understand..."
"Oh... ok Well talk to somebody...please?"
I shrug, "OK.. I'll tell you a bit..."
He smiles, "Ok..."
"I'm very in love with someone... but they have relationship after relationship and only pay attention to me for the short time that they're single. Then I don't exist."
"wow...That sucks Pat..."
I nod.
"Who is it?"
"I can't say.... They'd never have the slightest interest in me..."
"Really? Why not?"
"Have you seen me?Plus he's not gay-",I gasp and cover my mouth.
Pete's eyes widen.
"Gay? He?"
I blush, "N-no..."
He chuckles, "Alrighty then..."

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